The Panthers are the betting favorites to land Deshaun Watson


As the trade market for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson hits overdrive, a betting market is emerging. The folks at PointsBet have compiled odds for the next team for which Watson will take a snap.

The favorite is the Panthers at +175. However, until it’s known that Watson has changed his mind about the Panthers (he declined to waive his no-trade clause for Carolina a year ago), that’s a risky bet.

Next are the Buccaneers at +400, followed by the Seahawks at +450 and the Texans at +500.

The Browns are at +700, the Eagles at +800, the Dolphins at +800, the Saints are at +1000, and the Steelers are at +1000.

The Lions land at +2000, along with the Vikings and the Jets(!). The Colts are a +2500 proposition, along with the Raiders. The Titans are the longest shot listed at +3300.

Given the odds, the Eagles could be the best buy. Perhaps followed by the Bucs. Instead of betting the Texans, Dolphins, or Steelers, may we suggest lighting your money on fire; at least you’ll get some warmth before it disappears.

The Jets are an odd choice at +2000, given the presence of Zach Wilson. It’s also hard to imagine Watson choosing to play for the Lions, unless Dan Campbell makes one hell of a pitch. And it’s hard to envision the Texans trading Watson to the Colts or the Titans.

Again, none of this matters until we know where Watson wants to play.

49 responses to “The Panthers are the betting favorites to land Deshaun Watson

  1. Since Watson himself 100% controls where he’s going.. he should probably lay a fat bet on whatever team he actually wants to play for haha

  2. Ross will force Grier to pull the trade off to come to Miami.
    Then he will tell Watson he will sign Fuller again.
    Parker, Howard and 2 1st round picks and 1 3rd rounder for Watson.

  3. I would rather “my team” (whichever one someone may guess) not waste the draft capital, and cap for a player I wouldn’t believe in. I just don’t see Watson as more of a positive as much as I do a negative (for multiple reasons). He created his own mess, and wants out of it by force. Do you want that guy?

  4. Why are people rooting for this creep on here? Imagine if Josh Allen had these allegations? The hypocrisy of sports reporting in this woke age is disturbing.

  5. I wonder what the odds are he’ll be playing for the Longest Yard team.

  6. We’ve seen what Kyler Murray looks like without DeAndre Hopkins. I’m not sure anyone is going to get “prime” Watson unless they happen to have a top 5 receiver.

  7. ARod(in his collarbone) says:

    March 12, 2022 at 7:47 pm

    Minnesota will trade Cousins and get Watson.


    If the Vikings trade Cousins and pick up Watson, without restructuring, there is no cap savings. And they lose draft picks. All for a guy with a lot of mental baggage. Might as well keep Cousins. He doesn’t get in trouble, and his only knock is that he’s an arrogant, greedy bastard. That said, I think he’ll thrive with the new coaching staff.

    I know people here hate Cousins, but he looked pretty damn solid last season, even with the bad game planning of Mike Zimmer and Klint Kubiak. Considering the change of personnel (obviously in Cousins’ favor), and the weak QB state of the current NFL, I’m guessing, in the end, the Vikings will just stick with Cousins next season.

    However, I’m sure they’ll try to scare him into restructuring by threatening to trade him to a bad team like Houston or Carolina.

  8. How hard is it to have a cut out make the bet for you and cash in? Gambling will ruin the sport in the future. Remember Art Schliester?

  9. He has already vetoed a trade there… Not sure what has changed since then that would make him re-think this.

  10. You have to have a QB. No Super Bowls without one. Watson is at least a top ten QB. Kudos to all teams trying to acquire him. Congratulations to Denver for getting one that gives them a chance. Right now today, you can cross off24 or more teams from championship consideration.

    Teams that need a QB are foolish not to try to get him. No matter the cost.

  11. Whatever team gets him will quickly regret it and set their franchise back 5-8 years. I just don’t see the ability to win big with this guy.

  12. Whatever team he goes to, if one little thing goes wrong (hurt my feelings), he will quit on the team. Just like he quit the Texans.

  13. I hope my Eagles won’t trade for him .They need their draft picks to rebild the defense and offensive line and theyneed the cap space to add to the offense.Jalen Hurts ia going to be a great quarterbak if developed and given a chance. And why do people always want the Eagles to take other teams garbage.

  14. The only overdrive I am seeing is one member of the media working overdrive attempting to drum up a trade for a 4-12 QB with a checkered past that no one wants.

  15. tgsot says:
    March 12, 2022 at 7:55 pm
    We’ve seen what Kyler Murray looks like without DeAndre Hopkins. I’m not sure anyone is going to get “prime” Watson unless they happen to have a top 5 receiver.
    Browns just landed Amari Cooper, and are stacked, they should be one of the top teams to watch out for pullin off a trade. Baker n a couple firsts n this is a done deal. Now that there no legal charges comin, the Texans may just wanna keep him.

  16. Carolina Panthers are the ONLY TEAM to have his back throu this whole thing & always have been there from day ONE & YES it’s his choice &
    honestly Seahawks have a worse team then Carolina does & it’s clear the Eagles & Steelers have no interest & the Browns & Vikes are too cheap & Dophins have already dropped that boat & HONESTLY the there Owner will likley lose his team next yr

  17. Why are the Jets an odd choice?
    Zach Wilson had a horrible rookie year.
    There is a real chance he’s a bust.

  18. He didnt want the challenge of Darnold last year but with Darnold flopping, he could change his mind. Darnold and McCafferty go to Texas along with draft picks.

