Will Tom Brady get a raise?

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On various occasions during his tenure with the Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady was characterized as having done team-friendly deals. He usually ended up with a gigantic signing bonus when agreeing to those contracts, however.

With the Buccaneers, Brady definitely is taking far less than the current market will bear. With Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers signing a contract with a new-money average just short of $62 million, Brady’s contract at an average value of $25 million per year looks downright criminal.

This year, Brady will make only $10.395 million. So with the GOAT coming back after a temporary retirement, will the Buccaneers reward him with something more than chicken feed?

They should. They absolutely should. But if he’d get a new deal, the team would surely want a commitment beyond 2022. If Brady hopes to have the option to go elsewhere in 2023 — if he chooses to keep playing — his best play would be to honor his deal.

Regardless, the Buccaneers have an unprecedented bargain at the most important position on the field. And it’s allowing the team to put enough around him so that he can pursue his favorite Super Bowl ring.

The next one.

16 responses to “Will Tom Brady get a raise?

  1. Brady doesn’t worry about making more money since Kraft probably still is paying Brady under the table. Unless they stopped cheating.

  2. Something Brady learned from Gisele is that you use your time on the field (catwalk in her case) to build a foundation for life afterward. Brady cares way more about the winning than the football money, but not just because he’s competitive and he loves playing. Being the GOAT helps him a ton with all his other pursuits, starting with TB12 and then onto his media production work, his clothing brand, Autograph, ad work, etc. And he wouldn’t be the GOAT if he insisted on being the highest-paid QB or eating up a huge percentage of the cap. It’s a long-term strategy and it’s played out really well for him so far.

  3. If Tom Brady doesn’t want to play the game of football for $10.395 Million a year he should not have signed the contract. Just a spit ball but I would say at least 20 players signed contracts today that are not worth 1 year $10 Million.

  4. $10 million a year? Yeah. That gives Tampa a huge competitive advantage. This guy either really impresses or really agitates me. There’s no in between.

  5. Gisele doesn’t allow Tom to make more than her.
    She wears the pants in that relationship.

  6. Tom loves playing football so much, and he already has enough money, I bet he’d pay The Bucs $10 million

  7. He doesn’t need a raise. He’s been assured that he’s going to win another ring. He owns the league, they’ll do what he tells them to do.

  8. Mike, according to the CBA, could Brady be allowed to get a piece of MAN U? I don’t imagine it’s possible but going down a rabbit hole, is there a chance he walked away with some shares of the club the night of the game?

  9. You’re leaving out that Brady got a $20 million signing bonus last year to extend his deal. He’s still underpaid, but not as much as his salary alone makes it look like.

  10. It’s good PR to say Brady took team friendly deals, but he retired as the highest earning player of all time at $293m lifetime (22 seasons). Drew Brees was second at $269m (20 seasons). And Roethlisberger was third at $267m (18 seasons). Peyton Manning, who was always portrayed as greedy, isn’t even in the top five.

  11. Tom did not need the money, he want his 8th ring. So he should go with minimum salary and put all the money into good player to support him.
    Simple recipe

  12. BB has a losing record as a head coach pre and post Brady. Brady wins the SB at 43 on a different (non-contending) team his first year there, and brings them back to the brink (after being depleted by injuries) again last season. Clearly BB IS a losing head coach without Brady. Case closed.

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