Deshaun Watson is questioned in two of the 22 civil cases pending against him

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
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As Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson focused on a next team, he separately faced questions in the civil lawsuits pending against him.

PFT has confirmed that Watson was questioned in two of the 22 pending cases on Tuesday. The depositions happened at a time when Watson is otherwise meeting with teams to which he could be traded.

It will be prudent for interested teams to review the transcripts and/or the videotapes of the depositions. Depositions can go well, they can go poorly, they can create a mixed bag of good and bad. It becomes prudent for teams that may be trading for Watson to review the testimony, in order to assess whether and to what extent the litigation will bring unwelcome distractions to the organization.

The cases will proceed. It’s unclear whether the league will take action against Watson in the near future, or whether the league will wait for the cases to conclude. If, ultimately, Watson is exonerated in the 22 pending lawsuits, what would be the basis for disciplining him?

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  1. This repeated ideal of reviewing the depositions shows a lack of knowledge of the legal system or a determined effort to bias the situation… Unless the deposition is filed as official evidence for a case, it won’t be made available to the public. Most depositions aren’t used for evidence at trial, but rather to settle out of court. Sharing a deposition that hasn’t been entered into evidence or made public is against the law. So, they will not have any effect on the trade. They would not be available until after the trial, if they are used in it. So, the ideal of the teams reading them or viewing the videos before making a decision is impossible…and false… it’s a way of implying that Watson has something to hide and to bias the opinions of the public…

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