Reports: Packers trading Davante Adams to Raiders

Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens
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The Packers no longer have to worry about getting receiver Davante Adams signed to a long-term deal. They do have to worry about replacing him.

Green Bay is sending Adams to the Raiders, according to multiple reports. The Packers will receive two 2022 draft choices in return, including the Raiders’ first-round pick, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The sides already have worked out a contract, with Adams becoming the highest-paid receiver in the league. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports it’s a five-year, $141.25 million deal, giving him an average of $28.25 million.

Adams reportedly told the Packers earlier this week he won’t play on the franchise tag this season. The Packers and Adams had until July 15 to work out a long-term deal but were far apart on a deal, prompting the quiet talks with the Raiders.

Adams already has purchased a house next to his new quarterback, Derek Carr, in Las Vegas, per Rapoport.

Adams, 29, has made five consecutive Pro Bowls and two All-Pros.

His departure leaves Aaron Rodgers without his favorite receiver.

In 30 games over the past two seasons, Adams has 238 receptions for 2,927 yards and 27 touchdowns.

121 responses to “Reports: Packers trading Davante Adams to Raiders

  1. I’m guessing that Friday’s news will be of Rodgers retiring or threatening to do so. I don’t have a problem with that.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how both Rodgers and Adams fair without each other.

  3. Davante Adams traded to Raiders INSTEAD of Rodgers for Carr + draft picks 🤦‍♂️🤣💀

  4. Devante is just another sidney rice: beneficiary of a legendary QB. Good luck is Vegas with that mid-tier signal caller

  5. The Chiefs signed Chad Henne and Andrew Wylie, so we have that going for us, which is nice…

  6. Great… now Rodgers has another to cry about the Packers, just when it seemed like he’d finally be quiet. He only has himself to blame though, his contact leaves NO money for anyone else. But it’s ownerships fault, right Aaron?

  7. Can’t pay everyone. This is what happens when your QB takes one fifth of the cap.

  8. Discount Double Check A-A-Ron is about to retire or ask for a trade again. Also…that’s way to much $$$ for a WR.

  9. This was probably his preferred destination all along if he was going to leave. Reunite with his college QB/close friend Carr, bet they’re gonna have a bros night around the Vegas strip once he gets there

  10. Adams wanting to leave the Packers isn’t too smart. Someone better make sure he doesn’t buy a house in Oakland!!

  11. A-A-Ron isn’t gonna like this one, right after he signed his contract too. Very sneaky of the packs front office.

  12. Dammit. I Can neither blame D, nor the team at ALL. #17. Here’s to you. See you in the SB.

  13. 5-year deal worth that much for a 29-year-old WR. When your job is running and making cuts, you don’t get better in your 30’s. New city, same ol raiders.

  14. Oh oh!! Did they get Aaron’t OK for this? This would free up a lot of money for the Packers to sign a lot of their free agents. Maybe they will now keep MVS. Adams wont be as good as he is without having #12 throwing to him. Good move for the Packers. Interesting to find out what they get for him. Please pass the popcorn!!

  15. So the Rams add Allen Robinson, and the Packers lose Davante Adams. Clear to see why one team’s winning Super Bowls and the other constantly disappoints.

  16. The afc west just became the best division in the history of the NFL! As a chargers fan this sucks……

  17. The $50M QB is going to wonder why they couldn’t get Davante under contract.

  18. Losing elite players might get Rodgers wanting to rethink the un-retirement thing.

  19. Now you can expect Carr to sign his 5 year extension to a very similar deal. The Dynanmic Duo.

  20. Have to believe that Rodgers was consulted and there is a plan for a new #1WR with the draft picks and the cap space…

  21. Holy smokes! Now we’ll know how good Rodgers is minus the best receiver in football. Personally I don’t see the packers making it out of the first round of playoffs.

  22. Well this draft is supposed to be rich in receivers…. Would have been nice if the Packers had drafted Tee Higgins instead of Jordan Love in 2020.

  23. Someone needs to reboot BB and tell him other teams are doing things to actually improve themselves

  24. Not surprised with the big money Rodgers is getting was going to be a few players to get traded or cut.

  25. Hey, look at the bright side, we now have the first round pick back that was wasted on Love

  26. Hes wanted a long term contract, and understood Rodgers probably wont be around for the end of his contract, I understand it.

  27. Sacrificed the rest of your career for money. This is the norm nowadays…he may regret it later in life.

  28. AFC west will be retro of AFL next year. All games 45-42 knocking each other off from playoffs

  29. OMG. Rodgers is having a major meltdown hissy fit right now. I thought he controlled the team?

  30. THE Bills and Bengals eating popcorn and watching the 4 AFC west team bludgeon each other and Cleveland implode..

  31. Rodger’s $63m ($74.5 first year) + Adams’ $28m (may be $35 first year) = $100m. Cap for 2022 is $208m. Of course, Packers have to trade Adams.

