Randy Gregory’s agent gives their version of decision to ditch Cowboys for Broncos

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Randy Gregory and his agent, Peter Schaffer, weren’t going to get into a back and forth with the Cowboys over Gregory’s decision to not sign with Dallas but to instead jump to Denver. But since the Cowboys are complaining to reporters about what transpired, Schaffer has decided to tell Gregory’s story.

Schaffer told PFT by phone on Tuesday evening that he had negotiated an agreement between Gregory and the Broncos, and that it was basically done on Monday night. Then, the Cowboys got heavily involved.

Per Schaffer, owner and G.M. Jerry Jones got Gregory on the phone to make the pitch. The Cowboys increased their offer to match Denver’s. As Schaffer tells it, the Cowboys told Gregory, “‘We love you, we will support you. This is the best place for you. We know who you are.'”

Gregory then decided not to sign with the Broncos, and to stay with the Cowboys. But next came the actual contract from the Cowboys. Schaffer said he was surprised to find language wiping out all guarantees in the event of any fine imposed by the NFL.

“No other teams have that language in their contracts,” Schaffer told PFT. “No other teams. Never in 30 years have I seen that language.”

Teams usually void guarantees in the event of a suspension. The Cowboys void guarantees in the event of a fine.

Schaffer said that the move bothered Gregory. The Cowboys had fallen behind in the negotiations, and then Jerry got personally involved. He cited the personal relationship, the familiarity.

When the Cowboys added the clause wiping out guarantees in the event of a fine, Schaffer asked them about it. Per Schaffer, the Cowboys said they use it for every contract. However, Schaffer later learned that they didn’t put that language in the Dak Prescott deal.

Schaffer said he then gave the Cowboys an opportunity to remove the language. They didn’t.

Adam Prasifka, the Cowboys’ cap specialist and contract negotiator, explained to Schaffer that the clause was included because Stephen Jones had previously told Schaffer that any contract offered to Gregory would contain standard forfeiture language. Schaffer tells PFT that none of the proposals mentioned that language, and that Stephen Jones previously declined to engage in negotiations with Schaffer, instead directing Schaffer to deal with Prasifka.

At the end of it all, Gregory was upset. Given his history of issues under the substance-abuse policy, Gregory thought the Cowboys were trying to pull a fast one by potentially setting him up for a wiping out of guarantees in the event of a mere fine.

Ultimately, the Cowboys had a chance to remove the language. They didn’t. The Broncos didn’t insist on similar language, and Gregory will sign with the Broncos after 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

38 responses to “Randy Gregory’s agent gives their version of decision to ditch Cowboys for Broncos

  1. Gregory can now go down to the corner store buy some weed and do a bong hit!! He can probably now get a superbowl ring along with it too

  2. I don’t blame Gregory. Devil is in the details. Denver gave a better offer and he took it.

  3. Never, ever thought there was anything sleazy or skin-crawling about Jerry & his progeny. Nope, not anytime ever.

  4. I cant blame the Cowboys given his history. Can’t blame Gregory for leaving. We’ll see who was right in a few years.

  5. Smart move by the Cowboys dude has Always been a Part time player. Says a lot about Randy Not trusting In Himself!

  6. tee bone says:
    March 15, 2022 at 8:25 pm
    Gregory can now go down to the corner store buy some weed and do a bong hit!! He can probably now get a superbowl ring along with it too
    He doesn’t smoke out of bongs he smokes blunts

  7. So on the bright side Jerry saves a bunch of money so he can pay his love child
    off. That way she won’t be dragging him though the mud using the media to do it.

  8. If you are that worried about a guy’s personal issues that you want to void his contract because of a fine then he is probably not the guy you want to invest 70 million in. Move on. Get another edge rusher or lb and move Micah all over the place. Gregory had flashes but nothing worthy of this contract anyway.

  9. Don’t blame either side, but this time I can’t say I fault the cowboys. However, this is a big hurt on that d line. If they don’t do something Parsons will be doubled like that playoff game, and he doesn’t handle them well. If you don’t buy that, go watch every game that he was doubled, it’s only a few, and he was a no show. He will handle it better with time and experience but it might hurt this year.

  10. And Jerrah doesn’t even have Rich Dalrymple’s shoulder to cry on anymore.

  11. Any fine? So he would lose all his guaranteed money for hitting the QB a little too high one game? I don’t blame him for balking.

  12. Gregory is diagnosed bipolar disorder. Everything’s okay if he stays on his meds. Everything goes haywire if he goes off his meds (see: Antonio Brown.)

    If he goes off his meds, which is not uncommon with under 35 bipolar, he’ll end up getting fined for behavior or testing and forfeit money under the Dallas contract. Some people manage disorders like bipolar and the commonly co-occurring depression/anxiety with CBD products. He could get fined for this even under the reduced marijuana policy.

    Understanding this, you make an exception if the player has demonstrated some stability over time.

  13. Hypothetical situation. Gregory tears his ACL in week 1. He gets a flag for hit to the QB’s helmet in that game. That week, he gets a fine from the commish for hit to helmet. The Cowboys could be off the hook…

  14. He (or more likely his son) tried to sneak in a prenup without telling Gregory, and then tried to lay on the smarmy “we understand you and this is the best place for you” line. I don’t blame Gregory a bit. Reminds me of Shercon the Tiger in the Jungle Book. “Trussstt in me….”

