Colin Kaepernick has talked to Pete Carroll, who says the QB deserves another chance

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Colin Kaepernick wants to play. The former NFL quarterback became a free agent in 2017 and has not gotten anything more than a visit to the Seahawks in 2017.

In 2020, coach Pete Carroll said, via Gregg Bell of The News Tribune, the Seahawks “wouldn’t hesitate (signing Kaepernick) if Russ (Wilson) ever got tangled up and couldn’t play or something. Kaep would have been an extraordinary candidate to take over. He deserves to be playing.”

Two years later, Wilson is in Denver; the Seahawks are looking for a quarterback; and Kaepernick remains available.

During a long take on free agency being a second chance for players, Carroll brought up Kaepernick unsolicited.

“I thought about another guy,” Carroll said. “You can ask questions about Colin Kaepernick. I know. You’re going to ask me, so let me just put it out there. He contacted me the other day. Said, ‘Hey, I’d like to get a shot. I’m working out.’ He sent me some vidoes. Next thing I know, he’s working out with Tyler Lockett. I don’t know how that happened. Does that guy deserve a second shot? I think he does. Somewhere. I don’t know if it’s here. I don’t know where it is. I don’t know if it’s even in football. I don’t know.”

It feels like the NFL has run out the clock on Kaepernick’s opportunity to play again. Even the Seahawks didn’t call Kaepernick last season when Wilson was injured.

Kaepernick has not played since 2016, parting ways with the 49ers in the 2017 offseason. The NFL has backballed him for being the first player to protest social injustice and police brutality during the national anthem.

In 2019, the NFL and lawyers for Kaepernick and Eric Reid reached a settlement in the players’ collusion lawsuit against the league.

It will come as a major surprise if the Seahawks or any other NFL team signs Kaepernick, or, for that matter, even gives him a workout.

62 responses to “Colin Kaepernick has talked to Pete Carroll, who says the QB deserves another chance

  1. deserves another chance….with someone else

    Anyone surprised to hear Carroll say something hollow?

  2. Calvin Johnson is talking about coming out of retirement to play for the Lions again.

  3. As a 49er fan, I think that Kaep deserves another shot in the NFL, but only if it’s with the Seahawks.

  4. Put your money where your mouth is then Peter and sign him to a contract……

  5. A lot of people think he shouldn’t get another chance. I would like to see him get a chance. That way he can prove once and for all that he simply is not good enough to compete in the league

  6. Give him a chance so he can fail and end this non stop BS about collusion. Has Kap learned to be more than a one read and run QB in five years.

  7. You can’t say stuff like that and NOT sign the guy. That would be a real low life move.

    And yes Colin absolutely deserves to be in the NFL. In fact, he belongs in the hall of fame.

  8. How can anyone treat this as anything but the punchline to a joke after his Netflix series?

  9. Wow, shocking! Well that settles it, now I know why Wilson wanted to leave. Pete it is time to retire.

  10. Looks like Pete found his quarterback.

    Now work him out and sign him.

    Good luck buddy with your feel good story.

  11. Sign him, merchandise sales will cover the cost and who knows? Give the guy a shot!

  12. He’s been out of the league for 6 years now, and it’s not quite the same game as it was when he last played.

    I hope Seattle has a back up plan

  13. Then sign him Pete. Put your money where your mouth is. Somebody needs to retire Pete.

  14. Even with PFF’s #1 ranked offensive line, Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, Boldin or Crabtree, and Frank Gore in his prime, Kaep was just a mediocre quarterback.

  15. He turned down a $12.5 million dollars guaranteed contract with the 49ers and then never has taken another snap in the NFL. MAYBE he got some bad advice. He needs to own it. He won’t.

  16. If he feels that strongly then why doesn’t he give him another chance. He could step right in for Russ too couldn’t he Petey?

  17. Unfair to say he has been blackballed. He quit, and has been given opportunities to showcase his skills. That said, I hope some team signs him so we can see if he can still play at the NFL level. Personally, I think he quit because he knew he didn’t have it anymore.

  18. If he really wanted a chance he would be making it clear that he is happy to sign a vet. minimum one year contract…..

  19. If Pete signs him be sure to work out a trade with the Bucs for Super Bowl LV champion Blaine Gabbert just in case you need to…bench Kaep.

