Aaron Rodgers “was aware” of the Davante Adams developments “in recent days”

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Aaron Rodgers was quick to take to Twitter to quibble with details regarding his return to the Packers. He has been silent, so far, regarding the departure of his most important teammate, receiver Davante Adams.

In the wake of the trade, Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com reported that Rodgers “was aware of the developments with Adams as they unfolded in recent days.”

It would be very interesting to know whether Rodgers knew about any of this before putting pen to paper on Monday for his new contract, and whether and to what extent Aaron Rodgers got involved in trying to keep Adams in Green Bay.

If Rodgers had known Adams would be leaving, would that have changed the quarterback’s mind? If Rodgers personally appealed to Adams to stay, why did Adams decline to stick around?

Adams’s agents went on record to say that the Packers offered more money than the Raiders offered Adams, but that it was the player’s lifelong dream to play for the Raiders. They did not comment on whether the Raiders’ offer includes fully guaranteed money beyond the first year of the deal (it likely did) or whether the Packers’ offer didn’t include fully guaranteed money beyond the first year of the deal (it likely didn’t). They also did not comment on whether Adams would have accepted the offer from the Packers if it had come weeks or months earlier.

Also, if it truly were Adams’s lifelong dream to play for the Raiders, why did Adams sign a new contract four years ago before the Packers had to decide whether to use the franchise tag on him? If they hadn’t tagged Adams in early 2018, he could have signed with the Raiders then. If they had, he could have tried to force his way out four years ago, the same way he did now. (Before you scoff and say it wouldn’t have worked then, it worked now.)

There’s much more to this one than has surfaced. Tom Brady has successfully recruited and persuaded several key players to stay in Tampa. Aaron Rodgers either didn’t try or he spectacularly failed to keep the best player not named Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Would Adams leaving have been enough to make Rodgers want out, too? Did Rodgers incorrectly presume that, if he returns, Adams would stay?

I raise these questions for a few simple reasons. There’s a chance that Adams preferred reuniting with college teammate Derek Carr than staying with his eight-year NFL teammate. There’s a chance that Rodgers had no idea that Adams would ever feel that way. And so there’s a chance that, in the aftermath of Thursday’s news, Rodgers is dealing with one of the biggest and most unexpected slaps in the face that he ever has endured.

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  1. Rodger’s simply isn’t the same draw as a teammate that Brady is – he simply isn’t the same kind of guy.

  2. Let’s put this in the simplest terms. There is a canteen of water. There are many men (we are talking football) who need to drink from that canteen. One of them chugs it (i.e. Rogers) and makes it impossible for the other guy to get as much of the water as he thinks he should. Move on to another camp and chug their water. First guy realizes that his success relies on the 2nd guy who, because there was only so much water, had to move on to get satiated.

  3. The connection Rodgers had with Adams was what allowed him to make those spectacular throws during the regular season. Seeing as how Rodgers protects his completion percentage above all else, get used to check downs because he won’t throw into tight windows unless he has confidence in his receiver.

  4. Aaron Rogers “was aware” Adams wanted to play with Carr instead of him, even for the same money if not more.

    That’s all you need to know….

  5. They probably had to make a line in the sand with Adams and say we cannot feasibly give you more after signing Rodgers, if you want more compensation we will trade you. Then they worked out a deal with the Raiders as he wanted to play with Carr, one of his good friends, for so long. I personally dont think other players need to be informed about team transactions like this before they occur but I guess it is courtesy to a vet like Rodgers, who without a doubt would have been infuriated if he was not given updates. Rodgers had to have known signing the contract he did would make it difficult for GB to sign Adams. He wanted the deal, he got it.

  6. Adams had the franchise tag from the Packers. They could have kept him. Sure, Adams said he wouldn’t have played on the franchise tag, but he had no leverage. It sure feels like the Packers didn’t try very hard to keep him and jumped at the chance to trade him.

  7. Roger’s is making 50 million a year! He doesn’t care who is there!
    A first and second for a 29 year old receiver? Yes… Please and thank you!
    Will the Raiders get 4 more nice years from Adam’s? Probably and hope so, but 33 is pushing it at WR.
    The Packers get 2 fresh picks in a WR draft, along with CAP space.
    Well done Packers… 50 million is stupid money though, and a way to ruin your team structure.

  8. I don’t think it’s a great mystery. Rodgers, once again, has shown he does not care about anybody but himself. It’s just the kind of person he is, plain and simple.

  9. All great QBs make their WRs great. Adams decided less catches on a .500 team is more important. No interest in winning. Happy to see you go!

