What does Aaron Rodgers think about the Davante Adams trade?

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After the Packers lost to the 49ers to end their 2021 season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he didn’t want to be part of a rebuilding effort. While the team remains in good shape, especially with Rodgers coming back, the receiving corps is definitely in rebuild mode.

With franchise-tagged receiver Davante Adams being traded to the Raiders, Rodgers will lose his best weapon, by far. Even if Rodgers was given a head’s up about the move (and the Packers are asking for trouble if they didn’t give him one), how does he feel about starting over with a gaggle of new pass catchers?

Sure, Randall Cobb is still there. But his days of being a No. 1 wideout ended a long time ago. Beyond Cobb, there’s no one who even be close to being a top option. Marquez Valdes-Scantling is a free agent. Equanimeous St. Brown signed with the Bears today. Allen Lazard is a restricted free agent, tendered at the second-round level.

The market isn’t very impressive. They could sign Odell Beckham Jr., but when will he be ready to play? Other available players include Jarvis Landry, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Julio Jone, and A.J. Green.

The Packers also could pursue a trade. Chase Claypool, for example, possibly will be wasted in Pittsburgh until they get another franchise quarterback. Other receivers could agitate for a deal to Green Bay.

Or the Packers could turn to the draft. That may be their best/only option.

However it plays out, it’s hard not to wonder whether Rodgers would have returned to Green Bay if he had known that Adams wouldn’t be back. Presumably, Rodgers could still change his mind and retire.

73 responses to “What does Aaron Rodgers think about the Davante Adams trade?

  1. Rogers knew Adams wasn’t coming back to GB. That relationship was dead!
    Nothing to see here.

  2. He’ll whine like an entitled athlete would when something doesn’t go their way.

  3. Packers management sticking it to Rodgers and reminding him who is in charge.

  4. Now that they are well under the cap, they should re-sign MVS and will probably pick up one of the free agents. A lot of receivers would love to work with Rodgers.
    It’s also worth pointing out that the Packers have won games the past couple of seasons where Adams was out injured. It’s a big loss but hardly the knell of doom.

  5. They lost in the playoffs WITH Adams. Anyone they bring in will need time to develop chemistry and learn system. Sounds like a rebuilding process. AR should walk away.

  6. Rodgers jerked then around for two years and now they are showing him who the boss is. I love this.

  7. Maybe losing his safety blanket receiver will elevate Rodgers play in the playoffs. That’s how Belichick got the most out of Brady early in his career.

  8. He should not be shocked at all. With that contract it did not leave much room for Adams to get paid like he wanted. Now he sure will get paid.

  9. Not a fan of Jarvis Landry personally, but he’d plug right in and I could see him thriving with Rodgers.

  10. Let him. You can’t have all the money and win. It just doesn’t work that way. Adams, good luck. Maybe now Rodgers will actually play within the offense now. Like actually throw to the open guy. Unlike the past two playoff games where he was FAR to focused on throwing it to Adams.

  11. FYI Randall Cobb was never the no.1 receiver. He is/was a great safety net though before losing a bit of twitch speed that’s vital in the slot.

  12. AJ Green and Schuster-Smith would be good additions. Both are talented and maybe AJ Green could teach Ju-Ju how to be a professional. The only time AJ didn’t act like a consummate pro was when he whipped Jalen Ramsey…still a wonderful memory.

  13. “The Packers were willing to match what the Raiders are giving Adams in his new deal, but Adams preferred to play elsewhere.” OUCH!

  14. Adams deserves to get paid. GB just couldn’t afford it. The front office better have a plan.

  15. Receivers are a dime a dozen. Adams needs Rodgers a lot more than Rodgers needs Adams. A great QB only needs solid WR’s. He doesn’t need superstars.

  16. He got his $61 mil. I don’t think he’s worried about it. The Raiders are paying a receiver $28 million a year. That is quite frankly insane.

  17. Rodgers doesn’t have the right to be upset. Guy keeps demanding top dollar pay, so he doesn’t get to play with top dollar talent. It’s that simple.

  18. In a great WR draft, they got a round 1 and round 2 pick to use on WR’s to replace Adams, for a LOT less money. And they still have their own 1st round pick to draft something other than WR. Seems like a win/win/win situation.

  19. Cole Beasley is available. Rodgers and Beasley can pool their Covid research and be double ‘immunized’.

  20. He’ll probably think the same thing he and most of us have been thinking the past few years, that yep, Packers management is just as incompetent as we thought they were.

