Browns, Baker Mayfield are past the point of no return

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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After leaking that they want an adult at the quarterback position, the Browns apparently now expect Baker Mayfield to behave like an adult after the team openly pursued Deshaun Watson.

But even an adult would be miffed at the team’s open flirtation with a replacement. If the Browns regard Mayfield as something less mature than a fully-aged human, they shouldn’t be surprised that Mayfield has reacted by asking to be traded. If they feel that way about him, they should want to trade him.

What’s the goal in refusing to trade him? To piss him off so that it pushes him to play better than ever? That would be the adult response. If the Browns regard Mayfield as not an adult, why would they expect him to behave that way?

And if it works, if Mayfield uses his frustration as motivation and has a great season, then what? Do the Browns think he’ll be ready to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract extension? That he’d happily play under the franchise tag in 2023 if the talks reach an impasse?

This is a mess, and it’s only going to get messier. Mayfield may have started it, but the Browns escalated it and Mayfield now wants to finish it. If they truly thought they could pursue Watson and then say to Mayfield, “it’s not personal, it’s strictly business,” they grossly underestimated Mayfield. Or overestimated him.

Either way, we overestimated the Browns, because we assumed Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta had concocted a, you know, strategy for moving on from Mayfield. If DePodesta did, it’s odd that one of the steps is to tell Mayfield they won’t accommodate his trade request. Unless the Browns think that taking this position for now will result in a better trade offer than they otherwise would receive.

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  1. Things must’ve been horrendous behind the scenes in CLE and they planned on moving off Baker no matter what. That’s the only way this makes sense.


    Browns would rather have a guy like Watson, then get stuck with whoever you end up with!

  3. Baker is not having a good week. His team tries to unsuccessfully replace him. Then he gets scorched by Steve Smith.

  4. Looks like Cleveland is competing with Detroit to see who can be the worst run organization in the NFL.

  5. Browns front office need to go. Trade Mayfield to make him happy, get some draft capital and start over at QB.

  6. How on Earth did Mayfield start it? By playing hurt all last year? By leading the Browns to their first playoff win in a quarter century two years ago? The Cleveland ownership started it. You can decide if they were right or wrong to start it. They were definitely beyond stupid to leak that they wanted an “adult” at QB. I’m on Baker’s side.

  7. He has all rights to ask for a trade. They dragged him through the mud thinking the locked up Watson. They deserve this. Get what you can and move on. Hope the fans don’t have to bring out the paper bags again.

  8. Who says they care? The problem everyone is missing is who is trading for Baker Mayfield at $19 mil for next year and looking to get a long-term deal? It’s not going to happen, which I think Cleveland already knows. Otherwise they would have already traded him.

  9. We think you’re a big baby and a poor excuse for a QB. Trade you? Actually before we do we need to reduce your trade value to a 2030 6th round pick and a stick of gum….

  10. This is where a smart team would be now finding a new front office to work through his.

  11. Mayfield is right to want out. Its one thing to want Watson, but I think the Browns took it too far when they said they were looking for a Man at QB.

  12. They’re not driving up his trade value. There are still some dominoes that will fall once Watson is moved, but there’s not going to be a bidding war for Baker Mayfield. I think they intend to trot him back out there as a starter knowing that he’s gone after this year no mater what. I suspect that unhappy Baker Mayfield is not going to look much like unhappy Aaron Rodgers.

  13. The Browns have no strategy? Gosh, and here I thought they were as smart as that Kevin Costner movie made them out to be… bwahahahah..

  14. Exactly what they are doing, denying a trade request to get leverage so that they can get the best offer for him.

  15. “I gave it my all, everything I had, 100%” – Baker Mayfield, like a thousand times this past season. May not have been the smartest thing to keep admitting given the results.

    Mayfield’s football legacy at this point is a funny ad campaign about him living in the Browns stadium. Guess they won’t ever be running those again at this point, so, hope he enjoyed it while it lasted.

  16. The Browns have plenty of time to settle this before the season starts.If all else fails then let Case Keenum and Nick Mullins battle it out.There isn’t that big a drop in talent,if any.The only thing that’s surprised me so far is they didn’t sign Trubisky.I’m not going out on a limb to think Trubisky will have a better season and career than Baker Reagan Mayfield.

  17. What a classless thing for front office people to say. I am so glad that things blew up in their collective face. But I do sympathize for the fans and players subjected to those “adults”.