  10. Adam’s to the Raiders is the best discount double check , right Aaron .

  11. Devante Adams spurning Aaron Rodgers for Derek Carr says a TON about Aaron Rodgers.

  12. A completely ridiculous piece of disinformation floated by self-absorbed QB to make himself look better and as usually point blame for a loss at someone else and not him… He does this after losing big games and now after losing a great WR because of his actions and selfishness… He has floated this story as a giant cover-up for his team destroying contract leading to this outcome. This ending was written when on the 8th March when Rodgers’ new contract was agreed upon. Then, Adams got tagged and say he will not play on a tag… then Rodgers denied the falsely denied the contract details… only to sign a week later. He clearly had been talking to Adams and thought Adams by Monday would stay. Because if the Adams deal had been done or a sure thing before his contract was signed on Monday, then the Packers would not have had to scurry about to ask players to take pay cuts or be cut… to get under the cap by Wednesday, like the guy he calls his friend Cobb… and the deal would have happened days ago. This story is as made-up as The Great OZ… you only have to look behind the curtain to find a self-absorbed QB pulling the strings and levers to create this fantasy of misdirection… There are no limits to this self-absorbed QB’s willingness to deceive and manipulate in every circumstance…

  13. Maybe Rodgers doesn’t “read” people as well as he presumes he does; girlfriend, teammate, fans……nobody wants to give a liar undying support. Liars are not respected. Being arrogant about it only makes it worse. Biggest mistake the Packers made was re-signing Rodgers, but that blunder was lessened a little by letting Adams go. He’s another player that has evolved to believing he’s more important than the team. Good luck.

  14. Along the way, Aaron has had a lot of #1 receivers, most recently Jordy Nelson. Time for the next guy to step up. (Looking at you Allen Lazard!)

  15. What’s different, is the fact that Adams is now 30 and this will be his last contract and his last best chance of himself playing at a high enough level that were would be interest from the Raiders or anyone else. We will see in four years who the catalyst is for his production.

  16. Ultimately it doesn’t matter why!

    The ONLY thing that matters is that for the first time in Rader history, they have a #1 player in the NFL at a position!

  17. After Rodgers took all that money, the Packers couldn’t afford Adams anymore.

  18. It must be embarrassing to Rodgers that his #1 WR turned down more money in GB because he didn’t want to have to play with the choke artist known as Aaron.

    Funny how most of the Packer zealots were proclaiming that the band was back together after the Pack tagged Adams and then signed Rodgers.

    The players that just took pay cuts might be wondering why they did it after the Packers just traded away Adams (creating $20 Mil in cap space). With the 2 additional hig draft choices, if used wisely, eliminating some of these same players completely.

  19. I think these are fair statements and thoughts. We’ll never know, of course. I guess we’ll see how good Aaron Rogers is without an All World WR to throw to. Certainly makes the draft more interesting.

  20. I think Rodgers antics have worn on a lot of people. Plus Rodgers constant bickering amongst the packers brass always seemed to put The organization at his peril. Maybe Adams was tired of it always being about Aaron. Carr doesn’t nearly have the ego or need for attention like Rodgers does. Maybe Adams welcomes that.

  21. I think it will energize both Adams and Rodgers this year. They will both want to show it was them, and not the other guy, that made them successful.

  22. Has there ever been a stronger division top to bottom than what the AFC West has become? What a great time it will be watching them play each other.

  23. Brady was successful at recruiting because Brady is a winner and a team player.

  24. Several WRs expected to go in the 1st round are already telling their agents to make sure AA Ron “is aware” they too don’t wanna play with him.

  25. BREAKING NEWS: Packers with (4) selections in first two rounds of 2022 draft, fail to draft a wide receiver. Instead trade up to draft another QB. More to follow…. 🍿😂🍿

  26. Why would new WRs not want to play with AA? He made Adams look so good he won the lottery on his latest deal. That’s what they all want.

  27. Anyone remember the end of North Dallas Forty when Nick Nolte refuses to catch one last pass from Mac Davis and walks away?

  28. The only reason Devanta Adams is so good is because of Aaron. He will not be as good with Derek Carr throwing him the ball.

  29. My guess, and emphasis on the word guess. Aaron and Devante’s relationship was that of an older brother and little brother. You respect each other because you are family. But, when the big brother is talking, little brother shuts up. While the relationship with Derek is more like best friends. They are more collaborative with each other. They even hang out during the offseason. And if you are Devante and you have already made lots of money, yes you still want a great contract, but you also want an environment were the relationship is closer. Just my guess.

  30. To those saying the Packers either “drew a line in the sand” with Adams or “did not try very hard” to keep him, it says *right in the article* that they offered more money than the Raiders.

