Before teams could meet with Deshaun Watson, the Texans approved their trade proposals

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On one hand, it would make sense for the Texans to let quarterback Deshaun Watson meet with multiple suitors, allowing him to prepare a list of teams for which he’d waive his no-trade clause. Then, the Texans could let those teams bid against each other for the rights to Watson’s contract.

The Texans apparently have opted for a different approach. Per multiple reports, the Texans didn’t allow teams to meet with Watson until the Texans approved trade proposals from the interested teams.

So, basically, it’s up to Watson. Once he picks a team, that team will already have a trade in place.

The teams who have meet with Watson are the Saints, Panthers, and Browns. The Falcons reportedly will meet with Watson on Wednesday.

Although the Texans possibly could have gotten more if they’d sparked an auction among multiple teams, the Texans have avoided the possibility that, after meeting with various teams, Watson will waive his no-trade clause for only one team. If that had happened, the Texans would have no limited leverage, since keeping Watson is out of the question.

So, basically, now is the time for interested teams to come to the table. To make their offers. To meet with Watson. Once he picks one of those teams, it will be over. Watson will have a new team.

46 responses to “Before teams could meet with Deshaun Watson, the Texans approved their trade proposals

  1. That is quite an interesting and player friendly approach. I can’t wait to see where he winds up and what he does with his next team.

  2. Though on the flip side, they could just approve a bunch of trade proposals and then choose the best. It’s not all that different than your first scenario of letting teams bid against each other.

  3. Please, Please stay out of the NFC South. Any one of those teams will mess up their future giving away all them picks. Go to the Browns!!!!!

  4. I don’t know about him. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Your going to give him a bag of money and the Texans 3 first round picks. I mean really everyone involved from the Texans front office, to the offices of these interested NFL teams will be fine either way. They take a chance on Watson, if it goes wrong they lose there job and take there big checks home. It’s the fans who will pay if it doesn’t work out, and a long rebuild for that given team will take awhile.

  5. Watson should go with the Falcons

    There are holes in all of the rosters, and uncertainty in all of the coaches for all 4 teams: Saints, Panthers, Browns and Falcons

    Assuming all 4 teams make similar trade offers, the Falcons would be the team that has to “mortgage” less of it’s future than the others. Because the Falcons would be able to trade Matt Ryan to the Texans instead of more high draft picks, or Falcons could trade Matt Ryan elsewhere for at least a 1st and 2nd.

  6. That bid that you mention happened before the meetings; It’s a silent auction and that doesn’t mean cheaper. It’s cleaner IMO and you avoid the potential drama of Watson pulling the rug on remorse whilst the teams are fighting each other and info is leaked. The ball is 100% in Watson’s field and answer will trigger the transaction.

  7. That is because of the no trade clause. The Texans have no power in this. Watson has the hand full of aces the Texans are along for the ride. Watson is gonna pick his team and we will be shocked it will not be for as much as you think.

  8. The opera ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. How many times have we seen a surprise team emerge at the 11th hour.

  9. Wow. Savvy businessmen, those Texans. Outsmarting the competition as usual.

  10. If Watson were savvy he’d refuse to wave his no-trade clause and force the Texans hand. They’d either pay him his full contract for another year without playing (which they won’t), play him and/or leave him on the bench in Texas (in other words pay him for nothing, which they won’t), or cut him, at which point he’d be an unrestricted free agent. He could then negotiate with any team he’d like without that team having to use draft picks/players to obtain his services. If he were smart he could go to a team of his choice without weakening that team unnecessarily. Watson has all of the leverage, and if he had any sense he’d use it.

  11. Maybe Watson says….Uh, ya. I like team X. And you know, I might just waive my no trade clause to go there. But. I’m only going if these are the trade parameters. No 1’s. No nothing. Why go to a team that can’t build up and/or stay strong. Naw? Ok then. I’ll just stay here for my 35 million. Now that’s leverage.

  12. So those teams already made their trade offers before the deposition? Meaning they could be stuck no matter how badly if might have gone? Doesn’t make sense.

  13. This is probably the way to go since Watson has already proven himself to not be accommodating when he previously exclusively waived his no-trade for only one team, the Dolphins. This ensures only serious offers

  14. It’s about time!

    Sure, this team is a sad sack, but there’s nothing better than football in Houston, TX.

  15. QB Baker Mayfield said goodbye to Cleveland earlier today (Mar 15)so, maybe the Browns got it done. No one doubts Watson is a good QB but, where will his head be with all those civil cases coming up? After going through the OBJ head-games do we really want to go through this?

