Ted Karras agrees to three-year deal with Bengals

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The Bengals have doubled down on additions to the interior of their offensive line in the early hours of the free agency negotiating window.

According to multiple reports, the team has agreed to a three-year deal with Ted Karras. Karras, who has experience at guard and center, will be set to make $18 million under the terms of the deal.

The Karras news comes shortly after word that the Bengals intend to sign former Buccaneers guard Alex Cappa to a four-year contract. Both moves are part of the team’s effort to better protect Joe Burrow from the battering he took in the regular season and playoffs.

Karras has started 44 games for the Patriots and Dolphins over the last three seasons. He should have a good shot at adding to that total once the Bengals sort out the makeup of their 2022 offensive line.

9 responses to “Ted Karras agrees to three-year deal with Bengals

  1. Beware of Belichick’s castoffs. Teams never learned from Nate Solder’s debacle.

  2. This after the Patriots reduced their offer to 3/13M. Whoops. That will hurt but maybe not too bad if Onwenu can step up to the plate.

    Good pickup(s) by the Bengals to protect Burrow.

  3. He had a good year last year. It’s a good signing by Cincy.

    On the flip side, I think Karras is going to find life a lot easier in Cincy and it being a bit weird playing for vastly inferior coach.

  4. This guy is tough as nails, and can play any position on the interior OLine. Bengals are adressing their weakness.I doubt Belichick ‘cast him off’ Probably the Bengals payed more than the Pats were willing to pay Good sign.Hate to see him go.

  5. Last year Thuney left to protect Mahomes. This year Karras leaves to protect Burrow. We’ll see who Trent Brown goes.

    Time for Bill to turn Mac Jones into guy players want to come to NE to play with Mac.

  6. JC Jackson, Brown, Karras, and Hightower; the Pats will load up on 2023 compensatory picks.

  7. I’m always a bit shocked when teams overpay role players on the Patriots OL. I don’t see this as a big loss or a great win on either side.

  8. For those of you questioning Belichick’s methods he’s starting his 23rd season in NE while still using the same logic and mindset and it’s worked fairly well so far and yes, I know, he doesn’t have Tom Brady, but remember, Tom Brady wasn’t “Tom Brady” initially either.
    So let’s see what he can do with the roster and Mac Jones over the next couple of years.
    And for the record, “Karras’ “ and “Thuneys” did leave NE during the Brady years as well. BB usually doesn’t “give” the team’s money away so high achieving players often have to go looking for more elsewhere.
    Judon said some very complimentary things about Karras. This was his 2nd tour in NE, so no doubt Bill B holds TK in high regard. It was simply a matter of certain player wages not fitting into the teams budget.
    Barring matters beyond any team’s control, eg, injuries, covid, issues with the law etc, NE will rise to the occasion and likely be better than 10-7 and go further than the WC playoff round.

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