Myles Jack is expected to sign with the Steelers

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Linebacker Myles Jack was released by the Jaguars this week, but he has reportedly found a new place to play.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jack has agreed to a two-year deal with the Steelers. It’s a $16 million deal for Jack in Pittsburgh.

Jack was a 2016 second-round pick in Jacksonville and one of the highlights of his time with the team was a 45-42 playoff win over his new team after the 2017 season. The Jaguars would lose to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game the next week and things went south for the Jaguars from that point.

Jack remained a productive piece of their defense, however, and he’ll try to do the same for a Steelers team that got an underwhelming performance from Devin Bush last year. He and Joe Schobert remain on hand at linebacker, although the Steelers could see over $7 million in cap savings if they move on from Schobert this offseason.

15 responses to “Myles Jack is expected to sign with the Steelers

  1. Decent pickup….. Meanwhile my team lost their top defender and resigned Brian Hoyer

  2. Schobert is gone .. they will keep Bush around but not pick up his 5th year option.
    Great move by the Steelers

  3. I would keep Schobert and cut Bush. If you aren’t giving him the 5th year option, you are not going to resign him.

  4. Remember when he was running into the end zone with the football and the refs blew the play dead so he wouldn’t score to rig the playoff game for the Patriots? Yup.

  5. Keep all three. Lambert, Ham, and Russell. Can never have too many good players

  6. Would be a nice pick-up. Myles would definitely help shore up
    that LB position. Could still use a mid-range draft pick
    on a young, fast LB to groom and take over in a couple of years.

  7. Steelers have really improved their team already from last year. Do not sleep on these guys. I see what they are doing.

  8. Myles Jack is terrible. Tons of missed tackles and the worst body language I’ve ever seen on a player.

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