Report: Panthers out of Deshaun Watson sweepstakes

Houston Texans v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Deshaun Watson sweepstakes is down to two teams. Atlanta or New Orleans? New Orleans or Atlanta?

The Panthers were informed they are out on a trade for the Texans quarterback, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. The Browns were eliminated earlier in the day.

That leaves the Falcons and Saints in the running for Watson unless a surprise team enters the bidding before Watson makes his decision. Watson has a no trade clause, allowing him to dictate where he goes.

With Matt Ryan agreeing to delay the $7.5 million roster bonus he was due from Friday to Tuesday, Watson will have more time to decide.

Watson, 26, did not play last season as the Texans paid him his $10.54 million base salary while making him inactive for all 17 games. The three-time Pro Bowler led the league in passing in 2020, though Houston won only four games.

68 responses to “Report: Panthers out of Deshaun Watson sweepstakes

  1. Tom came back just so he could beat New Orleans, and now it’s never going to happen.

  2. Well the good news is they already have a “franchise” QB in Darnold! Bahahahaha… good luck in the 2023 draft! Literally the only thing to look forward to since this draft sucks.

  3. Watson to Atlanta,
    Ryan to the Colts,
    Baker to Seattle,
    Jimmy G to the Panthers
    Sadness to Cleveland.

  4. What if he shocks everyone and it’s a different team? Either way I’m ready for it to be over.

  5. All this for a guy that went 4-12 against a weak division. Even with bad teams Lamar, Russell, Brady, rodgers didn’t have a season as bad as 4-12.

  6. Sadly, I feel Philly is going to get stupid and throw a late hail Mary and give up ALL 3 first round picks and pull off the trade for Watson. Cutting Cox today looks like they’re clearing room. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. Congrats to the Panthers… Better off without drama… likely will be better than whoever cripples their future acquiring him…

  8. What happens when Desean runs out of teams to reject? Does he start just picking teams at random? Could get kinda confusing once he announced he’s turning down Denver or Tampa Bay.

  9. He’s in that “should I follow my heart (Atlanta) or my head (New Orleans)” problem. He knows New Orleans is by far the better team and his addition makes them SB contenders there, but he grew up in the Atlanta area, so he probably grew up a Falcons fan. He’ll come to his senses and choose New Orleans rather than run for his life behind the Falcons’ O-line and have to constantly play catch-up because of the Falcons’ defense. I guess if he goes with his heart, he likes running for his life.

  10. I know he’s good, but this whole soap opera is getting a bit stale. Just sign with someone already dude.

  11. This clown is holding teams hostage.He is far worse than Rodgers and I thought he was bad.

  12. I just don’t understand the somewhat infatuation with this guy? He made 10mil to sit because of some pretty serious allegations…. Now, it’s true he will not be arrested. At best his reputation is still super sketchy with the amount of massages and the propensity of said massages going beyond actual massages whether they were consensual or not. At worst you trade some high draft picks and pay dude 35mil for 8 wins. I just don’t think a billion dollar corporation would be wise to make this guy be the face of your franchise to lead your team. I would feel weird buying his jersey for my kid actually.

  13. Just stay with the Texans. They are paying him millions not to play. How great is that?

  14. NFL knows the drama sells. Highlighting a once removed pariah QB as to what team he approves to be traded to. Only in America.

  15. As a Panthers fan knowing how bad we need a QB and that a rival will get him, and make them infinitely greater….I still feel relief we didn’t trade for him.

  16. Why should a team trade for him when they know the TEXANS are ether gonna”PAY HIM,PLAY HIM OR CUT HIM”?

  17. Glad to see Sam Darnold get a “break” or have ‘good luck.” Hoping for some true fortune for the kid – stuff like a good offensive line, a healthy Christian McCaffrey, receivers without the dropsies, an injury free season for him…

  18. Precisely as I predicted. This whole Watson saga began when he called out the Houston FO for being a clown show. What makes anyone think that the Carolina FO is some kind of football NASA? This is the same franchise that chose to go with Sam Darnold rather than dip into the 2021 QB crop.

