How about Baker Mayfield to the Lions?

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
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At some point last year, when the possibility of quarterback Baker Mayfield leaving the Browns first crystallized, one team struck me as an intriguing potential destination.

The Detroit Lions.

Mayfield’s mindset and attitude mesh with the current mindset and attitude in Detroit, courtesy of coach Dan Campbell and executive Chris Spielman. Mayfield has the moxie, the edge that the Lions have lacked at the quarterback position for decades. Maybe all the way back to Bobby Layne.

The Lions would have to control Mayfield, and Campbell seems like the kind of coach who can get through to the player, to properly harness the best parts of that personality, and to guide him out of the areas where it can become problematic.

Problematic for Detroit is the presence of quarterback Jared Goff. He receives a guaranteed roster bonus tomorrow in the amount of $15.5 million. Trading him before June 1 or cutting him now without a post-June 1 designation would result in a cap charge of $30.15 million in 2022. Trading him after June 1 or cutting him now with a post-June 1 designation would result in dead money of $20.15 million this year and $10 million next year.

But with Mayfield under contract for only $18.8 million in 2022, maybe they can pull it off. Goff isn’t the long-term answer; the Lions accepted the player and his contract as part of the gigantic package that they received for Matthew Stafford. Some still believe that the Lions got a one and a three for Stafford, and an extra first-round pick for taking on Goff’s deal.

Adding to the allure of Mayfield to Motown is this very important fact. Former Browns G.M. John Dorsey, who drafted Mayfield four years ago, currently works for the Lions.

That’s right, Buddy Boy. There’s surely at least one Lions employee who may be already banging the drum for Baker Mayfield.

19 responses to “How about Baker Mayfield to the Lions?

  1. As a Packers fan I say yes please. As a human being haven’t Lions fans been through enough?

  2. I don’t see it happening. Goff will be the Lions QB this year. Campbell also believes in loyalty. Also, I don’t see Brad Holmes wanting to do it. Goff has a make it work year this season.

  3. Nope. Why would they want to take on an underachiever to replace the underachiever they’re overpaying right now?

  4. Seems somehow disrespectful to both Baker and the Lions. Not sure how, but it does.

  5. Yes, the Lions have suffered enough without having to put up with this arrogant spoiled child’s antics. Plus he sucks! No thanks!!!!!

  6. “Mayfield has the moxie, the edge that the Lions have lacked at the quarterback position for decades.”


  7. Goff was actually pretty good at the end of the year. I’d rather see the Lions draft a QB at the end of the 1st top of the second.

  8. I’m going to take this inside information and go to Las Vegas and bet on the Lions to win the super bowl.

  9. Cant believe, as a Lions fans, I would have to say this about any QB, but I’d rather have Goff.

    2nd part of the year Goff actually produced and moved the ball. Wait until next year, find a QB in the draft ( unless Howell is available late 1st early 2nd rd) and rely on continually building the roster and chemistry

  10. I like Baker, wouldn’t hate it. But after this year I believe we can cut Goff for nothing? And still have two first round picks in next years draft. Love what were doing in free agency, not spending crazy money on free agents like Kirk. I’ll take it there, if you had Kirk on your fantasy football team last year was he ever in your starting roster? And he just got paid #1 WR money. Lions are sticking strong, making smart money moves and have a lot of draft picks the next two years.

  11. Goff only started playing better after Lynn was fired and Campbell began to call plays.

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