    Time to draft some receivers. Two in the first round would be a good start.

  21. We project several wide receivers coming to Green Bay in the draft, using newfound cap space to sign Allenn Lazard to a multi-year deal, getting Bobby Tonyan back, and Aaron showing up for OTAs to get those fortunate young receivers selected in the draft ready to play.

    All0-in-all, a good day.

    And wishing Davante nothing but the best with his new team. Remember, he was rookie draft pick once, too.

  22. Rodgers drank Davante’s milkshake! Rodgers doesn’t care. Rodgers gonna Rodgers.

  23. As much as I dislike Rodgers, he will make whoever they bring in to replace Adams look better than they actually are – until the playoffs start. It seems whoever they plug in there becomes productive. Sounds like he just wanted out, supposedly the Packers said they would match the money. I’ve been following football since the early ‘70s, I don’t ever ember a time when so many big name players have changed teams.

  24. Wow! A.J. Green & Julio Jones are free agents. Oh…wait…It’s not 8 years ago.

  25. Adam’s wont put up the numbers with carr he did with Rodgers or come anywhere close, take that to the bank

  26. Rodgers has always had a top receiver. I suspect that’s as much because of him throwing the ball as anything else. They’ll find someone else. Won’t win more games, probably less, but they won’t miss Adams much.

  27. realfootballfan says:
    March 17, 2022 at 8:36 pm

    He got his $61 mil. I don’t think he’s worried about it. The Raiders are paying a receiver $28 million a year. That is quite frankly insane.
    Look at the cap numbers. Before signing Jones and Adams, the Raiders had 132.5M in cap space for 2023. They have to spend most of that money. Might as well give some of it to one of the best receivers in the game.

  28. People talking about JuJu or Chase Claypool. Get serious. Big Ben didn’t want to babysite those 2 embarassments, you think Rodgers is going to put up with Tik Tok dances & 1st down signals?

  29. Rodgers and Adams shared a last dance message before the season started…

    They knew they werent playing together next season.

  30. They will be picking up Will Fuller not the others suggested. MVS will now come back as a #2 and then will draft Olave from Ohio State. Just watch.

  31. Finally the Packers realized that all Davante does is drop passes in big moments in games. He’s a product of Aaron Rodgers and won’t be missed.

  32. It’s a beautiful mystery how pizzed Rodgers is right now. I hope he doesn’t take it out on whoever he is dating these days. He is not stable.

  33. Adams said no to more money from the Packers because he’s had enough of the spoiled diva antics and tantrums of Rodger’s and the Packers giving him whatever he demands… money, control, apologies, etc… if he cries loud and long enough… And I’m absolutely sure that nearly all the Packers players feel the same as Adams. Rodgers has destroyed the Packers ability to win and more importantly their reputation as a team. Thanks to his gobbling-up all the money he can and making the team about him and his needs… The Packers can’t sign & won’t be able to sign or keep top talent for years to come… they won’t have cap space for big contracts and who wants to play for a team with a selfish diva who will always need to be seen as the only important player and when he fails every year to win the big game will blame you or someone else for the loss but never himself… no one… only desperate middle of the road players who really need a team… It’s a sad but deserved end to a once respected team… Goodbye to the Green Bay Packers

  34. This reminds me of Tom Brady’s final days in New England, throwing passes to underdeveloped rookies and kick returners. I don’t care what Rodgers says to save face, there’s no way he signed a 50 mil a year deal with GB to throw to be bunch of nobodies and look bad.

  35. All I can say is BWHAHAHAHA! SO they essentially gained a 2nd rd pick since they’ll need to replace a proven #1 with an unproven #1.

  36. Rodgers signed HIS deal. In January, he will blame the GM for trading Adams like the salary cap didn’t exist and he knew nothing about it. Rodgers version of a “repeat”….

  37. How on earth are they gonna pay ANY other guys on the team? This is all you Aaron

  38. HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA!!! Who gives a rip.
    Can’t trust Rodgers to speak the truth.

  39. Truth is Rodgers isn’t a draw for young talented free agent WR’s. They have other younger very talented QB’s that they can relate to better i.e. Adams/Carr. Rodgers is eating up a lot of cap space and who knows when he decides he wants to go somewhere else or retire. He is holding the Packers back and he is a selfish me first person. Why we didn’t get drafts picks in a trade that are being thrown around now is crazy.
    Hopefully, this year he gets his fill of us and leaves. GB needs to regain control of our team.
    Lot of Packer fans have checked out on his drama queen already.

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