    I believe that Mayfield will continue to play his best and give his max effort for his teammates, fans, and family/friends.

    I hope that Mayfield gives nothing but a cold shoulder to any senior decision maker for as long as he remains with the organization.

    When the appropriate time comes, I hope that Mayfield either bolts for another team or extracts mega money from the team. And also that he would continue to give nothing but a cold shoulder to anyone in senior decision-maker office for as long as he remains with the organization.

  18. They should have traded for Gardner Minshew when they had the chance last year. He went for peanuts.

  19. 35, 36-year NFL-watcher. And this is one of the dumbest, stupidest front office moves I’ve ever seen. You have to know how to treat your athletes in your building. Obviously Garoppolo is made of strong stuff, and rose to the occasion when the 49ers drafted Trey Lance. I love Baker’s spirit, but they should have known him well enough to know this would be one step too far. They could’ve done their due dilligence on Watson and talked with Houston without making Baker privy to all of it. Now it’s blown up in their faces. Cleveland, you deserve better.

  20. Baker is who he is. A bottom 1/3 of the league QB. Motivated or not, he isn’t gonna all of the sudden become a top 12 QB 🤷‍♂️

  21. I’m not brimming with confidence knowing my team’s new GM came from the Browns.

  22. First off, the Browns are the Browns. Secondly, this kind of strategy worked for Green Bay. When they drafted Jordan Love look at what they got out of Rodgers, back to back MVP seasons. Maybe they are trying to light a fire under the first round draft pick. But then again the Browns are the Browns.

  23. The Texans, Jets, Jaguars, Dolphins, Vikings, Bears, Panthers AND Browns are all way ahead of the Lions in the worst run franchise discussion.

  24. Every player knows, or should know, that they will likely be replaced at some point.

    While it seems heartless that the Browns would pursue Watson, it is understandable. Watson would be an upgrade over Mayfield.

    Having said that…..aclassy organization would have let Mayfield know what their plans were before they pursued Watson.

  25. I’m with Baker Mayfield this time, dude put his career on the line to make the Browns respectable and this is how the owner and the front office treat him. Trade me! The Browns are losers and will always be losers… How can Baker be expected to lead a team where the owner and the front office don’t respect him. Trade Me!!! There was no way on God’s green earth that Watson was ever going to play for the Browns, Watson just left a bad owner there was no way that he was going to an even wrost owner in Jimmy Haslam.

  26. They have a guy who has played full-on through being coached by Hue Jackson & Freddie Kitchens, who led the team to their first playoff win in ages, reaching the divisional round, who played through injury, who hasn’t raised a fuss about contract status.

    And they complain about maturity while chasing after a serial abuser who refused to play after being given a huge contract because he was unhappy about front-office hirings.

    No matter how badly the Browns leadership has screwed things up in the past, they continue to find innovative new ways to ruin everything.

  27. Juju was right…the Browns be the Browns 1 good year out of the last 25 seems like 50 years ago. Baker ought to just not report, not to OTA, no to Mini camp, no to training camp. He’s got plenty of Progressive Insurance company to keep him liquid

  28. I get annoyed with a couple of employees at my work, so I can’t imagine what this debacle must feel like for Baker. But, he is getting $18 million. Best option is probably to ride out the next year with the Browns, try to forget all that’s happened, play hard, and then get rewarded with 8-10 teams calling your agent resulting in a nice long contract with the team of your choice.

  29. This is on the Browns for drafting Baker as a #1 overall when he’s clearly not. If he was a fourth rounder with no expectations none of this would be going on.

  30. Baker should have sat when he got injured this year. Baker and the Browns may be done, but the three years before Baker arrived we were 3-13, 1-15 and 0-16. Baker comes in and we go 7-8-1, 6-10, 11-5 and the injury year last year. We haven’t had a QB since Kosar, they are not easy to find. The Browns now have to make a big move to get Matt Ryan or someone established like that.

  31. The last 4 seasons, for the Falcons with Matt Ryan, were all losing seasons with no visit to the playoffs. Ryan is near the end of his career and would not be much of an upgrad eover Mayfield.

  32. Apparently the Browns were just happy beating a mediocre Pittsburgh team in the playoffs two years ago. That was their Super Bowl. Now back to the Browns is the Browns.

