Aaron Rodgers still hasn’t “signed” his new contract

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There’s no reason to think that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be changing his mind about 2022, like Tom Brady did. However, until Rodgers signs his new contract with the Packers, anything can happen.

The Packers need to get that contract signed by Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. ET, in order to reduce his 2022 cap number of $46.66 million. Rodgers quibbled last week with reports that he had “signed” the deal, even though no one reported he had. He had agreed to terms.

In six days since then, the agreement to terms has yet to become a binding contract.

It undoubtedly will. I mean, he just said he was coming back to the Packers only six days ago. Who has second thoughts after only six days?

Other than Tom Brady, I mean.

24 responses to “Aaron Rodgers still hasn’t “signed” his new contract

  1. He’s not having second thoughts. He’s waiting to see how to structure his contract in order for the Packer’s to take the lowest possible cap hit. He’s actually helping them find a way to sign some of their free agents.

  2. ‘There’s no reason to think Aaron Rodgers will be changing his mind about 2022 ….. ‘. I wouldn’t bet the house on that. He’s waiting for something or he would have signed by now. Is it to see if Adams will be back? I’ll bet he’s pissed that Brady is back.

  3. We do not care if Rogers ever signs a contract or makes another comment,we have our quarterback,guy name of Wilson.

  4. Nothing to see here. Just waiting to see if he can move his contract cash a certain way to help out his buddy Devante Adams with his contract now that his other buddy Preston Smith has signed his new contract.

  5. I don’t want Rodgers to sign anything with the Packers, and I don’t care if he takes Adams along before the door hits him.

  6. He probably is waiting to see if Brady gets a new contract that pays more than Rodgers. Rodgers will be asking for more if that happens.

  7. If you actually believe Rodgers is sitting around with an abacus trying to solve the Packers cap situation, I feel bad for you.

  8. Aaron is always in the media, he makes sure of that. Barkley was right about the pretty girl.

  9. Rodgers hasn’t signed and Adams won’t play under the tag…. Rodgers holding GB hostage to get a deal for Adams?

  10. Come on. This situation is easy to diagnose. He is waiting for Devante to sign. He isn’t going to start over with a rebuild as he stated. Devante and Aaron are basically a package deal for the Packers. Get Devante done and Aaron signs immediately.

  11. Maybe they are waiting for the medical to see whether Rodgers’ is fully recovered from his pinkie toe injury.

  12. elrock7 says:
    March 14, 2022 at 6:54 pm
    He’s getting ready to give the ultimate FU to the Packer front office.

    I hope you’re right, and I love the Packers. It would be worth it just to see him leave. You’ve given me hope!

  13. Maybe with Brady coming back, he’ll decide to retire so he can go into HOF without being overshadowed by The Goat. Notice Brady didn’t decide to come back until Rodgers said he was playing. Brady want to retire same year just to tweak Rodgers.

  14. #12 is sucking GB dry…and Davante putting the squeeze on is another d-bag move. Send these egos elsewhere and rebuild.

  15. badell says:
    #12 is sucking GB dry…and Davante putting the squeeze on is another d-bag move. Send these egos elsewhere and rebuild.
    Adams has SIGNIFICANTLY outplayed his contract. He has one big contract left in his career. He’s made about $62MM in his eight year career which puts him something like $20MM lower than comparable WRs at that eight year mark. Granted, he wasn’t a first round pick, but the guy has absolutely out-performed his pay pretty much every year for almost a decade. He’ll be 30 next offseason.
    Sure, he’s playing with money you and I are unlikely to ever know. But that doesn’t make him a d-bag for making what is absolutely going to be his biggest contract. His asking price might be a bit high, but you’re looking at two years – $44MM guaranteed if tagged twice in a row. I could see him maybe doing a three year deal and hoping to be able to get a good, but not great whack at another big contract in a few years (when Rodgers is likely gone).

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