  31. flash1224 says:
    March 18, 2022 at 7:17 am

    Aaron Rogers “was aware” Adams wanted to play with Carr instead of him, even for the same money if not more.

    That’s all you need to know….
    Like what? That Adams wanted to play football with his best friend from college,Derek Carr? Or that Adams had always dreamed of playing for the Raiders as a kid? Or that Adams’ best friend from college happens to play QB for his favorite team from his childhood? It pretty simple really & has absolutely nothing to do with Rodgers.

  32. And what if… just what if, there is a Rodgers for Carr QB swap next?
    A lot of you will be beyond shocked I’m thinking!

  33. I’ve never heard any of Derek Carr’s teammates speak bad about him. Amari Cooper semi tried once .. but look at where Amari Cooper is.

  34. Adams will be coming back to Earth this year. He is over rated and will not do nearly as well without Rodgers and that system. And I am not a Packers fan and think Rodgers is pretty much a full on bag. But he is a top QB and his other receivers who left did not do nearly as well afterwards.

  35. Of course I was aware, is there any doubt? I not only control the Packers, I have all their management, fans, and the entire state of Wisconsin wrapped around my broken little pinky toe.

  36. Thanks Davante for the thrills and spectacular performances over the years.
    But since I met this young man not all that long ago,… he’s even a better person than a star football player.
    I’ll be rooting for ya kid.

  37. gtodriver says:
    March 18, 2022 at 8:08 am
    The players that just took pay cuts might be wondering why they did it after the Packers just traded away Adams (creating $20 Mil in cap space).

    All of them? All one of them? Cobb? That’s your “players?”

  38. Maybe everything isn’t always about Aaron all the time. Maybe. Yet, the media and others who criticize Aaron for being self-centered sure do push the narrative that everything really IS all about Aaron all the time. I’d take the money and on the field success, but living in the media spotlight must take its toll. Half the time this site and others are all about pushing how selfish and manipulative Brady and Rodgers (and Wilson, Carr, and so on. heck maybe every QB) and other stars are, but they sure love stimulating the drama.

  39. This offseason has been pretty incredible with respect to how transactions like this came out of nowhere. There were all of these convoluted scenarios including Rodgers and Adams joining forces in Denver. The two of them splitting up by shipping Adams to the Raiders for picks makes me question what the Pack expects to get out of Rodgers. Shipping a star receiver for draft picks seems like what a team does when they’re rebuilding. You don’t rebuild with a 38-year-old QB you’re paying $50 Mln per year.

  40. Never seen so much hate thrown on Rodgers more than ever! I guess that’s what happens when he beats teams over and over and over like the Bears and Vikings! The fans losing their minds!

  41. I’m a packer fan, and can’t deny the unlikability of our golden child QB, but there is still a lot of reporting to be done. I’m not sure blame for this is on Rodgers,…plus, as a fan I say–blame?? Can you blame the Packers for jumping at a 1st and 2nd round pick rather than overpay a 29 year old receiver? Adams has been a stud, a consumate professional and a consistent performer. He deserves to get paid, but I couldn’t be happier about this deal for the Packers cap and long term stability. Good luck Davante!

  42. It’s hard to believe Rodgers was all in with Packers knowing his best guy wanted out. For Rodgers sake he better hope his GM gets him some wideouts because Cobb and Lazar are capable but not in Adams stature. Also the Raiders fleeced the Pack on this deal

  43. raiderdave31 says:
    The ONLY thing that matters is that for the first time in Rader history, they have a #1 player in the NFL at a position!

    Nnamdi Asomugha was pretty good in his day.

  44. Adams will be fine with Carr, but I doubt he’ll be the league’s best WR which he was with Aaron…

    I think it’s a combination of wanting to play with his college QB and knowing that 4-5 years with Carr is more favorable than 1-2 with Aaron…

    Also, Vegas over GB… And I live in GB…

  45. Driver

    I doubt the Packers will have a problem finding their next great receiver, based on their track record.

    But hardly ideal at this point of Rodgers career.

  46. Also the Raiders fleeced the Pack on this deal

    A 1 and a 2 for a 30-year old WR who will be the highest paid player at his position?

    Ask the Titans how the Julio Jones deal worked…

  47. What you brainiacs in the comment section fail to realize is that Adams wanted out and AR knew, probably during the season. Rodgers and Adams cans till be buddies andnare likely happy for each other getting paid. In the meantime, GB basically got a first and second round “comp pick” for letting Adams walk in free agency.

    Happy for DA, he outplayed his contract by a huge margin and deserves to break the bank.

  48. The Packers needed the draft picks to move up for their preferred QB in the first round.

  49. The Pack once again played hardball with a veteran and they got BURNED.

    “Once again”?