  32. In the last 30 games, Adams has provided a lot of offensive production for the Pack – almost 100 yards a game, about 8 catches a game, and about a touchdown per game. And, Adams produces when Pack needed it most – key third downs and in Red Zone. Pack offense unlikely to be anywhere close to their previous iterations in 2022 and beyond, without Adams.

  33. Bahahaha…Good one Packers!!! You wooed, begged, and over paid to get Rogers back and pacified him. Then after things calm down, BAMMM, you traded his number one guy. You can’t make this stuff up, this is freakin’ hilarious.

  34. Josh McDaniels was not happy with the talent Bill was giving him at WR. That’s where the Pats always try to skimp. They are behind the Raiders now.

  35. I think he’s talented and I think he’ll underperform for the Raiders. I don’t feel Carr is anywhere as good as Rodgers so I’m not against Davante getting paid! Good for him.

  36. This is one of those rare trades that’s stupid for both sides. Why go all-in to get Adams when you have Carr throwing? You’re still going to suck in the AFC west. Packers should be trying to win it this year – make Adams play on a franchise tag, if you have to. Or use a transition tag.

  37. Packers supposedly offered to match it, but Adams wanted Vegas. Good luck.

  38. I’m a Raiders fan, and I’m honestly not happy with this trade at all. That’s a lot of picks and money to invest on someone who’s not to speedy deep threat we really needed.

  39. Shrewd move by GB. I’ll take a one and two all day. Adams is a phenomenal player and trades can’t be assessed after 1-2 years.

    NCAAF kicks out quality WRs at a rate greater than any other position. And at 29 who knows what Adams will be in Y3 of this contract.

    Packers fans will miss Adams for sure. Great dude, baller and teammate. This trade seems like a win/win to me but in a few years GB, with shrewd drafting, should come out on the better end.

  40. Rodgers cannot complain as this is a direct result of that massive contract they gave him.

  41. Thank you to Adams for all he did for GB. Always a class act. As a long time Packer fan I watched the Rodgers to Adam’s connections win games and also seen Rodgers force passes to Adams when other receivers are wide open. He tended to lock in on Adams and defenses knew it. Now if GB doesn’t take a stud wr in the 1st round and another in round 2 expect fireworks in GB.

  42. This year just keeps getting crazier and crazier. The nfl as a whole is going to look way different this year with the player movements.

  43. The endorsement deals and opportunities to sell himself in Vegas are just slightly better than Green Bay. LoL

    I spent a week in Green Bay once. I get why Adams wanted out of there.

  44. 2 first and 2 second round draft picks,and $20 million in cap relief for free agents.Looks to me like the Packers are looking pretty good.

  45. Love Adams, but that’s stupid money for a 30yo wideout. The packers were super smart here and good for Adams.

  46. Ohhhhh, so THIS is what having a good front office looks like. Been a long time coming, but I am sold. These guys actually know what they are doing. It is funny reading the comments about how Adams and Carr are going to suck this year. Maybe ya’ll should read up on their success at Fresno State before you say something that makes you look dumb.

  47. The Packers needed the picks to trade up for Aaron Rodgers replacement. They hadn’t talked to him about it. But when he hears that I am sure he will understand.

  48. Schadenfreude, what a wonderful word and what a wonderful thing to enjoy. I’m fine with the Packers but NOT a fan of AR, so schadenfreude it is. Good luck with another (regular season) MVP, AR.

  49. I wanted the Pats to draft Adams. Had they done that, Brady might still be there.

    Keep in mind, Adams was Carr’s #1 receiver in college. They will hit the ground runni….err…throwing.

    Amazing how the house next to Carr suddenly became available. Was that Gruden’s house?

  50. It’s allegedly one of the deepest drafts in recent history for receivers, so with 2 firsts now Green Bay have multiple options to get a replacement.

    Which leads me to wonder why the Raiders would rather splash out now rather than wait till the draft to get themselves one?

  51. Adams will be sorely missed. I understand him, it’s about business and he’s gonna be 30 this year so it does make some sense to grab the money now. Aaron Rodgers “made” Davante Adams, he never would have had those massive stats without a franchise QB like A-Rod. I for one wish him the best and hope he does well with the Raiders. He is the best WR in the league and will help them.

  52. zultash says:
    March 17, 2022 at 8:10 pm

    The NFC is Officially a FARM LEAGUE.

    Someone better tell the Rams, because they didn’t get the memo.

  53. If you agree with Bill Barnwell of ESPN this was the perfect year to let Adams go. It seems 29 years of age sees a marketed downfall of NFL wide receivers. Only Jerry Rice continued to finish 1-2 in yardage and TD passes after 29 for six seasons.

    More than half drop 50% or more of yardage and TDs after age 31 and most are out of the league or barely hanging own after 34.

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