Cowboys, Michael Gallup agree to five-year contract

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys receiver Michael Gallup will be staying in Dallas for years to come.

Gallup, who was slated to hit free agency on Wednesday, has instead agreed to a new contract with the Cowboys. According to multiple reports, it’s a five-year contract worth $62.5 million.

The Cowboys considered retaining Gallup a high priority, and after shedding salary cap space by agreeing to trade Amari Cooper to the Browns, the Cowboys had both the cap space and the need to keep Gallup around.

Last year Gallup missed half the season but still managed 35 catches for 445 yards.

Gallup is the No. 33 player on PFT’s list of the Top 100 free agents.

21 responses to “Cowboys, Michael Gallup agree to five-year contract

  1. If only it didn’t take so much of the Cap to feed Zeke and Dak, maybe they could a kept Amari.

  2. The wildcard is Lamb, he needs to step up and play like a #1, if he does and they resign Wilson then they will be fine as long as Dak can play like he did before injuring his quad against New England, I don’t care what people say but up to that point he was money after that game he was never the same

  3. Now we don’t have to hear about Gallup for a good long time. For all the talk about him, the numbers for the deal aren’t all that impressive.

  4. Amari drew attention from other Cowboys receivers, we’ll see how they look now.

  5. chino62885 says:
    March 13, 2022 at 7:25 pm
    Sign Wilson next before he can hit FA and they should be in good shape.
    They still won’t be in good shape. Lamb has to prove he’s a WR1. Gallup is good but he’ll be out till mid season. Wilson is a WR3. Yeah, they signed their WR4. That’s pretty thin. They’ll need to go out and get some more WRs.

  6. We are not going to resign Wilson. He will get too much on the open market to match and the draft is always deep at WR. We drafted a freak at WR last year so he needs to step up.

  7. Gallup would’ve had more yards for his career if Dak could hit him down the field. Dak does not have the arm strength nor the accuracy. So many missed chances between these two and if you watch film.. Gallups and Coopers eyes always tells the truth after a bad pass

  8. If only DAk and Zeke contracts weren’t worth a record one quarter of a billion dollars for 2 players …. they would be in great shape

  9. Hec of a deal. Very team friendly. Gallup is a great asset. I trust him winning most of the one on one battles. A contract we’ll deserved for a non diva hard work ethic player.

  10. Gallup isn’t out until mid season. They’ve already said he will be ready for the start of the season.

  11. Injury prone.. but at that number, this could turn out to be a great deal for the Cowboys if he pans out as a solid #2

  12. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    March 13, 2022 at 8:29 pm
    Amari drew attention from other Cowboys receivers, we’ll see how they look now

    No he really didn’t.

  13. Surprising that they were able to sign him for that long at ~12.5 million APY. I thought he’d get more on the open market after seeing Golladay cash in last year with the cap down after the COVID season. 5 years is a long contract too

  14. Out of one bad deal, into another. Gallup is a decent WR, but he ain’t $12.5 mil/year good. As long as the Cowboys give good players, “great” contracts, they’ll always be behind the 8 ball with the salary cap, & continue to be on the couch in late Jan, & early Feb.

    Dallas needs to fire the GM..! Oh yeah, that’ll never happen. He still thinks he’s a football guy…..

  15. Gallup deal is great… but for all the talent the Dallas tout’s having and all the perennial preseason hype, the Cowboys continue to be just above average. They seek and field the same players and same player ‘types’ that foster more of the same. Jerry pats himself on the back every preseason for no good reason. Now without Cooper, they’re further diminished. When will the cycle of delusion end?

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