C.J. Uzomah bolts the Bengals for the Jets

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Tight end C.J. Uzomah, after suffering through plenty of lean years in Cincinnati, is moving on.

Via multiple reports (i.e., the agent texted several reporters at once), Uzomah has agreed to terms with the Jets. It’s a three-year, $24 million deal.

The 29-year-old Uzomah was a fifth-round pick of the Bengals in 2015. With three free-agent tight ends franchise-tagged, Uzomah’s stock increased. And the price went higher than the Bengals were willing or able to pay.

Uzomah suffered a knee injury in the AFC Championship, but he returned to play in the Super Bowl. He’ll now hope to experience the same improvement with the Jets that he witnessed with the Bengals.

Meanwhile, the Bengals need to replace a productive player and a veteran leader in the locker room.

26 responses to “C.J. Uzomah bolts the Bengals for the Jets

  1. Big time overpay by the Jets. He’s more of a blocking TE than a pass-catcher. Joe Burrow made him look much better in the passing game than he really was.

  2. Left the Bengals for the Jets. Are you sure that knee injury wasn’t a head injury?

  3. Fifth round pick just got generational money. Can’t fault him for that. He’s a good dude and I wish him health and luck.

  4. Love this dude. Hes all in. I would never down talk anyone wanting to make that money. I would.

  5. Good luck CJ, the jets once again poaching our players. Uzo is a solid player and the ultimate locker room guy, you got a good one. I’m flabbergasted the bengals didn’t make a competitive offer to retain him.

  6. Really hate to see him go but after what we just witnessed this past year I think we need to trust. Remember Carl Lawson from last year, that turned out pretty well.

  7. Burrow is still on his rookie deal. Why aren’t the Bengals re-signing everyone who helped them get to the Super Bowl?
    Maybe the rumors about Mike Brown being cheap aren’t rumors after all.

  8. CJ seemed like a great guy, great personality, and strong leader. He will be missed in Cincy. But can’t fault him for looking out for himself and his family with his first big time contract. Wish him the best.

  9. He’s 29 years old with a knee injury…smart move,take the money and run, no pun intended.

  10. Mack, $8 mil for a TE is a lot of money. Good player but can’t improve the OL and pay the TE 2-3x what he was making. Only so much pie to go around (thank you Jerry Jones). Jets are great at overpaying. Who’s to say in a year or two he gets cut loose as “cap casualty” and, if he has anything left in the tank, is available again? Tough position with kind of short shelf life. Will look to draft his replacement.

  11. Ah man. This breaks my heart. Sorry to see you go CJ, but I get why.

    Nothing but respect and best wishes. Hope to see you back in stripes some day.

  12. Great signing! CJ is a good receiving Tight End, a fantastic blocking Tight End, and an locker room leader…exactly the kind of player that will help a young Quarterback along. I hate to see him leave the Bengals, but it’s just too much money for him not to take the deal.

  13. Called a couple of his games when he was at N Gwinnett HS. Jets are playing 3D chess- they got a TE and their post-week 5 QB!

  14. With the Bengals finally a few plays away from a championship, CJ jumps ship for cash. I suppose if money makes your world go round, live long a prosper. He was a decent player, but he seems to be more injury prone than most. It sucks that he bailed, but we’ll be ok.

  15. Good deal for Uzomah and the Jets.

    Overpay comments should be dismissed. The people making them have not been paying attention to what’s going on t=in the TE market. The top 10 are all over $10 million a year. Uzomah’s deal ranks him as 15th highest TE on a yearly average. Right in the middle.

    Overpay comments are just sour grapes and practicing the overpay schtick. Since the change in GMs two seasons ago, the Jets haven’t overpaid anyone. Jets have moved on. Jet haters have not.

  16. It sucks to see him go – he really set the tone in the locker room. That said, I don’t blame him for getting paid. Plus, with the speculation that he might want to get into the media (he seems made for it), being in New York is a good play

  17. Dude was invisible until Burrow made him shine. He’ll go back to invisible in NY

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