  20. If only Pete Carroll were in a position where he could give Kaepernick another chance.

  21. Well Pete, you just lost a QB – so you have an opening if you REALLY think he deserves a shot. Problem is, Cap doesn’t want to play – he wants to be in the media and be the martyr – if he actually plays, he no longer has that and has to rely on his likely diminished skills. Cap, seriously – play or shut up – and I seriously doubt either will happen.

  22. Apparently people forgot about his workout in Atlanta a few years ago. Remember,
    The one he didn’t show up for

  23. I agree with golions1. Kap quit on his team. He originally SAT on his butt during the national anthem pouting over not starting. When asked about why he was SITTING, he gave a half hearted excuse about police brutality.
    The kneeling came later when the media ran with the non story and made him a martyr. To his credit, the dude figured out a way to make bank off of NOT playing.
    What owner in their right mind would make him the face of a billion dollar franchise? He’s a selfish quitter, pouter and a blamer. That’s the exact opposite qualities of what a winning NFL QB should be.

  24. He deserves another shot, as long as it’s with someone else? Nice. While the rest of the NFL has decided the ship has sailed on that guy, Carrol continues to be the ONLY coach still beating that drum, but he won’t do it for his own team. Come on Pete. Put up
    or shut up,

  25. Everything has a price.

    And the going price for a guy that’s been out of football 6 years is a tryout followed by an incentive laden contract with a base salary near vet minimum.

    Does Kap take that? If not, see ya. And I kinda doubt he would.

    And I’m saying this as a full supporter of his protest.

  26. At this point I want somebody to sign him and start him just so we can be reminded how terrible of a quarterback he is and put this insanity to rest for good. He wasn’t blackballed and even if he was, he has nobody to blame but himself.

  27. Dude had one good year. The nfl caught up with his play. Even before all that rights movement he wasn’t coming back to the 49ers.
    So somehow since he’s bee out of the league all this time he stopped getting worse and somehow is magically better? People remember that SB run year..and it was a good year. Well RG3 tore up the league his rookie year and set several records. He went downhill after that. So let rg3 sit out 5 years and he will be good too?
    See.. makes zero sense. Move on…Colons career has.

  28. In the back half of this last decade when Kaep was in his heyday, before NFL DCs got a grip on RPO-heavy offenses, the league was extraordinarily top-heavy with franchise QBs, and always 15-20 of them rating higher than Kaep. His mediocrity really showed as mediocre.

    Today the league is starving for franchise QBs. Karl’s mediocrity would be good enough for a top 10 production. The problem, though, is that the drop off from 7th to 8th is steep. And 10th rated QBs are still, well, mediocre. And that is assuming that in the time off Kaep has developed into an effective pocket passer.

  29. nathanp2013 says:
    March 16, 2022 at 7:13 pm

    If he believes that… he should put his money where his mouth is


    It’s Jody Allen’s money, not Pete’s and perhaps he doesn’t have the ultimate call on this one.

  30. He can’t play at an NFL level! In other news, joe flaccos signs with the jets. You can’t seriously believe it’s about talent. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this man is not the NFL because he pissed off similar looking owners of the NFL , NOT because of his talent level. BE REAL.

  31. His playing days have long been over. The clock ran out a long time ago. A guy who hasn’t played a snap in 5 yrs will never get signed.

    The Tebow signing last year proved you never sign guys who’ve been out too long.

    To those who reference Kaep’s Super Bowl run, here’s a reminder: That Super Bowl was nearly TEN YEARS AGO. Most of the players from that Super Bowl aren’t in the league anymore and 2 of them are in Canton.

  32. jehoshaphat68 says:
    March 16, 2022 at 8:22 pm
    Pete is a genius. Seattle needs a QB and Colin is the perfect fit


    They don’t need a QB that’s rusty and been out for several year. Based on your logic, they should sign Peyton Manning.

  33. Anyone remember Unitas pictures at the end, when he was with the Chargers? That would be Kap – on his knees. Only instead of disrespecting the flag, it would be because he is beat up.

  34. Didn’t this guy sue the NFL? Didn’t they already settle, and pay him, to just go away and live his life?

  35. Can’t we stop talking about this guy. Whatever career he could have had he ruined himself.

  36. If I recall correctly, his play went downhill quite rapidly after his super bowl season, just like Pete’s career went downhill after saying okay to a passat the goal line in Super Bowl loss to Pats

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