  19. At this point, how can it be anybody but Atl? It’s his hometown team. Every kid’s dream. How is he not going to pick them given the option?

  20. It’s like when LeBron was building all the drama around picking his team… except for the whole disrespectful treatment of women trying to earn a living at a profession they’ve trained for thing. King James missed that particular trick for hyping his decision up.

  21. Can this possibly end well with thismuch drama going on? Give someone the damn rose alreafy.

  22. No shock here, I said from the begining with these 4 teams that Watson was going to the Saints, best weapons decent D, just need a QB, can’t say that for the Panthers or Falcons and the Browns never were really in the mix. He never said as much but I just didn’t see Watson going to Cleveland from the start, he just added the Browns to make it look like more teams wanted him to get the other teams to increase their bids.

  23. I don’t know why Watson is ok with signing w/ ATL but not with Carolina? ATLs roster looks just as barren offensively almost especially with the loss of Russell Gage n 17 game suspension of Calvin Ridley. Olamide Zaccheaus who was undrafted in 2019 is there best WR with elite TE Kyle Pitts being their best receiver next to average TE Hayden Hurst. Unless of course this is all about who’s prepared to pay the most money then this all of the sudden makes all the sense in the world as to why Watsons prepared to play for ATL but not Carolina.
    The Saints seem to be FAR AND AWAY the best option in terms of talent. Watson will have FAR MORE TALENT offensively on the Saints with a solid defense on the other side of the ball. The only thing you worry about with the Saints is the coaching staff as this is one of the weakest/worst coaching staffs in the league but Atlantas and Carolinas aren’t any better anyways so you might as well sign with the most talented/gifted team in terms of roster talent.

  24. Hard to be disappointed w all the baggage. Go OL and hope Darnold has a solid year.

  25. Ryan had to be offered money on the side. Why would you help out a team that is trying to replace you?

  26. There were so many intelligent, insightful comments when the Browns were removed from consideration I’ll just do my part here:

    Panthers are the Panthers.

  27. If Watson wants to beat the Bucs twice a year, he’ll go to the Saints. If he wants to throw to Pitts 20 times per game because they are down by 30 at halftime, he’ll go to the ATL.

  28. Several players have changed their minds so far after committing to teams. Now it’s time for teams to change their mind on players. Atlanta and New Orleans should now change their mind on the loser Watson and stop being held hostage by this fool…

  29. He led the league in passing YARDAGE.Mostly acquired in garbage time.Watson is the most overrated qb in the nfl.

  30. Wonder if teams are starting to recognize how toxic Watson is to many in their fanbases.

  31. Rhule is stuck with first round draft bust Sam Darnold??? Good luck with that!

  32. Now Fitterer and Rhule are 0-3 on QB’s. Bridgwater, bust Same Darnold, and lost out on Watson.

  33. When it’s down to 2, do you bother making the news of another elimination, or just announce your choice?

  34. All this hoopla for a guy that was 4-12 and got a ton of garbage time stats. Not to mention the civil cases and PR nightmare he’s going to bring to whoever “wins” him.

  35. If a QB is all a team needs to get to super bowl, how come matthew stafford didnt win in detroit?

  36. Listen as a franchise if I have to go without Watson for any amount of time due to a possible suspension I DON’T CARE. You know how many teams go through GM’s and coaches for Years into decades trying to find that franchise guy or replace one who was a Legend. The team getting Deshaun should consider themselves very LUCKY like winning the LOTTERY, Because stuff like this could only happen due to a falling out with that player and his team.

  37. Let’s not forget even before the “massage” issue, he had just signed a big multi-year extension a year before, then decided he wouldn’t play there anymore.

  38. This is the craziest QB off-season that has ever happened. So many teams/players affected and the dominoes that fall behind those decisions. Teams know the way to the top is through that position but the cut-throat way they go about it now is unprecedented. Literally everyday one QB is stealing the headlines from another

  39. The Panthers were informed they are out on a trade for the Texans quarterback, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. The Browns were eliminated earlier in the day. It’s funny how this works, the Browns were out until they signed Watson.

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