Report: Browns, Baker Mayfield are “breaking up” because Browns “want an adult” at quarterback

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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The first overall pick in the 2018 draft will apparently be playing for a new team in 2022.

As surmised earlier, the Browns are done with Baker Mayfield.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN said earlier today that the Browns and Mayfield are breaking up because the Browns want an “adult” at the quarterback position.

That statement becomes the point of no return for the relationship, especially if the conclusion the Browns have reached is accurate. We’ve said for a while that it appears Mayfield is, behind the scenes, a difficult person for the Browns to deal with. If he were playing great, he could get away with it. He’s not, so he won’t.

So he’ll be gone, apparently. While I always root for a good story — and while Mayfield being dumped by the Browns counts as a good story — a better story at this point would be the Browns keeping him. The Browns, who apparently have “adults” at most key positions in the organization, realize that this can’t happen.

78 responses to “Report: Browns, Baker Mayfield are “breaking up” because Browns “want an adult” at quarterback

  1. Jimmy Haslam says Baker is not an adult so they go after Deshaun Watson. Can’t make it up folks.

  2. They must really feel confident in getting Watson, cause if they don’t and then have to trade Mayfield, what is next at QB?

  3. Casey Keenum should have played half the browns games last year. Who was the “adult” who made the decision to play the injured Mayfield?

  4. That’s hillarious!
    How many QBs have the Browns had in just the past 2 decades?….


  5. Why don’t I feel the Browns’ organization is acting like adults here. More like a kids club.

  6. Maybe the browns should have an adult in the front office. What a clown show this is.

  7. Man that is a crude thing to say. Things must’ve erupted in that clubhouse.

  8. Not sure how revealing an extremely negative aspect of a QB you’re hoping to get trade value for is…. oh wait, it’s the Browns. Nevermind…

  9. Difference between Aaron Rodgers and Mayfield … both are “difficult person to deal with” behind the scenes, but one can play at an allpro level and other can’t.

  10. This to me says the future QB is Matt Ryan. Hard to say Watson is “an adult” with all the charges against him. Poll in Cleveland said 50% don’t support Watson. I think the vast majority of people would support Ryan.

  11. How are the Browns ever going to have an “adult” QB when they can’t get anyone to stick around long? The last QB they had who could be considered an adult was Bernie Kosar and he’s a Grampa by now!

  12. Trade the Browns first round pick and Baker Mayfield for Carolina’s first round pick at #6. Browns can take Kenny Pickett, QB from Pitt. Cheaper, taller, better, and save a lot of money not having to buy diapers for the QB.

  13. Only the Browns would leak this info further reducing his trade value , lol . Makes me wonder if Mayfield isn’t the only child impacting the Browns .

  14. The fact that Baker is being classy publicly and the browns are not, tells me all I need to know about who is the child.

  15. If the Browns actually said that, they are dumb as a bag of rocks. The trade value they will get will be lower because of that statement.

  16. Yes great way to talk him up Cleveland so you can maximize his value. Browns doing what the Browns do

  17. Well at least he was always really good in those TV commercials. It’s what he prioritized after all.

  18. If he didn’t have that cut-rate insurance, he would have been protected from Mayhem like this.

  19. Wow. So much for doing their due diligence on him before drafting him.

  20. If you can’t get along with Kevin Stefanski, you can’t get along with anyone.

  21. Bit harsh. Presumably, the Browns did their due diligence before drafting the boy – Didn’t they?

  22. ” Why not take a chance on a guy like that”? Another Dorsey blockbuster. Guess who he said that about?

  23. Is this Mortenson’s opinion or did some anonymous source tell him this? Story seems to be lacking details.

  24. But the Browns will take the “Adult” that has 22 women suing him for some sort of sexual misconduct. 22. Right Browns. Right.

  25. What a dumb comment by the browns. You say you want an “adult” and bring in a guy with 22 women suing him in civil court? Why dont they just say, “we are looking to upgrade the most important position on the field if we have the opportunity.” I am a lions fan and understand stupid more than I care to admit and this comment is stupid.

  26. Mayfield didn’t want to step aside last year because of injury, by fear of opening the door to Keenum. He wanted the best of 2 worlds: if I win games good for me, if I play poorly I have an excuse because I’m not 100%. It backfired on him.
    Great in College, average in the NFL. Why? Because he is short and not athletic. At best, a 2 read QB, with an inflated view of himself.

