Reports: Randy Gregory spurns Cowboys for Broncos

Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Moments after the Cowboys announced that they would re-sign Randy Gregory comes news that they won’t.

Now there are multiple reports that Gregory has spurned the Cowboys and decided to accept a contract offer with the Broncos.

The financial terms of the contract are reportedly the same: A five-year, $70 million deal that includes $28 million in guaranteed money. But Gregory apparently decided he would take that contract with the Cowboys, and then changed his mind and took the same contract with the Broncos.

That’s highly unusual; the Cowboys put the signing of Gregory on their official Twitter account, and Gregory’s agent told the Dallas Morning News that Gregory was staying in Dallas. Usually by the time that happens, the deal is done.

But nothing is official until a contract is signed, and Gregory apparently had a change of heart and decided to go with an offer from the Broncos instead. Gregory can’t sign that offer until tomorrow afternoon, and it’s possible he could change his mind again. But for now, Gregory appears headed to Denver.

78 responses to “Reports: Randy Gregory spurns Cowboys for Broncos

  1. A warning to those who think the guys they are “signing” are already signed. Some of these guys are flakes…

  2. Gregory wouldn’t have a career with Jerrah being patient. Great way to say thanks, Gregory. Wishing you a mediocre career in Denver.

  3. This is odd not because it is Dallas but because we are in the “legal tampering” period which means contracts cannot be signed until tomorrow. Why would Dallas even announce it? No other team bother making an official statement until it is official.

  4. It sounds like a smart agent convincing a team that a player will sign at a certain price to set the market value then either accept that offer or get a better offer and take that one. It is kind of stupid to be announcing signings when there is nothing to back it up until papers are actually signed as in the case it makes the GM look like a moron.

  5. Cowboys stuck with him through bad times. If the deals really are equal, one would think past loyalty would tip the scales. Might be a blessing in disguise for Cowboys.

  6. Looks like Randy Gregory is taking the same path Demarcus Ware did to win a super bowl….and that’s head to Denver.

  7. I don’t think this is a smart move by Gregory. Happy he got paid and normally I would say go where you want to but this is a guy that requires a lot of patience and a lot of structure to play well. Also kind of a slap in the face to do this at the last minute after all the garbage he’s put Dallas through.

  8. and who could blame him? Dallas is where football-glory hope goes to die, year in and year out. McCarthy is still running on his happenstance fortune to coach Aaron when he cared enough about a SB title to actually win one. Remove that single SB W from his resume and you’re left with ashes

  9. Technically taking less money in Colorado since they have income tax and TX doesn’t. Probably feels like they are closer to a SB.

  10. Not sure Colorado is a good fit for Randy. Might have a hard time getting him off the couch.

  11. I’m a cowboys fan and i’m definitely not upset. Original contract numbers were 5 years 70 million. Sorry, thats way too high. He had 6 sacks last year? in 17 games?

  12. nhpats2011 says:
    March 15, 2022 at 12:31 pm
    Why would any player really want to play for Jerry Jones?
    Well, because he overpays players like nobody in the history of the league has ever overpaid players… duh.

  13. The money was the same, Gregory went to the team with the most potential. Pretty easy I would say.

  14. I am not a Cowboys fan, but this really does not make much sense. If they truly are the same terms: (1) Texas does not have a state income tax and (2) the Cowboys have been patient with him through it all (albeit patient because he has talent). Either of those two factors would normally weigh in favor of Dallas.

  15. I’m an Eagles fan, and as much I enjoy a little bit of Cowboys misfortune, I tend to think it’s kind of a dirtbag move after Dallas brass was so patient with him.

  16. LOL!

    The bidding wars with fresh cash of 300 mil per team off the new CBA and Covid season of 2020, is now coming home to roost!

    Shoulda already extended him, Jerrah. Jones is such a moron of epic proportions.

  17. If this is true, then Gregory is a man of little character and integrity. He wouldn’t be in the NFL if the Cowboys didn’t carry him thru his troubles. No appreciation whatsoever.

  18. Dumb move. As much as I enjoy seeing Jerry Jones get upset, the Cowboys were very patient with Gregory and all his foolishness.

    I bet he ends up staying in Dallas.

  19. Everyone wants to get out of Texas… Watson, Gregory… half the population of Austin.

  20. It is being reported that the Cowboys had baked in some security language into their contract, most likely something to do with clawing back some of the guaranteed money in the case he runs into the same type of trouble that caused him to be suspended for two plus years. If Denver offered the same contract in money terms and guaranteed money, but did not include security language it is hard to argue with this decision. No sure if he gave Dallas the opportunity to remove that language, but either way he has to look out for his own best interest. After all what is it the ownership says, it is only good business!

  21. So what we’re hearing now is Gregory agreed to a contract and then the Cowboys changed the language of the contract. Now, it might have been prudent for the Cowboys to throw some language into the contract to protect themselves but you don’t do it after the contract has been agreed upon. That’s like bait-n-switch used car salesman stuff. Are the Cowboys becoming the worst run team biggest joke in the league? Yes. Yes they are.

  22. He’s a talented and athletic player, but in six seasons with the Cowboys, he has played 50 regular season games and missed 47 games due to injury and suspension. He’s not reliable and is the type of player who may lose motivation after signing a massive contract. Denver may regret this signing.

  23. Hey, “it’s a business” and all, but The Cowboys kept his career afloat for a long time when they didn’t have to. Loyalty doesn’t mean anything anymore, except there are instances where it should.

    But, whatever. He’s an adult and gets to make his own decisions. I hope for his sake that he can stay clean and out of trouble with his new team.

  24. I’m no Cowboys fan so don’t mind he left but have to wonder if he’s not being flaky again. He definitely owes the Dallas organization for sticking with him during hard times.

