Pete Carroll’s comments confirm that it’s over for Colin Kaepernick

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By successfully shunning Colin Kaepernick for five years, the NFL has made it much easier to continue shunning him now. That fact became obvious on Wednesday, with the comments made by Seahawks coach Pete Carroll as to the possibility of adding Kaepernick to a depth chart currently led by up-and-down three-year veteran Drew Lock.

Carroll could bring Kaepernick in for a workout at any time. Any team could. No team ever has, in five years.

The Seahawks brought Kaepernick in for a visit in 2017. Some believe that the Seahawks didn’t pursue Kaepernick due to the possibility that the locker room would eventually become divided between Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. Now that Wilson is gone, why not take a look at Kaepernick?

If the Seahawks won’t even give him a workout, it’s obvious that no one will sign him. Not now, not after five years of Kaepernick being successfully kept out of the NFL.

The Steelers may have been an option. This week, they signed Mitchell Trubisky, and they have Mason Rudolph and Dwayne Haskins under contract. At this point, no one will be reversing a course on which the NFL collectively has been moving for five years.

Right or wrong, it’s over.

35 responses to “Pete Carroll’s comments confirm that it’s over for Colin Kaepernick

  1. Why are we still talking about this has-been who’s final QBR was around 60.0? His career is over, and there is nothing wrong whatsoever for an NFL owner running a business worth billion$$$ to pass him over. If I owned a restaurant and I had a bartender protesting political issues while working the bar, during work hours, driving customers away, I would fire him instantly.

  2. The NFL attempted to stage a personal workout for Colin Kaepernick. He sabotaged this opportunity by changing the venue and/or time hours before the showcase was set to begin. This type of exhibition has never been offered for a player since and I don’t remember an offer like this ever being made for an individual player.

  3. It’s over because Kaepernick is just not that good. I thought Harbaugh was wrong for making him of the starter over Alex Smith after Smith’s injury. I was called crazy. Once Kaepernick became an activist it wasn’t worth bringing him on for the controversy he caused. Or so the owners thought.

  4. Both sides get what they want, here. The people that don’t want him on the field get their wish and the people who think there is a conspiracy to keep him out can continue their story too.

  5. Oh it’s wrong. NFL making example of Kaepernick to others. Old boys network is alive & well.

  6. It’s been over since what happened with the open tryout where he was mad for having to sign a standard waiver and the NFL was mad about Nike filming.

  7. When and if he can read a defense he will deserve a another chance. Guessing never. When pigs fly perhaps.

  8. He’s not good enough of a football player for a team to put up with the headache that comes with him. Period. He’s an average QB–he’s an above average distraction.
    It’s not collusion. It’s not a plot. It’s the formula of life. We all have to live by it. When our negatives outweighs our positives we’re gone. Jobs. Relationships. Whatever.

  9. He was beat out by Blaine Gabbert before he ever took a knee. Why is no one bringing this up? He only became a social justice warrior after he was benched.

  10. It was wrong, but, yes, it’s over. People can be upset, angry or (in the case of some, though not me) happy about it all they want, but regardless of their feelings about it, they’ll need to accept the fact that he’ll never play in the NFL again.

  11. Thank God its over, actually its been over for the rest of us for the last 5 years.

  12. He opted out of his 49ers contract, then Baltimore wanted to talk to him. No go. The NFL offered to have a pro day just for him, but he thought it was a trick and didn’t show.

    His last two seasons were bad. That’s the main reason he’s not in the league. If you have talent, they will put up with a lot more than Kaep ever did. Just ask Antonio Brown.

  13. It’s been over for Kaep. If not for the events from summer 2020, that disastrous tryout would’ve been the end of him and no one would be talking about him right now, with the exception of that Netflix documentary.

    And if everything from summer of 2020 wasn’t enough to sign him, it means it’s time for his supporters/allies to give up.

  14. This is just a setup to try for another lucrative lawsuit. It’s all about the money, and always is.

  15. “Carroll could bring Kaepernick in for a workout at any time. Any team could. No team ever has, in five years.”
    didn’t he hold his own workout and create drama there as well.
    he doesn’t want to be an NFL quarterback, he wants to be relevant…

  16. Could any team bring Kaepernick in for a workout? Would he answer the phone? Would he show up? He hasn’t when the NFL gave him a chance to workout for several teams. Instead, he puts out videos like Uncle Rico.

  17. The nfl gave him a work out. He changed the venue at the last second. A WR at the workout got signed. It’s been over for a while and it was all his doing.

  18. Honestly, regardless of his social or political stances, does anyone really think that an NFL team is going to sign a guy who hasnt played for 5 years, and the last time he did got benched?

  19. Let me help you. Besides being a ME ME ME person, he is inaccurate throwing <60% for his career, and takes a ton of sacks, doesn't see it happening out there. Let's talk about someone else.

  20. GOOD. Maybe we can stop bringing him up and talking about a QB who never was that good to start with. Pretty sure the fact that so many teams in the NFL are willing to give up their future for Watson and what Denver gave up for Wilson prove their is no racism going on here. If you can play they will sign you. Even with sexual misconduct accusations and a suspension looming. Get over it.

  21. But now he has 5 more years of practice about taking a knee. Should count for something.!

  22. Once Brian Flores has his day in court against the NFL he can include the owners continued collusion against Colin Kapaernick in his case.

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