Report: Vikings trying to trade Danielle Hunter

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The Vikings are shopping edge rusher Danielle Hunter as the clock ticks toward Sunday when he is owed an $18 million roster bonus, Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune reports.

Hunter has a $25.83 million cap number for 2022, and the team needs to clear space to make their new deals official.

The team could convert Hunter’s roster bonus to a signing bonus to save $13.5 million on their cap.

Hunter, 27, has played only seven games the past two seasons because of injuries. A torn pectoral muscle ended his 2021 season after seven games. He had six sacks.

Hunter has played 85 career games and totaled 60.5 sacks, 90 quarterback hits and six forced fumbles.

30 responses to “Report: Vikings trying to trade Danielle Hunter

  1. The vikings are crazy if they trade Hunter! No wonder my favorite team can’t win a super bowl

  2. Anyone willing (foolish enough) to assume that salary shouldn’t have to give up anything. Mini might have to throw in a pick or two.

  3. Would really like to see him stay in Minnesota. But just like Barr, he can’t stay healthy. Depending on what you can get for him, trading him now might be the best thing for the team. Someone has to go when you are in cap purgatory and it might as well be the guy that has injury issues.

  4. The Patriots need an edge rusher badly but I do not think they can afford him.

  5. Anyone that’s need to take a pay cut is him play seven games in two years. Needs to prove he can stay healthy

  6. I would hate to see his monstrous talent leave, but I understand why it’s happening. Need the cap space, and despite his otherworldly talent it means nothing if you can’t stay healthy and only playing 6 of the last 33 possible games is not worth it. If he stays healthy and produces his usual crazy production I’m happy for him, but nobody ever said business in the NFL was easy

  7. Hard to see Hunter go but if we keep paying guys who can’t stay healthy then we will never win. Time to get compensation for him and draft his replacement. The draft is deep in edge rushers and corners so I am hoping we can get younger on defense while our offense explodes

  8. Great…now nobody will trade for him and they’ll be forced to cut him. Only the chiefs are a real option.

  9. The real telling is in the Vikings NOT converting his roster bonus to signing bonus and keeping him – they’re NOT betting on him staying healthy. Other than Hunter and his doctors – nobody knows his REAL health status better than the Vikings – their reluctance to keep him speaks volumes.

  10. Hunter is an absolute monster when healthy. And the Vikings D fell apart last season when he went on IR. If he truly is 100% healthy, I say do the accounting magic to keep him. $13M is quite a bit of magic savings with a few pen strokes. Maybe they could restructure, based on his recent injury history.

    And that’s probably what will happen, as a lot of teams are going to balk at that $23M price tag. Then again, the Bills are giving roughly that amount to Von Miller, theoretically until he gets into the Tom Brady age bracket.

  11. I love Hunter when he’s healthy, but the Vikes need to blow the whole thing up and rebuild. Unfortunately, the rookie GM and rookie HC apparently don’t understand this, as evidenced by extending Kirk (.500) Cousins. If they were smart, they would have moved on from Cousins, Thielen, Hunter and Harrison Smith. Then find a bridge QB for $15MM and use the money to rebuild the roster. I’ve tried explaining this to the people in Minnesota, but apparently most of them are part of Kirk’s congregation. Cousins only cares about his money, his stats, and his “savior”. Vikes are wasting two more years and many millions of dollars by extending Cousins. He is what he is and nobody is going to change that. Had high hopes for Kwesi and O’Connell, but it is clear they don’t get it.

  12. Great when healthy but he’s done zippo for two years. Durability is the best ability.

  13. Dude is awesome when he plays. That’s to much guaranteed money for guys who has been hurt the last two years. But no doubt he is one of the elite elite pass rushers when he is healthy.

  14. Take away that contract, and you got a FA who will get paid on availability.

    High risk/high reward proposition.

  15. If he could figure a way to stay healthy the Vikings would be getting top tier trade offers from multiple teams.

  16. By extending Cousins, you’re saying that you have a chance to win the Super Bowl in the next two years. If that’s the case, why would you trade your best defensive player, especially when everyone is blaming the defense for all of the team’s woes? You can easily cut down the cap hit by restructuring the contract if you don’t want to give him an extension now. You can’t go all in if you only go halfway.

    As for the injuries, so what? He missed 2020 with a neck injury. The neck is clearly healed because he was a beast for the seven games he played in 2021. Then he tore his pec, which happens to a lot of players and there’s no reason to think he can’t come back as good as ever. These aren’t chronic injuries or injuries that should impact his future performance.

    I’m hoping the Vikings are just doing their due diligence to see what they could get for Hunter. He’s worth two first-round picks. If someone offers that, I’d trade him. If they take a lesser offer just to save money, that’s as dumb a move as extending Cousins. Are you all in or are you building for the future? You can’t do both.

  17. Well….let’s see…..he doesn’t play due to injuries, and he is always unhappy with his salary.

  18. The Vikings got rid of the other dead weight (Pierce) who play 8 games in two years, now another definition of a paycut. The guy has played 6 games in two years!

  19. He’s worth two first-round picks. If someone offers that, I’d trade him.
    Not even close.

  20. For you Cousins Crusaders who think it’s great to keep Kirk and get rid of Hunter is just something you have to do, and continually blame the defense for every loss, please consider the stats for the first six full games Hunter played vs. the last 11 games Hunter missed.

    With Hunter, the Vikings defense gave up an average of 230.3 yards passing, 358.3 total yards, and 22.8 points. Over a full season, those averages would rank 18th, 21st, and 19th.

    Without Hunter, the Vikings defense gave up an average of 265.3 yards passing, 397.5 total yards, and 26.3 points. Over a full season, those would rank 30th, 31st, and 27th.

    So if Kirk can’t overcome a bad defense, what sense does it make to get rid of the most impactful player on defense?

  21. Unless they get a huge offer, they just need to bite the bullet and keep him another year. If he’s injured again or drops off in production, get rid of him next year. He’s too talented to not take a chance on him for another year.

  22. Time to move on. A trade for a few picks would be great. The secondary free agency market is going to have some real bargains available this year.

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