DeMarcus Lawrence calls Cowboys’ initial $9 million pay cut request “disrespectful”

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DeMarcus Lawrence‘s future with the Cowboys appeared in doubt when he turned down a pay cut earlier this offseason. But the sides worked things out, with the edge rusher signing a new three-year, $40 million deal that fully guarantees him $30 million.

All’s well that end’s well?

Lawrence pulled back the curtain on how it went down, leaving him initially upset with the team. He was scheduled to make $19 million in base salary in 2022, and Lawrence said the Cowboys asked him to take a $9 million pay cut.

“(Executive vice president Stephen Jones) sent me over a number and I’m like, ‘What is this shit, bro?'” Lawrence said on CBS’ “All Things Covered” podcast with Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson. “‘Why are y’all sitting here playing with me.’ You don’t want to know (the number) man; it’s disrespectful. . . . I feel like it was disrespectful. I told them like, ‘Hey, man, the Cowboys have done a lot for me, and I thank y’all for everything y’all done, but I think it’s time for us to part ways, and I wish for y’all to cut me.'”

In an effort to keep Lawrence in Dallas, Lawrence’s agent, David Canter, constructed a new deal he presented to Stephen Jones.

“Stephen was like, ‘All right, I’m about to bring your offer to Jerry (Jones) to see what he says, but I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be pissed about it because he just gave you $65 million,'” Lawrence said. “My response was, ‘He ain’t give me shit. I earned it. Feel me? So if Jerry wants to keep me here, he has to understand this is what I’m worth, and I’m actually showing love and helping y’all out by offering y’all the relief in cap space.

“‘So let’s go out here and have a fruitful free agency and pick up the guys we need in order to win a Super Bowl. Because if I’m not getting this number, I won’t be here to help.’ Jerry was like, ‘Shoot, D-Law has been faithful to us for the last seven or eight years, give him his money. Jerry came in and got it straight.'”

No team has received more negative publicity this offseason than the Cowboys, who, among other things, saw their public relations director resign last month before a 2015 voyeurism scandal became public. Lawrence’s comments came out on the same day his former teammate, Randy Gregory, agreed to a deal with the Cowboys and then changed his mind and signed with the Broncos. Gregory’s agent, Peter Schaffer, accused the Cowboys of adding a clause that wiped out guarantees in the event of a fine after Gregory agreed to the deal.

Lawrence, though, got what he wanted, becoming the NFL’s first defensive end to have his contract fully guaranteed for seven consecutive seasons.

10 responses to “DeMarcus Lawrence calls Cowboys’ initial $9 million pay cut request “disrespectful”

  1. If there’s one thing we learn in the offseasons, it’s that Dallas players who haven’t won anything sure think highly of themselves.

  2. People thought Jerry was running the Cowboys into the ground. Fact is, Stephen is much worse. At least Jerry was willing to roll the dice. Thought Stephen would’ve brought some sense and constraint to his dad, but his “die by the cap” and ultra conservatism is setting the team back for years

  3. What a jerk. Based on his production the last 3 years(14.5 sacks) it is Dallas who should feel disrespected. Can’t believe he thinks he earned the 65 mil he was paid over the last 3 years.

  4. Dak and Zeke got all the cash. Sorry, but you have to play for less so those two greed heads can get fat.

  5. I love how modern snowflake players are disrespected so often. I think that says all we need to know about why they act like they do. Oddly, he is not as remarkable of a player as he thinks he is.

  6. Hope his agent read that contract closely, do all those guarantees get wiped out if he gets a fine?

  7. This story is a great example of why the Cowboys hardly ever have any cap space. Stephen Jones is frugal and tries to get a good deal. Then Jerry swoops in at the last minute and overpays. His players know that all they have to do is balk at Stephen, make a little noise in the press, and Jerry will ultimately give them what they want. Ezekiel Elliott is another example.

    It’s a pattern in that organization that goes all the way back to Deion Sanders. Jerry and Stephen almost came to blows over that contract in 1995.

  8. Cowboys are nothing but drama all the time. Both Joneses look like clowns and players arm twist them into deals that destroy their cap

  9. 4.48 million per sack since he signed that contract in 2019 and he feels like the team is disrespecting him. The entitlement is unreal.

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