Von Miller will sign with the Bills

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Von Miller is coming to the AFC East.

Miller announced on Instagram that he is signing with the Bills.

“It’s been crazy man, crazy four hours,” Miller said. “Going back and forth man, a lot of things that I love in LA. But I just wanted to let you know I’m coming to Buffalo. Bills Mafia, what’s good? Is 40 open?”

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Miller has agreed to a six-year, $120 million deal, but full details of the pact are not yet available.

Miller split last season between the Broncos and Rams and ended it by winning his second Super Bowl ring. He made hints about being interested in a return to Denver and was negotiating with the Rams about a return for a full season, but will be moving on to Buffalo in the end. The Bills hope that the move has the same result as the one the Rams made before the trade deadline.

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  1. Wow!! We all know there is probably an opt out after a few years but damn. I like this signing

  2. 6 years $120M? For an old player with a history of injuries? Bills are going to regret this.

  3. I know Miller really hasn’t shown signs of slowing down.. but a 6 year deal for a 33 year old? He isn’t a QB.

  4. Yikes ! Von Miller & OJ Howard ,Looks like someone is working that “Tight Salary Cap ” Situation very well.

  5. This is not even a fleece, it’s a highway robbery. His Denver tape shows he is done. With the Rams he benefited from playing along side AD who drew double and triple teams on every play. Welcome to caphell Bills.

  6. I’m excited with this move and I think it’s going to help move us to a new level. If Fraser doesn’t have a top five defense this year I’m concerned. On the other hand I’m going to miss Jerry Hughes the guy was a stud from the moment he got to the Buffalo Bills good luck Jerry Hughes.

  7. Gotta check the deets on this contract. Loving this move for next 2-3 years, then we’ll see. But if we get a ring and he plays well – all worth it. The party in Buffalo would last for weeks.

  8. Speaking as someone who would love to see Buffalo win a championship, I hope this signing helps them make a stop with 13 seconds left in a playoff game.

  9. There’s no way it’s truly a six year deal. It’s two or three with the remaining years added to spread the cap hit.

  10. Sucks for the rams to lose him but they’ll pick up another compensatory draft pick.

  11. Another genius structure by Beane. It’s really a 3 year deal with opt outs and limited dead money. We clearly aren’t signing him for a 6 year duration.

  12. It may be 6 yrs at $120M, but you know damn well the Bill and/or Miller will be able to opt out after 2 years — the issue will be the deferred bonus money in the voidable years.

  13. With a log term deal like this. I can’t wait to see where he plays in Bills scheme. I’m thinking he plays next 6 years at DE.

  14. Bills fan.. hate this… maybe 3 years at 10 a year but this is HORRIBLE!!! Only came for the $$$.. part time player at Star money.. hate it !!

  15. Von Miller six-year, $120 million max value Buffalo Bills contract has a $53 million payout in first three years, $32 million fully guaranteed at signing, $52 million in total guarantees, per league source. Great deal for veteran pass rusher

  16. So the contract is for 6 years which will make him 39?? Doubtful that will happen. Bills better have some opt outs.

  17. Inflated numbers can’t wait to see what the first two years of the deal are ??

  18. The chances of Miller collecting $120 million from this deal are the same as Deshaun Watson winning Walter Payton Man of the Year next season.

  19. That is an insane amount of money and time, but they might get three years of of him

  20. Need to know the amount that’s guaranteed. That’s what the contract is really worth.

  21. He looked great again with LA because he didn’t have to be THE guy while playing with Aaron Donald. Heck of a player, but his best days are a bit behind him for 20 million a year at 33.

  22. I have no doubt Von wanted to stay in LA but he must have fell over when he saw those numbers. Good luck to you and thanks for the trophy!

  23. The Bills will hate this deal by 2023. Don’t give big money to non-quarterbacks over 30. It never works out like you think it will.

  24. Don’t let the sportswriters fool you. There’s not much player loyalty to teams and fans anymore. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby !!

  25. I’m bummed out. I wish he was staying in LA. But for those numbers, I don’t blame him for taking what Buffalo was offering. Thanks for the Super Bowl Von.

  26. I swear you would think the excess money is going in your pocket the way you guys complain about every contract. The signing bonus does not count against the cap and you get a proven player. What else are you going to do with the money? Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick?

  27. For a free agent at his age, guaranteed money is all that matters. Until we know that number, the total value of the contract is irrelevant.

  28. I love a lot of these people commenting about the length of the contract. Do the research. Even if he’s half the player he was I think you pay for veteran leadership. I mean the guy does have 2 Super Bowls to his name. I’ll take the veteran leadership because maybe that’s what the bills have been missing.

  29. Can we also stop with the cap hell talk. I mean I still waiting for Kansas City to be in cap hell seems like if your general manager knows that he’s going cap hell doesn’t come for your team.

  30. It’s mind blowing how some of you haven’t figured out how these contracts actually work. 6/120 is literally the face value and nothing more. This is really a max deal of 2-3 years with options, if he hits a wall they can split

  31. “The Bills will hate this deal by 2023. Don’t give big money to non-quarterbacks over 30. It never works out like you think it will.”

    Nah. They needed a pass rush, they got a pass rush.

    This isn’t really a 6-year deal. Beane is just a smart GM.

    People keep saying the Bills are in “cap hell.” Pretty clearly, they are not.

  32. Why not just make it 4 years 200 million….. THAT’S just as likely to happen as the 6 year 120…. What a farce….

  33. Bills are positioned for a Super Bowl run. The team needs D more than O. Miller may have lost a step, and be a bit expensive, but it may be enough to get the Bills over the hump. OJ Howard may be a different player with a QB like Allen.

  34. Love the desperate, whiny Pats fans giving the Bills grief. The Bills now OWN you, Mac Jones couldn’t carry Josh Allen’s jock, and BB’s head is gonna explode next season when Allen is running all over his team AGAIN. Get used to looking up at the Bills for a long, painful time, Pats fans.

  35. Bad news is this could be his last big contract. Good news is when this contract is up he can apply for social security.

  36. Patriots fans when the Bills sign a pro bowl defensive end coming off a super bowl for a hundred million: they overpaid! Cap hell!

    Patriots fans last year when their team signed two tight ends and a wide receiver for several hundreds of millions who did nothing on the field: Belichick is a GENIUS!

  37. He’s a guaranteed HOFer, leading sack man in the league, a former MVP, multi super bowl winner, and just 8 weeks ago he looked like he was superman, yet hated doubt the move. He’s in better shape than guys 5 years younger. A boss move by beane and the Bills

  38. People keep saying the Bills are in “cap hell.” Pretty clearly, they are not.


    They had 8M in cap space and just signed Miller to a 17-20M a year contract. And then they gave another 3.5 million to Howard. Simple math says thats not possible

    It appears the league doesnt enforce the cap or allows teams to circumvent it with voidable years or signing bonuses that dont count against the cap. They shouldnt even bother with the cap if they are just allowing this kind of thing to happen. In the very least these types of contracts fly against the intent of the salary cap.

    Anyway, I still think they overspent on a 32 year old. Hes old right? Thats what you always say about the Pats defense. I feel like Beane paniced a bit when he saw that Jones and Mack went to other teams

  39. “They had 8M in cap space and just signed Miller to a 17-20M a year contract. And then they gave another 3.5 million to Howard. Simple math says thats not possible”

    It actually IS possible, because they did it.

    You kept repeating that they only had a small amount of cap – while ignoring all of the moves & restructuring Beane was doing to clear space.

    Beane is the one playing chess now.

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