    Run Randy, Run away as fast as you can.

  15. A quick search shows Colorado has a 4.55% income tax. That’s a lot of ticked off.

  16. His story on getting himself straightened out is inspiring. Here’s to hoping he stays on the correct path. Too much talent to waste.

  17. No one in their right mind would sign a contract that said they would forfeit $27 Million dollars if the NFL issued a fine. Roger Goodell fines them for the wrong shoelaces, voting Republican, messy hair, lol – HE HATES THE COWBOYS and so do the refs..

  18. The Cowboys rescued Gregory from himself. They might have saved his life, much less his career. Like Jerry said, they know him. They know what’s best for him. The language is there to encourage him to keep his life together. They’ve added incentives for that. It’s definitely in his best interest. He’ll be plenty rich, regardless. What good is it to behave in a manner that gets you fined, even if you get to keep the money? Jerry is actually looking out for the kid. I think people are missing a big point here.

  19. Real question for either team is why you’d be knocking yourself out to give the guy much in the way of guarantees. 16.5 sacks in 50 games in 5 years. $14 a year to maybe record 5-6 sacks (if he even plays)? Good luck, Cowboys probably just dodged a bullet.

  20. So is Jerry going to give Stephen a timeout to pour water all over Jerry’s personal phone call? Also the clause is not for just suspension- it’s for a fine (as in unnecessary sportsmanship). How stupid do the jones think agents are?
    What a trash organization

  21. Sounds like Son torpedoed one of his Dads deals. Maybe that’s how you keep the Old Man from pissing away money.

  22. If nothing was in prescotts contract then so be it but you can’t use what someone else got as a baseline and cry about it. That’s life for the rest of us working stiffs

  23. Let see one of you offer up millions to a guy ALWAYS in trouble or on drugs. You wouldn’t want to cover yourself? Denver will be sorry.

  24. I am having a hard time understanding Gregory’s apparent lack of trust in the
    Cowboy’s front office. It seems to me that the Cowboys/ Jones family did all they could
    for Randy. It is my understanding that the Jones family went to bat not only for Gregory
    But other players who had specific diagnosis that led to violations of NFL rules.
    The Cowboys drafted Gregory knowing he had issues, paid him a signing bonus and did
    All it could to make Gregory successful.
    I understand the business side more than most readers, however, this seemed to turn on a
    clause. A clause Gregory and his reps opposed. The Cowboys said it was in most of its players
    contracts, and seemed to say to Gregory’s reps “ we don’t enforce this clause .”
    This seems to be the Cowboys giving their word that they won’t normally enforce.
    I think based upon the Cowboys past treatment of Gregory and we can’t forget the
    Difficult times Gregory caused his organization and his TEAM, that Gregory should
    have accepted the Jones’ family word.

  25. Randy’s agent was wrong about the contract language. Just see all the media reports and how that language is standard. One report said it’s even in the CBA. Also, his agent is based in Denver, so go read into that what you will.

  26. His agent is a tool. Randy Gregory has already agreed to the same contract stipulations before. He just read it this time and didn’t sign it. All Dallas did was put the exact terms from the CBA in the contract. The reporter in question that the cowboys are “complaining too” has a copy of Randy’s old contract along with multiple other contracts that Cowboys have signed. He even has contracts from other teams. Randy’s agent is a tool. End of story. If Dallas gets Miller or Jones they come out ahead. Maybe Randy’s agent saved the Jones from themselves.

  27. Money talks and BS walks. Gregory could get fined for accidentally hitting a QB in the knee and lose all of the guaranteed money. I would have left as well. Jerry’s silver tongue couldn’t talk his way out of this one.

  28. Blessing in disguise. He’s never played a full season and isn’t the 2nd coming of Khalil Mack. He’s a solid player WHEN he’s available. Not so sure how he does in a state where weed is legal and the safeguards and support that Jerry provided for him are no longer available. Not agreeing to the safety language means he doesn’t trust himself which is a red flag

  29. Jones once again thinking he’s the smartest guy in the room only to be proven wrong once again . From the Elliot and Prescott overpays to now playing the we are family card to Gregory hoping his agent wouldn’t catch the ridiculous fine negating guarantees clause . ATT stadium should be renamed Barnum and Bailey because the Jones family has turned the Cowboys into a circus with clowns running the show .

  30. Dallas paid him to be suspended for 3 years for the most part. Took care of him and quite honestly became the only way and reason for him to even have an NFL career. So the simple fact that a man has so little loyalty and walks off over something he actually controls himself just shows why the language is needed in his contract to start with. And to be honest does anyone think Dak needs that language in his contract? The man is a freaking boy scout type when it comes to doing the right thing. Not so much for Gregory. No reason anyone here should be blaming the FO or Jerry. Gregory proved who he is and by all means knowing that himself did the best for himself. Sign the same deal with Denver so that when he gets into trouble he will still get paid and they can babysit him the next 5 years.

  31. He’ll soon be the wrong side of 30, and for a DE that is a death sentence. He did DAL a favor by not tieing up 10s of millions of dollars for his twilight/fading seasons. Go get someone in the draft.

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