Tom Brady’s dad suggests media forced retirement decision

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Tom Brady retired on February 1, before unretiring on March 13. His father, who disputed the late-January reports that Tom Jr. would be calling it quits, believes that the media forced the hand of the GOAT.

“They were announcing his retirement before he even retired,” Tom Brady Sr. said on Greeny, via “You know, the media made the news. He was not ready to make any decision and didn’t make any decision but [Adam] Schefter and [Jeff] Darlington stated it as fact. You know, he hadn’t made any decision on that.”

Still, three days after the report emerged, Tom Jr. retired.

”After [retiring,] he had time to reflect with his family, you know, [on] what gives him the greatest joy in his life, and they all agreed that this is the path forward that works best for the Brady family,” Tom Sr. said. “He is happy as can be. . . . It just took a little bit of time to sort this thing out. I mean, he’s kind of in uncharted territory. So of people might seem to think he took a misstep, hey, welcome to our world. Not very many people get to to make this decision at 44 years of age and going on 45.”

He’s right. No pro athlete has spent as many years as Brady has balancing work and family. No one has had to stave off the natural and reasonable demands of a wife and children for so long.

Although it’s highly unlikely that Brady retired because of the ESPN reporting, the report added to the existing momentum. And Brady apparently needed to retire and step back from the sport and see how it felt.

Obviously, it didn’t feel good. Tom Jr. is back. And his about-face will require the media to monitor any future retirements by Brady in order to be certain that he won’t be coming back. As with Brett Favre more than a decade ago, Brady won’t certainly be retired until a full season elapses without him playing. Even then, who knows?

32 responses to “Tom Brady’s dad suggests media forced retirement decision

  1. The media made Tom retire. What a novel take, best let Dad say it to avoid, uh, media scrutiny.

  2. So the all time #1 player who basically runs the league and who reporters kowtow to was pressured by media guys to retire early? Come on. There’s nobody in the league who is more his own guy than Tom Brady. Something fishy going on with this sudden retirement and then unretirement. I don’t know what it is, but something is or was going on.

  3. Hey, Tommy Sr, has your golden boy son, ever made a mistake..? Ever? At all?


    End of discussion.

    Literally uncoachable/unmanageable. Unbelieveable how the media lets Brady and Rodgers get away with these oligarchian antics.

  4. Anyone feel like Tom Sr has suddenly become a media darling in the last couple of years and has something to say all the time? How about let his son tell us the story himself if and when he’s ready.

  5. Plenty of things you can blame the media for but this is definitely not one of them . Brady obviously discussed retiring with somebody who then passed it along to the media . That’s clearly on Brady not reporters doing their job and reporting what they are told . It’s difficult if not close to impossible that Brady who has displayed extreme control of his narrative during his entire career would suddenly rush a life altering decision because of media reports . Dad is way off base here .

  6. I don’t get the sarcasm. The press reports were a distraction from the football still being played. It’s not surprising that Brady felt pressured to make a quicker decision than he would have otherwise.

    Despite the fact that some people claim Brady is an attention-seeker, the fact is that the guy can’t move a muscle–or even think about it–without it being reported. I think he was sincerely bothered that reporting on him was taking attention away from teams and players who were still in the playoffs and he wanted to get the subject of his status off the table well before the Super Bowl. I know that’s not the cynic’s view, but if Brady was the egomaniac and attention-seeker that they think, why does he have so many friends among NFLers, including longtime opponents?

    So Brady made a snap decision and came to regret it. He made a mistake that he won’t make again. Next time the press tries to make the news, he’ll go back to the Belichick approach and ignore the noise.

  7. I didn’t know the media made people’s personal decisions for them?

    Do we live in a hyper-instant, hyper-reaction society? Yes.

    It is to blame for EVERYTHING? No.

    get outta here, Tom Brady’s dad. Go take a nap.

  8. I never see no other players dad in the news. Run to daddy! Brady is such a diva.

  9. Then he should have come and said he was going to think about it…the media didn’t force anything.

  10. He could have pulled a Rodgers and said he will decide before free agency, nobody forces Brady to do anything.

  11. Nobody made any decisions for Brady. He announced his retirement and thanked Bucs fans .. went on to thank Pats fans .. then changed his mind.

    That’s what happened.

  12. Damn that media! The same media whose writing and speaking suggest that Tom Brady single-handedly won six Super Bowls in New England and one in Tampa. Shame on them for their retirement storie.

  13. At this point Brady makes history every game he plays, but now we can look forward to an incredibly historic milestone. Brady currently has about 97.5K yards (combined reg. season and playoffs). This season he is a lock (barring injury) to be the first to reach 100K yards passing.

    Drew Brees is second with 85.7K and Peyton Manning third at 79.3K

  14. WRONG!! The issue is Tom or someone he knew clearly was talking to someone who leaked information out to the media, that doesn’t mean it’s the media’s fault, next time Tom keep you mouth shut until you make a decision on retiring, though now who’s going to believe him when he does retire??

  15. So he retired because he couldn’t handle the (media) pressure? That makes sense…

  16. TBsr making excuses for TBjr. Living in New England, I’ve heard this for now going on 23 years of my almost 30 year old life. Sr, Jr, and Giselle could just fade away from the public eye. That’d be greaat.

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