Deshaun Watson remains undecided

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The Browns are out, but three other teams are still in.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, quarterback Deshaun Watson remains undecided between the trio of NFC South teams that are in hot pursuit of his services.

That said, he could make a decision at any time, at this point.

It seemed earlier as if he were poised to pick the Falcons, given tight end Kyle Pitts‘s deleted tweet suggesting that something big was coming. He later attributed saying “it’s about to get scary in Atlanta” to the signing of veteran cornerback Casey Hayward. Which makes the decision to delete the tweet confusing, at best.

The Falcons need to know something, because quarterback Matt Ryan earns a $7.5 million roster bonus tomorrow. As Albert Breer of noted earlier, it’s not due until April 15. Still, the earning of the payment may trigger a cap complication, bumping a dead-money charge of more than $40 million to more than $48 million.

Would Ryan play ball with a request to delay the roster bonus? Possibly, if it makes it easier to trade him later. But what if they don’t get Watson? Will Ryan want a fresh start, too?

He’s been fiercely loyal to the Falcons, making it clear through post-Super Bowl lean years that he wants to stay. He could be legitimately upset about the team’s sudden change of heart regarding a player who has never shown any inclination to end his career with a different team.

28 responses to “Deshaun Watson remains undecided

  1. Of course he does… once he decides, media will be less interested in him… He likes all the media attention…. soaking it all up!

  2. “Per a source with knowledge of the situation, quarterback Deshaun Watson remains undecided between the trio of AFC South teams that are in hot pursuit of his services.”
    NFC South teams. Theres no cha ce they would deal to their own division

  3. If I were in Seattle I would jump at the chance to grab Matt Ryan for three reasons. One, he is still plenty talented enough to be an excellent starter for at least another year. Two, it gives the Seahawks an opportunity to draft a QB they really want either this year or next . Three, Ryan would be an EXCELLENT veteran mentor to the next QB and would easily be a top 5 back-up QB for the next 3 or 4 years.

  4. Impressive! Deshaun Watson has just graduated summa cum laude from the Aaron Rodgers Diva University. Congratulations!

  5. Watson is very quickly becoming a very unlikeable. That’s compounded by the fact that he is already a polarizing figure.

  6. Atlanta has to dump enough players while doing a trade for Ryan to afford Watson …

  7. I agree, as noted above, that a trade for Ryan to Seattle would be interesting. Especially if the extra $8M Cap hitting tomorrow is on Atlanta. He would immediately make Seattle credibly competitive & able to look at Drew Lock & others for long term solutions.

  8. Matt Ryan is the greatest player in Falcon history. He’s not about to throw a temper tantrum if he’s not part of a rebuild that probably won’t reach fruition with him even if he doesn’t get traded this year. Baby Mayfield should take notes.

  9. If I was Matt Ryan I would not give the falcons anything. 40 million is a lot of money to sit at home and not do anything.

  10. All Atlanta has to do is switch their names to the Rams and they can keep both QB’s.

  11. No more talk of Matt Ryan to Seattle. Please. We just sent a much better QB to Denver. Let’s go get some fresh young QB to compete for the job.

  12. I don’t see how they can move Ryan. That would trigger a huge amount of dead money and still cost them nearly ~$19M against the cap. I’m not sure why they’re pursuing Watson unless they plan to cut Ryan. Frankly, they are probably better off sticking with him instead of giving up a ton of draft capital for Watson.

  13. I’ve always thought of Ryan as a good QB. What’s the deal in Atlanta? Is it coaching? If it’s something as basic as OL problems, upgrading to Watson wouldn’t fix that.

  14. Watson has sparked what may be a divorce of Mayfield from the Browns. Now it’s one between Ryan and the Falcons. When it’s all said and done, I think Watson will just be a better than average QB not worth the hoopla and certainly not worth the price tag, draft picks and cap space. None of the teams on his list are just one player away from the SB. And the price paid for acquisition will preclude getting the additional player needed.

  15. If I were Matt Ryan I’d be praying I got a chance to make $40 million while sitting at home. I mean come on!!! But unlike the Failcants I’d bet you Matt Ryan would be professional about it.

  16. Just to remind…unless his legal problems drag Watson into an abyss of his own making, when he is in uniform and on the field of play he is one of the 5 best QBs in the NFL.

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