“Torn” over his next move, there’s no timetable for a Deshaun Watson decision

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
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Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has met with four teams in the past two days — the Saints, Panthers, Browns, and Falcons. He was impressed by every presentation.

For each franchise, the owner, General Manager, and coach personally attended. Three happened in Houston. The meeting with the Falcons happened in Deshaun’s hometown of Atlanta.

He’s “incredibly torn,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT. There’ no timetable for the decision. He could, as the source put it, wake up in the morning with a choice made. He also could take a few days.

There’s also a chance that more teams will get involved. The Texans are screening all interested teams, requiring them to propose acceptable trade terms before they are authorized to meet with Watson. If another team meets Houston’s specifications, and if Watson is willing to do it, a sit-down could occur.

41 responses to ““Torn” over his next move, there’s no timetable for a Deshaun Watson decision

  1. Yeah, wasn’t Aaron “terribly torn” as well? These NFL divas have turned the league into a “The Bachelor” spin-off. Truly pathetic.

  2. He is Just enjoying holding those teams hostage… their penance, miss out on good options…

  3. jehoshaphat68 says:
    March 16, 2022 at 8:59 pm
    The winner will be Atlanta

    The odds are 28-3 against.

  4. jehoshaphat68 says:
    March 16, 2022 at 8:59 pm
    The winner will be Atlanta.

    He made decide on Atlanta, but it will be a few seasons before we will see if they are considered “winners’ for pulling off the trade.

  5. Cleveland is his best chance to make the playoffs but Atlanta could work out. I’m torn.

  6. You gotta pick the best fit but if Watson isn’t looking at the team that will be the strongest without their 1st & 2nd round picks for the next 3 yrs, he setting himself & his team up for a huge letdown.

  7. I still say that Houston should sit on him as repayment for screwing the team over. Don’t let him workout, don’t let him practice. Pay him the minimum they can get away with. let his skills die…then, at the end of the contract, he can join Kaepernick in doing nothing.

  8. a year plus out…. youd think by now youd know where to go, your salary range, cultural fit and viability of the team for success…

  9. Watson had 2 depositions under oath tuesday, and 2 more next week. How could any team be so desperate at this point in time?

  10. He shouldn’t be “torn.” From the moment he decided he wanted out of Houston, he AND HIS AGENT should’ve been researching teams. Whatever the owner, GM, and head coaches have to say, means little because with the exception of the head coach, he won’t be playing with them or interacting with the other two in any way that will help him be successful on the field. Which team has the best players, who’s paying you the most? You’re walking into a garbage ATL roster – no receivers, no run game, no defense. You have a promising TE and a great FG kicker. Not enough. I understand the sentimentality being back in his home state of Georgia, and playing near his hometown of Gainesville, but sentimentality isn’t going to help you win games. ATL is currently a mess thanks to Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn. He’ll be taking lumps for a LONG TIME, when he doesn’t have to at all or for as long in other places.

  11. He’s from Atlanta, but how can you do that to Matt Ryan if you’re the Falcons? Obviously you get younger and replace one franchise QB with another. But, Ryan has been your GUY for so long. I think that would be bad juju for the future.

  12. “The winner will be Atlanta.”

    If Falcons get hamstringed by Watson, they lose many of their draft picks and with all the holes in that team, they won’t be winning for 2-4 years!

  13. Watson to the Falcons.
    Matt Ryan to the Browns.
    Baker to the Saints.
    Panthers don’t get a seat when the music stops.

  14. Simply holding out to see which team “sweetens the deal more” in offering the Texans more than agreed upon.

    The old “hurry up and wait” routine.

  15. Translation: I want to wait until after the first week of March Madness to get more media attention. Diva move.

  16. I hope he realizes that the longer he waits, the more those options are going to disappear. All of those teams, except maybe Atlanta, have to find their QB. They can’t wait. Somebody will grab Garrapolo. Sonebidy else will get Mayfield, and Winston is still out there. Better make up your kind fast Desean.

  17. The longer this guy takes to make up his mind the less I want him..got me thinking hey mybe we should just draft malik willis let him play his rookie season under a run heavy team and oh yeah KEEP our entire future of draft picks yeah that doesnt sound so bad lol

  18. It’s obvious. If Deshaun directly requested for Atlanta, it’s all but done. His comment is nothing more than theater!

  19. The longer he waits, the more it hurts his NEW team as they are hamstrung until a decision is made. (SEE ABOVE – TYELEE)

  20. You think this dude would do everything he could to make himself look good. Pretty much holding up half of free agency isn’t doing that.

  21. Just choose Carolina already.Goodnight I’d hate to go shoping with him or Rodgers you’d be in the store for months.

  22. Boy, have the Browns really shot themselves in the foot. If they don’t get Watson, they have a devalued, ticked-off Mayfield to either trade or play one more season. Cooper is wondering what he got himself into. Not to mention the train-wreck signing of Hooper. Would be very surprised if Watson chooses that circus.

  23. jehoshaphat68 says:

    The winner will be Atlanta.

    I agree, I don’t think they’ll get him, either.

  24. Doesn’t matter which pathetic team he goes to I’ll never root for this creep.

  25. I’d be “torn” too. Don’t see any of those teams being a contender lately. I’d keep looking too.k

  26. nytro says:
    March 16, 2022 at 8:57 pm
    Yeah, wasn’t Aaron “terribly torn” as well? These NFL divas have turned the league into a “The Bachelor” spin-off. Truly pathetic.


    It’s pretty much the opposite of pathetic.

    It’s called diligence.

  27. I have an idea. Stop being selfish and waive your no trade to all 4 teams so the Texans can get the best deal for the trade! You got paid to do nothing last year, you’re getting your wish of getting traded, your extracurricular activities have been a detractor that the Texans have had to pay a price for.

    Maybe show them some appreciation and let them create a competitive bid situation?

  28. Can’t believe he didn’t want to be with the Eagles…..perfect fit. Probably a good thing, because he is going full DIVA…

  29. I predict that if he goes “home” to the Falcons, that will end badly for all. too many distractions and posse-people to ruin him. Alternatively, could be best thing, IF, and big IF, his posse-people actually keep him grounded and protect him. 50/50 toss up. Browns have the most talent of the group, and cap space, and picks, so that would be my choice. But, Cleveland isn’t ATL, or DAT cool, but for sure better than Panther-land. We’ll see…

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