  25. The contract was not the same obviously. Yes the years and totals were but the language could be different. There are big differences between the words AND, OR and UNLESS in a contract. Cowboys contract could have said 8 Mil base this year OR 6 Mil if plays less then 14 games. Denver could have said 8 Mil this year AND additional 1 Mil if plays entire 17 games. Big difference in the wording when talking Base guaranteed money.

  26. I heard the boyz tried to add a clause into the contract after it was signed’ Bad move , bad business !

  27. That’s just weird. With the state tax in Colorado he’s taking a bit less to leave the team that stuck with him through multiple suspensions and personal issues. Seems odd.

  28. Why would you expect any player to have any kind of loyalty to an owner and team that doesn’t. One bad/mediocre year and a team will send a player packing or even cut him because they can’t afford the contract they originally offered and haven’t paid out. Even Brady could only do it for so many years until he saw lesser QBs getting paid more for not being able to come close to what he provided. Loyalty is dead for a job that may last 10 years max for some players. Go get the most guaranteed that you possibly can

  29. Washington fan here. Cowboys dodged a bullet if the money reported is correct. No way he is worth that.

  30. milehighmagik7 says:
    March 15, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    Why would you expect any player to have any kind of loyalty to an owner and team that doesn’t.


    That may be the case many times, but this is a case where the team and owner stuck by the player through multiple instances that would have ended his career on most or all other teams.

    Really – the Cowboys resurrected his career several times, for no good reason other than wanting to give him more chances. They could easily have dropped him to save money and headaches at many points along the way and no one would have blamed them – in fact most people seemed to think he wasn’t worth salvaging.

    I’m not blaming him – he may have very good reasons for this move. But if the question is loyalty, this is one case where the team and owner were very loyal, far beyond what would normally be the case.

  31. After that bone-headed offsides in the playoffs (taking the heat off the other bone head play by the QB), where Gregory was offsides, helped lose the game, I’d say good riddance.

  32. I am guessing the lure of moving to a state where Marijuana is legal outweighs staying with the team that stuck with him thru multiple suspensions.

  33. 5yrs 70mill for a guy that turns 30 this year and has 17 career sacks . The AFCW applauds this elway! Keep up the Stellar work!

  34. Another Texan moving to Colorado. He probably skis in jeans and can’t get off the lift.

  35. Jerrah’s spitting his Johnny Walker Black out all over the carpet in his $250mm yacht

  36. cwdonald314 says:
    March 15, 2022 at 1:19 pm

    Everyone wants to get out of Texas… Watson, Gregory… half the population of Austin.


    The half that wants to get out are the folks that lived here 15 years ago, before it was ruined, by the half that didn’t.

  37. If the money is equal, then the goal should be to win a championship, wear a gaudy ring. Despite the AFC being the stronger conference, the Broncos, with Wilson now, have a better chance to reach the Super Bowl than Dallas, who will not be able to get by the Rams-Bucs-Packers triad. Gregory made the right choice.

  38. I can’t believe people think Gregory owes Jones anything. In the world of professional sports you owe two people only – yourself and your teammates. The owner isn’t owed anything. They would dump you in a heartbeat just like any other asset.

  39. What’s left out here is that the Cowboys after announcing tried to make a change to the deal the Gregory camp did not like. Just signing with a different team that fast certainly was not the expected response, but both sides had a hand in this falling apart there.

  40. It’s not only players that back out, Josh McDaniels did the same with the Colts.

  41. Ed Werder reports Cowboys changed contract after agreement. Such a Cowboys thing to do.

  42. Shows you what a heel Jerry is. Trying to change the contract after it was fully signed.

  43. As a Bronco fan I was hoping we would re-sign Miller, but I never thought the Cowboys would let Gregory get away. They invested so much in him and put up with his growing pains and immaturity. I know he is a twitchy player and has a lot of skill but I worry about his personality. With Miller you get a true pro. Dallas should throw the money at Miller and try and save this debacle.

  44. It sounds like Dallas tried to change the deal at the last minute and Gregory balked. I wonder if they tried to insert some language that protected them from him doing something stupid off the field. I love my Broncos, and hope this works out, but I think residing Miller would have been the safer move.

  45. Don’t understand why so many people here think the tax difference between Texas & Colorado would be the tipping point. If it was that big of a deal, there wouldn’t be any wealthy people living in New York or California. If you check now, there’s still plenty of really rich people living in states that have income taxes.
    It seems the average fan cares more about the taxes than the players making millions.

  46. Jones’ are such doofuses. Report out of Dallas is that Jerry got Gregory to agree and then Stephen went and tweaked the contract and nickel-dimed it. Good luck cowboys fans. You are screwed.

  47. golions1 says:
    March 15, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    Cowboys stuck with him through bad times. If the deals really are equal, one would think past loyalty would tip the scales. Might be a blessing in disguise for Cowboys.


    As NFL GMs and owners always say, it’s a business first. Same concept for players.

  48. Cowboys are the ultimate trash first organization. They make the Steelers look stable.

  49. Man, Broncos fans are really thinking they’re super bowl bound? That’s a hoot.

  50. This move is a head scratcher, and feels like a bit of a reach on denver’s part. a lot of money to offer a guy whos had something like 21 sacks, and has been suspended for more games than he hasn’t.

  51. He saw the “Mile High” stadium name & something about it suddenly felt like home.

  52. Anyone commenting that the player isn’t worth the money needs to understand the going rate for starting pass rushers in the NFL. This deal for Gregory is not a salary cap buster, and instead is just par for the course.

  53. Also, Broncos fans have every right to believe they will be back in the Superbowl soon. The Broncos have won championships and will again. The Broncos defense is going to be good and with Wilson at QB the offense won’t be scoring only 14 points a game anymore.

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