Teddy Bridgewater can earn up to $10 million in Miami this year

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The Dolphins have found another quarterback, one that could potentially — potentially — give starter Tua Tagovailoa a run for his money.

On the issue of money, new Dolphins quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will receive $6.5 million on a one-year deal. The deal also includes up to $3.5 million incentives, pushing the total value to up to $10 million.

The base pay, a $2 million signing bonus and $4.5 million salary, are fully guaranteed. The triggers for the incentives have not been revealed. If they are based on individual performance, they give Bridgewater an added incentive to try to topple Tua.

Tagovailoa is due to earn $3.362 million this year, with a cap number of $8.256 million. He’s undoubtedly enter the offseason program and training camp at the starter. If, however, Bridgewater meshes with the Shanahan system that Mike McDaniel has brought to Miami, things could get interesting.

19 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater can earn up to $10 million in Miami this year

  1. Teddy obviously has limitations and it is highly unlikely he could ever lead a team to a Super Bowl win unless his team has a historically great defense. That said, not only have I never heard anyone say a bad word about him, but every time someone comments on Teddy they say he’s the nicest guy they know. Back in 2016 when the fluke injury to his knee happened, some said he could have died but for Vikes (then) Trainer Eric Sugarman’s quick thinking and the actions he took. Then, some were concerned Teddy would never be able to walk normally again, let alone play football. I smile every time Teddy gets a chance to play another year and make some more money. We miss you in Minnesota, Teddy but we are all happy for you!

  2. Love another local legend coming home (please re sign Duke Johnson now)… but I also hope he doesn’t see a snap the entire season. Welcome home Teddy

  3. In other words, Bridgewater is getting $6.5M just to stand on the sidelines and hold a clipboard while Tua is only getting $3.3M to actually play. That’s messed up!

  4. Teddy > Tua

    No question really.

    But as a Bills fan, thanks to Chris Grier for creating a QB controversy in an already toxic locker room.

  5. You don’t incentivize a backup QB with $10M unless you have legit fear your starting QB is a complete bust.

  6. Seems excessive for a guy who never seems to throw more than one TD per game.

  7. Everyone thought they had confidence in Tua. Ha! You don’t agree to be liable for 10 mil to a guy if you have a starter in place that you’re satisfied with.

  8. looks like Tua’s days are numbered in Miami …i can still remember Colin Cowherd’s statement that he thought Tua would be a better NFL quarterback than Joe Burrow….what are these guys seeing?

  9. Bridgewater is now entering his “backup QB/mentor/start for 3 or 4 games a season” phase, but honestly, more power to the guy. That leg injury was so bad; the fact that he’s been on 5 teams since and played alright is awesome. Collect checks, take less hits, enjoy Miami; not so bad.

  10. Anyone who watched Bridgewater play in Denver knows he is no threat to take over from Tua.

  11. Tua should be worried. Teddy is sneaky like that and a charming guy with history of winning over coaches. He may start as the backup, but with his leadership and charisma I wouldn’t be surprised at all if suddenly we see Teddy starting in Week 1.

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