  19. why would any owner with even an ounce of sanity even contemplate the hurricane of bad publicity this..person will draw?

    last i checked, women are more than half the population i wouldn’t want united in their ire outside my stadium;

    he may buy his way out of his legal quagmire in court, but would you want him the face of your franchise or sitting on your living room sofa?

  20. seattle on Wednesday. That organization don’t trade Wilson without a plan already

  21. Whatever team Watson decides is a good fit for him,they may have to play the waiting game if the NFL suspends him. Let’s see… Calvin Ridley got a whole year for his offense,which seems like way too much. Knowing how the NFL operates,Watson will probably get eight games and appeal it down to six.

  22. It’d actually be amazing to see Watson stick it to the Texans and name the Colts or Titans as his only two choices.

  23. tgsot says:
    March 12, 2022 at 7:55 pm
    We’ve seen what Kyler Murray looks like without DeAndre Hopkins. I’m not sure anyone is going to get “prime” Watson unless they happen to have a top 5 receiver.
    I guess you missed where the Texans traded away their number one receiver before the 2020 season and Watson went on to throw for the most yards in the NFL and 33 TDs vs 7 INTs. He also had a higher completion percentage then Brady who won the SB that season. Yeah, he needs to have a top 5 receiver.

  24. People in MN would not stand for this, or would they? Peterson, Dalvin…somehow Jeff Gladney got cut and he “apparently” didn’t do anything – David Tepper must be needy. In some circles he runs in, this is a pretty big black eye for him. Now Stephen Ross, Jerruh, Daniel Snyder, Robert Kraft, I’d expect nothing less!

  25. He has his agent going to each massage room with a tape measure. Wanna see how many yards he has to chase…. er travel for each massage session. (Comedy) He might just be innocent people. It’s a Right.

  26. Does anyone doubt Watson did what he’s accused of?

    He has irreparably damaged his brand. The team that acquires him will also acquire that damage. PR hell is worse than cap hell.

    Harvey Weinstein produced many great movies; Bill Cosby was a beloved sitcom dad.

    The world has changed since 2009 (Roethlisberger).

  27. Yeah don’t worry about Detroit one bit they won’t go after him. Isn’t any chance a female owner is giving that OK

  28. Watson needs Carolina because he played his college ball in the area. His so-called reputation needs a reset and the fans in that region may be more forgiving of him though the lack of indictment proves no innocence. Dude wants a crystal clear persona but SOMETHING went wrong with his behavior. If folks want to look the other way then oh well.

  29. I see him landing with the Vikings. The Vikings are currently $15 mill over the cap. Trading Cousins as a 1 year rental without picking up some of his contract will likely only net the Vikings a 2nd rounder and maybe a 4th or 5th. Indy doesn’t have a 1st. I could see the Vikes picking up $10 mill of his contract and sending Cousins to the Seahawks or Steelers for a 1st rounder and then flipping that pick and a future 1st and 2nd to Houston for Watson. The Vikes can then restructure Watsons deal. When it’s all said and done the Vikings would get their QB of the future, free up $45 million of cap space and still get to hang on to their 1st round pick this year. New coach, new offense with Watson, Jefferson, Thielen and Dalvin Cook could be very scary.

  30. Watson already said no to Carolina last year, so I don’t understand why much is changed. I’d put money on Seattle #1 and Tampa Bay #2 – i think he’d rather do TB but there are cap problems there – not to mention, Texans won’t want mostly high #1’s. Seattle has the ability to give lower #1’s for now.

  31. He’s not going anywhere unless the Texans lower their asking price. 3 firsts ain’t going to happen after the Wilson trade. And frankly 2 firsts and 2 seconds probably won’t either. No one will pay as much for Watson and his legal troubles, than what the Broncos paid for Wilson.

  32. He’s not going to a team with a lame duck coach who couldn’t get a decent OC because everyone desirable wouldn’t interview.

  33. The Lions have the most fire power, the best offensive line, Amon St. Brown and Deandre Swift. If we gave them the #2 overall pick this year and our first round pick next year, sprinkle in a 3rd round pick and give the Goff with only 1 year on his contract everyone would be happy. And the Lions would still have 2 first round picks this and next year. In free agency add a WR and draft one, along with Hockenson thats one hell of an offense.

  34. Boy, I really want to see Watson on Cleveland. Just the look on Mayfield’s face and the removal of his annoying stadium commercials would be worth that.

  35. NinersFan1973 says:

    March 12, 2022 at 8:05 pm

    He has already vetoed a trade there… Not sure what has changed since then that would make him re-think this

    That’s not accurate at all. He has never vetoed a trade, he wouldnt waive his no-trade clause for any team other than Miami(so yes Carolina was a team he wouldnt waive it for…) last year as he was focused on pushing his way to them, that’s not the same as vetoing a trade to a specific place. Besides that since last season the nfc south no longer has Brady or Sean Payton which would likely make the division more attractive(even if just slightly)

  36. We’ve never seen him play with a quality offensive line, decent running game, or competent OC. He’s made his mark using his feet and some good receivers. So, to suggest he isn’t a franchise QB is way premature!

  37. All these posts about teams handing away franchise QB’s plus numerous 1st round picks for a guy that could only manage 4-12 with a stacked roster, who has multiple red flags is hilarious. No one is giving up a 1st much less multiple 1sts and players for Watson.

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