  33. Maybe if Baker was actually a QB thdy’d keep him. How many times do you have to watch him and Kyler Murray get the ball batted down six times a game before you realize they are not NFL QB’s. Both with immaturity issues as well. Must be a tiny QB thing. They would both do very well in the CFL though.

  34. Browns fan from CLE here. Baker is a volatile person they had trouble controlling his anger. He throws temper tantrums and is a baby. Look at his history in college…any time he was challenged he bolted. Same with the NFL.

  35. I don’t understand this at all. He’s the best QB they have had in a very long time. Why would you want to mess that up? He really did give them his all, even while he was hurt.

  36. Odds on who will quarterback the Browns this season:

    Matt Ryan: 15/1.
    Jimmy Garoppolo: 15/1.
    Jameis Winston: 15/1.
    Marcus Mariotta: 20/1.
    Case Keenum: 25/1.
    Jordan Love: 30/1.
    Malik Willis: 50/1.

  37. Not too long ago we thought the Browns had grown up & were turning the corner. Now we have a bunch of idiots running the team again along with a clueless owner. Baker will be fine & rich no matter what. If Joe Flacco & Sam Darnold can get contract along with Bridgeater & Tayor I am sure that Seattle, Pittsburg, Colts etc will take hime just not for much in way of a trade. Good Luck Browns Fans.

  38. Why not just move forward with Case Keenum? I wouldn’t be surprised if the team is better with him under center.

  39. I’m just laughing because someone here reminded us about Hue Jackson and Freddie Kitchens.

  40. Funny how if it is DeShaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Jameis Winston, LaMar Jackson, Dak Prescott ect acting unprofessional they can do no wrong and it is scorched earth on the Front Office and owners but Mayfield tries to treat the whole thing with class and respect, repeatedly gets dumped on by his F.O. and Owner and it is scorched earth by the MSM on Mayfield and he is the source of every problem while their GM can do no wrong. I just wonder what the difference is in his situation from the others……

  41. Im not really a fan of Baker but the Browns are dysfunctional. They actually believed Watson would pick them and began acting a fool toward thier current QB whom they accused of being a child. Of course the one team Watson didnt want to play for was the Browns so here we are.

  42. Tony Awesome says:
    March 17, 2022 at 4:28 pm
    Looks like Cleveland is competing with Detroit to see who can be the worst run organization in the NFL.
    I realize the Houston FO often acts like they are no longer in the NFL. But Cleveland and Detroit have a long drop to be worse than the Texans.

  43. Trade him for picks you can use to trade up and draft Kenny Picket. Sure, they say this is a bad year for QB’s, but remember when Winston and Mariotta were sure fire #1 and #2 overall? Wrong. Remember 2018 draft was supposed to be talented and deep, and the Browns trying to decide between Baker,and Sam Darnold for #1 overall? Some even said Josh Rosen would be the pick, some said Josh Allen, so many talented QB’s to choose from!
    They had a one in 4 chance of picking the right guy (Josh Allen) and blew it.
    As always.

  44. Baker doesn’t have over 20 civil sex assault cases pending. I think there’s a level of maturity lacking in Watson also

  45. Lest we all forget that Mayfield tore the labrum in his non-throwing shoulder trying to make a tackle on an interception after his wide receiver stopped running his route. That was week 2. Subsequently he had a broken humerus in his shoulder, a knee injury (Grade 1 strain), foot injury and Covid disruptions. Mayfield soldiered on through them all. His coach said that since Mayfield said he could play, he must not have been injured (as idiotic as that sounds), placing 100% of the blame for the subsequent losses on Mayfield. The head coach threw his QB under the bus to hide team dysfunction and his own disastrous play calling decisions during the games, the game plans he designed, his choice of players, etc. Then someone in the head office (unnamed source according to Mortenson) decides to make it personal and attacks Mayfield’s character. This is the same QB who took the Browns to the playoffs the previous year and was tipped to take them to the playoffs in 2021! The team released the number one wide receiver (and has since released Jarvis Landry). This is squarely on Haslam who has overseen the disaster that the team has become. I hope Mayfield makes his way to Indianapolis or New Orleans where he proves his worth; only then will the fans identify the true culprit to the continuing dumpster fire called the Browns.

  46. I haven’t seen much to suggest such a statement from Cleveland is accurate, but I’m not “in the room”. I would say such a statement from an organization does lean towards unprofessional…so there’s that.

  47. Why did I become a Brown’s fan? Over 50 years of misery, please someone break the curse ughh!!!

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