  27. The Sadness Factory keeps churning out failure. That Browns QB jersey has to have names down to the floor by now.

  28. The Browns were 0-16 before they used their #1 Pick to get Baker Mayfield. Have fun going back to that Cleveland Fans.

  29. There’s a reason Cleveland has sucked for decades. I don’t blame Baker one bit for reacting the way he did. His Franchise met with another QB to recruit as his replacement. I would want to be Traded too.

  30. Having that bum Baker at QB cost you a #1 WR in OBJ. But but but Baker is better without him.

  31. If this means the end of those annoying Progressive Insurance Company commercials, I’m all for it.

  32. I don’t like Mayfield but I hope he wins the Super Bowl with his new team and that the Browns stay circling the toilet.

  33. So let me see if I have this right. They drafted Manziel. Then they drafted Mayfield. Then the traded for Odell Beckham. Now they want Watson. Sorry, what was it they said they wanted again?

  34. If they are giving him away I hope Detroit makes a run for him. The Browns better have a backup plan in place because if he wins somewhere else and they don’t the coaches and front office will be gone in a year.

  35. Mayfield was the best QB in a revolving door of signal callers. Before Mayfield, they had no stability at the position since rent reformed in Cleveland in 1999. What a joke this franchise is and Haslam is responsible for this folly. ,

  36. The million dollar question is which Canadian League team is going to allow Baker to use their stadium to film all his commercials?

  37. The Browns should of let Todd Hailey chew on his ear awhile longer and Mayfield would of been an adult by now.

  38. Mayfield left TTU in a huff then had the gall to try to steal signs for his new team. He has had maturity issues, and it’s believable that he got on someone’s bad side in Cleveland.

  39. Remember when he was the next big thing, and everyone flamethrowered Hue Jackson for not playing him right away. Yeah, that was fun. Off into the sunset he rides. Sorry Browns fans, you deserve better.

  40. You have to admit, even if they give up on him after 3 years that’s still better than when the team busts likeJosh Gordon and Johnny Manziel. Baby steps!

  41. I remember back in the 80s, when Tampa Bay was where QB careers went to die. However, in this century, I’m convinced Cleveland has succeeded them.

    I have no idea what it is, but the Browns are absolute quarterback killers, since re-entering the league in 1999. Couch, Quinn, Weeden, Manziel and Mayfield were all drafted in the first round. Where are they now? People probably asked that during their rookie seasons.

    Notice I didn’t mention any of the QBs selected in the second or third rounds. Because I’m sure no one here remembers DeShone Kizer or Cody Kessler.

    Cleveland is QB Hell. Obviously, because they have no idea what to do with quarterbacks.

  42. nagyisterrible says:
    March 16, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    Having that bum Baker at QB cost you a #1 WR in OBJ. But but but Baker is better without him.


    OBJ is only #1 in his own mind. He accomplished nothing with either the Giants or Browns. The Browns were better without OBJ, making it to the divisional round of the playoffs without him. Distractions, me-first behavior, sabotaged his way out of two teams. He couldn’t even make it through the Super Bowl after he bandwagoned his way into it. He’s all flash and no substance.

  43. I wonder if they’re going to make a commercial where Baker Mayfield is served eviction papers at the stadium in Cleveland

  44. Baker feel free to come to Seattle at a reasonable price to compete with Minshew and that rookie from Ole’ Miss. May the best QB win.

  45. This is just the end game of the OBJ and his dad, against Mayfield and his wife fight. This decision was made way back then. OBJ gone immediately to stop the fight, now Baker is gone for being the antagonist. I’ve always thought Mayfield was a immature brat.

  46. “The one thing I was told is that it’s just not a match emotionally. Whereas Baker Mayfield’s passion and emotional leadership was embraced at Oklahoma, and even in the beginning with the Browns, things have changed and they want what they consider ‘an adult’ at that position and that Baker Mayfield probably is going to be moved.” Mortensen said
    If I’m reading this correctly Mayfield is too Ray Lewis for the team, albeit likely a more crude version. This also could have been someone from Baker’s camp trying to lower the cost of getting him and increasing the number of people trying to get him. For the right price (2023 3rd or conditional 2023 1st) I would prefer the Panthers to kick the tires on Mayfield over 3 1sts 3 2nds and 3 players for Watson. I just don’t think any team could remain completive for that compensation

  47. I call BS. This makes no sense to me that someone in the front office actually said that. Of course, the Cleveland Browns front office has done some incredibly stupid things in the last 24 years so there’s that!

    I do know that there has been some discomfort with the play calling. Not sure if that is where this is coming from but hey, that’s not Baker’s fault!

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