Mitchell Trubisky could be the very short-term bridge quarterback in Pittsburgh

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Five years ago in Chicago, the Bears signed quarterback Mike Glennon in free agency. The significance of the move was undermined by the decision to make Mitchell Trubisky the second overall pick in the draft.

This year, Trubisky could be playing the role of Glennon.

With no numbers leaked yet on the deal Trubisky will sign with the Steelers, the implication is that the contract isn’t a big-money, earth-shattering transaction. If the actual numbers (and they’ll inevitably be released) prove that, Trubisky could be more than just an upgrade to Mason Rudolph. Trubisky potentially may be cover for a potential effort to draft a new franchise quarterback in round one.

Before Ben Roethlisberger arrived, the Steelers went 20 long years between franchise quarterbacks. If there’s an incoming rookie they like, maybe they make the move with the 20th overall pick in the draft. And if there’s an incoming rookie they really like, maybe they do what they’ve done with other prospects they really liked (Troy Polamalu, Santonio Holmes, Devin Bush) and trade up.

Whatever the plan, the Steelers won’t be sharing it. They’ll be keeping the cards very close to the vest, as they always do. And we’ll find out what their strategy is whenever they execute it.

Don’t be surprised if that strategy entails snaring one of the top quarterbacks with the 20th pick in round one, or something higher if need be.

14 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky could be the very short-term bridge quarterback in Pittsburgh

  1. The problem is this year’s draft has no 1st round QB talent, most should be 3rd day picks. It is the type of year of no stand-out QB’s when desperate teams for QB’s make stupid decisions an over draft QB’s that were far below where they were drafted like Bortles, Gabbert, EJ Manuel…and it takes 3 to 5 years of losing before the new GM admits it was a really bad pick and cuts that QB.

  2. Yes the Steelers do keep their cards close to the vest. My belief is they have seen Pickett over the last couple yrs practicing in the shared Pitt facilities, and will make a move to get him. But then again, maybe they believe Trubisky has just had bad coaching. Either way, will be interesting seeing how this all shakes out on Draft Day.

  3. The receiving corp is fine and hopefully Ju Ju comes back. The Steeler strategy is to apparently corner the market on QBs

  4. If Pittsburgh picks up another QB in the draft, then they will have 3 first round QBs in the mix to choose from.

  5. I like this signing. Trubisky does have potential, and the Rooneys aren’t typically known for making stupid desperation moves (unlike other NFL family dynasties suck as the McCaskeys and Maras). Granted, Trubisky is not on the same level as Roethlisberger in his prime, but this does smooth out the road to the next franchise QB.

  6. If they’re smart they’ll trade or at least trade down picks this year for draft capital to move up next year, when a much better group will be available.

  7. Maybe if there’s a guy they like and he falls to the second round (or later). They have bigger needs, and the QB class doesn’t justify trading up. There’s a reason why QB-needy teams are all trying to bring in veterans this off-season.

  8. I don’t understand. You are saying they signed Trubisky so they could draft a QB. Why couldn’t they do that with QBs they had?

  9. I agree with the fighting irishman – I believe that Trubisky was mismanaged totally in Chicago. I think that he has the ability to become a long term starter and given the correct situation will be a success. Dont know if Pittsburgh is the place this year due to turnover in Oline over the last 2 years – and losing some receivers. But believe in Tomlin in getting this fixed and develop a new scheme – unlike Big Ben’s standing in the pocket – and they have a big plus in their rookie running back Harris.

  10. It is only the first week of free agency and the Steelers are addressing the OL issues. Signed Cole from the Vikings off the bat.

  11. Let’s not waste a single draft pick on a QB this year. I have no problem with this being a reload year and Steelers have too many other holes to plug. Let’s give Trubisky a chance to prove himself. I like his mobility and at 27 he should have gained some maturity!

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