    It always seems like it’s one step forward and two steps back with the new Browns. I’m 70 yrs old and I’ll probably turn out the lights before the Browns even get a sniff at a SB.

  16. Good Morning as far as I have heard the Panthers had a private investigator do a complete workup on these cases.

  17. If Watson doesn’t go to Cleveland, I can’t wait to see what Browns get in a trade for Mayfield. You know the scowl-face won’t play there after they brought Watson in. Start cleaning out your locker, Baker.

  18. Time for the owners to lay these very baby’s down. Take the best deal, if he doesn’t wave his no trade then sit him again.

  19. So basically, if he doesn’t choose you, you just took huge morale hit in the locker room with no possibility of spinning it differently. This is probably why the Eagles stopped pushing. Congrats (maybe) to the winner.

  20. If the Colts were or are interested in Watson, and Watson would be interested in playing for them, I think they could make this happen. Lets face it, the Texans would be motivated to do a trade, there is no way Texans pay Watson 35 mill to sit on the bench this season, and to that end Watson could say, I’ll only play for…… The Colts!

  21. if the browns sign him and trade mayfield, i doubt ill be watching football next year. i have suffered enough with that franchise.

  22. I like this approach by the Texans. It does knock down the bidding war, but they name their price and eliminate the possibility of Watson and his new team colluding to minimize their trade cost. Smart. The more this GM does, the more I think he knows what he’s doing. A very refreshing change from the years of trading away the best receiver in the league for a washed up running back.

  23. cs-lewis says:
    March 16, 2022 at 9:43 am
    if the browns sign him and trade mayfield, i doubt ill be watching football next year. I have suffered enough with that franchise.
    No offense guys but, come om man, the Browns is the Browns. Browns fans go to hang out in the Dawg Pound, hang with friends, or kill a Sunday. They never really go with hopes of playoffs and Super Bowls, those things would be delusions of grandeur. Baker will get a new start and very possibly restart his career and become the player he was destined to be. The Colts should consider him.

  24. People saying Watson has all the leverage of overstating his power. Yes he has a no trade clause, but the Texans could decide not to trade him. Watson can pout, the Texans can tell him to play, he can refuse, and the Texans can suspend him without pay.

  25. Giving up 3 #1s and key players to the Texans basically sets Watson up on a diminished, compromised team that will be hampered for several years in the effort to put quality players around him. However, the expectations of fans and the media will be the moon. What are his realistic chances of bringing any of these teams to the SB in the short term?

    It makes zero sense. This is the kind of thing driven by meddling owners.

  26. All of this fuss and conjecture over a 4-12 QB that pads his stats at garbage time.OVERRATED is the word of the day.

  27. Arthur Blank is not getting any younger. Time to throw out any concerns for character and just go for broke, I guess.

  28. Don’t be surprised to see a 3 team trade involving Watson. Seems to me that the only team with enough draft capital to make a Watson deal happen is the Eagles. Something tells me that they’re going to be involved in any trade involving Watson, but without him actually landing in Philly.
    Especially in regards to Cleveland. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a deal in which Mayfield ends up in Philly and Watson goes to Cleveland. From the Eagles perspective, they’d be getting a guy in the final year of his rookie contract with a season to prove himself as a long-term solution. Hurts had the chance to prove himself last year and despite what the Eagles say, I don’t think he passed their test.

  29. “I don’t get that he gets to pick his own team, is this speculation?”

    No, it’s not speculation. Watson has a no-trade clause in his contract, which means if the Texans want to trade him to a team he doesn’t like, he can refuse to be traded.

  30. Three first round picks am I missing something did he get better while he was out of football?

  31. Can’t understand why Watson would want to meet with the Falcons. Their offensive line is horrible, they have no running game, and their WRs are average, at best.

    That definitely spells success for any QB…

  32. “I don’t get that he gets to pick his own team, is this speculation”…

    He has a no trade clause. He can vetoe any trade, therefore allowing him to choose where to go (of the list that Texans have approved trades for).

  33. Can’t understand why Watson would want to meet with the Falcons. Their offensive line is horrible, they have no running game, and their WRs are average, at best

    He was born in Georgia, about 40 minutes northeast of Atlanta.

  34. “Three first round picks am I missing something did he get better while he was out of football?”

    I’m hearing speculation that it may be more like 5.

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