What kind of deal did Mitchell Trubisky do?

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For many of the free-agent contracts that will be negotiated and then leaked to reporters over the next two days, we’ll get both the length of the deal and the value of it. For some, we won’t learn the value.

Usually when we don’t, there’s a reason for it. It happens because the deal is nothing to brag about.

That’s quite possibly the case with the two-year deal signed by quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the Steelers. Given recent buzz that he was someone who would be in high demand, a contract that gets people to say “is that it?” will create the impression that Trubisky really wasn’t in very much demand, or that his agent played the market poorly.

That doesn’t make it a bad move for Trubisky. He made plenty of money in his first four seasons, as the second overall pick in the draft. And he gets a clear shot to be the starter in Pittsburgh, because the alternative is Mason Rudolph.

If Trubisky performs well as the starter, he’ll surely get a new deal and more money and everything that goes along with it. In the interim, we’ll inevitably find out how much he’ll be making to spend the next two years in Pittsburgh. If it was anything great, we’d already know.

10 responses to “What kind of deal did Mitchell Trubisky do?

  1. Playing QB for a team with a good defense has value, and could make him look like a better QB.

  2. Mason has had a couple of years with Matt Canada’s system, so I think he has the edge. But Mitch and Dwayne will get an honest shot at starting in 2022. There is no guaranteed guy in that room.

  3. Sorry Steelers fants, but for the first time in a long time, you have the weakest QB in the division..

  4. The guarantee is the Steelers are getting a Bills backup who will definitely start over those other two bums.

  5. Doesn’t matter how good the Steelers’ D is — that won’t help Mitch learn to read and react to a defensive scheme any quicker. Good dude though.

  6. Just think you’ll have a high draft pick in 2023 for coming in last place

  7. The Steelers supposedly had the worst quarterback in the division for the past two years. Somehow they keep finishing ahead of the Browns and Ravens. Even if Trubisky is terrible, they’ll probably win too many games to get a top-10 pick.

  8. Wow leave it to the long-term losing Clowns & Bungles fans clinging to their ” well, geez Steelers fans you have worst QB in the division now blah blah .” That may be true. But do you possibly believe our franchise is run just a little better than your new-head coach/GM&-every-other-year system your pathetic organizations, run?

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