Seahawks: Russell Wilson made it clear he wanted this change

Denver Broncos Free Agency Press Conference
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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said at the Scouting Combine this month that the team had no intention of trading quarterback Russell Wilson, but they wound up agreeing to trade him to the Broncos a week later.

That trade became official on Wednesday and Wilson said in a press conference from Denver that it was a “mutual” decision to pursue a trade between him and his former team. A release from the Seahawks announcing the trade sent a different message, however.

Seahawks chair Jody Allen said in a statement that “Russell made it clear he wanted this change” and that she “looks forward to welcoming our new players and to everyone being fully engaged.” General Manager John Schneider said that “it became evident that Russell was interested in playing elsewhere” as the team discussed future plans with him and Carroll sent a similar message.

“This has always been a challenging time of year where we have consistently maintained a competitive approach to getting better as a team,” Carroll said in a statement. “As Jody stated, Russ’ desire in doing something different afforded the organization an opportunity to compete in multiple ways. He has always been the ultimate competitor whose leadership and consistency helped shape our culture. Our franchise has won a lot of games and we will always be grateful for the exciting moments and incredible records.”

Broncos General Manager George Paton said in Wednesday’s press conference that a “month of negotiations” preceded the agreement on a trade, so the Seahawks were open to a trade even as Carroll said it was not something they intended to do this offseason. Whatever the machinations that went on in Seattle, the end result is that both they and the Broncos are walking into new eras in 2022.

23 responses to “Seahawks: Russell Wilson made it clear he wanted this change

  1. Good luck paying Russ that $61 million per season that Rodgers just got. Go Broncs!

  2. Geez, the Seahawks let the greatest QB in franchise history during his prime because he was “interested in playing elsewhere”? Makes it seem like they didn’t put up a fight at all. Sucks to be a Seahawks fan, who need to prepare for at least a decade of obscurity all over again…

  3. He made it clear last year in the offseason, and the team doing worst this year just solidified his decision

  4. I am not sure why everyone is so astonished that Pete Carroll, and Russell Wilson told a lie. It’s business. Those dudes have the ultimate poker faces.

  5. Quick, someone send Pete Carol a pack of Big League Chew so he can keep chomping on his gum

  6. Seattle has always been a Punk Franchise and it’s CYA all the way – Every Time

  7. Seems like a lot of key players have wanted out of Seattle. This collective need to throw Wilson under the bus makes me understand the Earl Thomas goodbye salute a little better. You got dumped guys. Take it with a little grace.

  8. I think that winning early in his career with a great defense made him think he was better than he actually is. Russ is a good quarterback, but after they paid the man his money they could not get past the divisional playoff game.

  9. Hawk fans – who is gonna be starting QB week 1 with Watson out of the running?

  10. Russell, how do you like that view from under the bus? Talk about no loyalty in Seattle.

  11. Thank you Seattle. The Broncos now at least have a chance every year. Nothing worse for a fan than Quarterback purgatory. They’re not easy to find.

  12. Isn’t it amazing that almost all of their stars from Carroll era have trashed the team when they left: Thomas, Sherman, Wagner…
    Just shows you the classy org that Seahawks are under Carroll. Far cry from Holmgren hawks.

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