    Who are the past examples you’d like to name?

  50. Adams could see this Rodgers drama happening every year. If Rodgers wanted out next year Adams had no QB to throw him the ball. He had a good friend in Carr and they are more stable with year to year roster than Green Bay. Plus, Vegas or Green Bay for a young Athlete? Crazy, Raiders more stable than Packers.
    Just wish Green Bay would have traded Rodgers too and had a lot of draft capital to rebuild for the future. Now we have an Albatross of a QB potentially holding Packers hostage each year until it is over.

  51. The irony for me is I posted on a pack web site the other day that Rog was screwed once he signed his contract. the Pack Org could do whatever with Adams including trading him and Rod had zero leverage.
    My thoughts are Adams wasnt happy with Mr Rog taking all the money and leaving little in the cookie jar for him. Thus, his way of saying thanks a lot pal was to take the lower offer but get out of town and leave him high and dry. He was adamant of 30 mil per year. Got way less and you can bet he aint happy.

  52. Keep in mind this draft is absolutely loaded with top receiver talent and the pack get a one and two and save millions on Adams contract. Wow if that aint a win? If Adams was 27 may be a different story but he lost a step last year and wasnt running away from anyone.

  53. nhpats2011 says:
    March 18, 2022 at 8:57 am
    Perhaps Adams would rather live and work in Las Vegas as opposed to Green Bay

    I wouldn’t blame him, It’s great here in Vegas. It’s becoming a legit sports town. Got the Raiders, Golden Knights, Aces, and the Oakland A’s are picking out sites to move here. Only thing missing then is NBA and there is already talk of LV (and Seattle) getting an NBA expansion team. LV is a fun city to live in and it won’t be hard to getting athletes to pass up other contracts to play here.

  54. Nevada has no state income taxes, nicer weather and a nightlife second to none. Three reasons why a young person making millions might want to make the move.

  55. Davante Adams was born and raised just outside Oakland Ca. He grew up a Raiders fan. He went to San Jose St just outside the Oakland S.F. metro.
    I hold no grudge for a young man wishing to play for his childhood team.
    I’ve met Davante at a local breakfast joint. He’s as nice a kid as you could hope for. A mild mannered dedicated husband and dad. His young daughter is cute as a bug.

  56. Adams’s agents went on record to say that the Packers offered more money than the Raiders offered Adams, but that it was the player’s lifelong dream to … not have to live in Green Bay any longer

  57. golforepar says:
    March 18, 2022 at 7:46 am
    All great QBs make their WRs great. Adams decided less catches on a .500 team is more important. No interest in winning. Happy to see you go!
    No interest in winning? Please tell me how the Packers have gotten any better through free agency. Now factor in the losses. Enjoy!

  58. Keeping one and letting one go makes no sense i always said this GM is clueless he should have let
    both go for a boatload of draft picks and start the rebuilding process from a point of strength
    what is it we have now but a cluster f .

  59. A Rodgers-Adams rift? You Rodgers haters have no bounds, do you?

    Go find past Rodgers-Adams quotes about eachother. You don’t even have to leave this site. Nothing but a mutual admiration society.

    Adams wanted a change of scenery. Nothing else to see here.

  60. The media got yet another report wrong. He set it straight. And now you’re whining about it. So who’s the dramatic one?

  61. There now isn’t a WR group worse then what the Packers have in the NFL sure we can draft some really good ones but the QB does not like young WR’s .

  62. Yes, it’s true. Nobody is taking less than top dollar to play for the Packers. And some won’t even stay for top dollar.

  63. What is apparent is pro players are not really as close as fans believe them to be. For whatever reason, Adams wanted out of Green Bay and money was not going to make him stay.
    The good part is finding a new receiver will not be that hard and maybe they might end up with two new ones.
    One thing to remember is Rodgers has been Rodgers long before Adams joined the Packers and that includes a Super Bowl win.

  64. Good, good, let the hate flow through y’all.
    For a first and 2nd rounder, a fortune in salary and $20 million in cap space, I’m happy to let a WR Adams age walk.
    All these doom-sayers will be surprised when the Packers still have a top offense next year.
    I was much more concerned about the defense and this move already allows the Packers to re-sign Rasaul Douglas.
    There will be plenty of talented wide receivers just dying to catch footballs from Aaron Rodgers, whether you care to admit it or not.

  65. QUarterbacks and wide receivers don’t work in a vacuum. In order to be a great QB, one needs to have very good or great receivers. A great QB doesn’t look good if the receivers can’t get open or cant catch. The best receivers are also great defenders…..making sure that if they can’t catch the ball, the defender can’t get it either.

    Devante Adams is arguably a top-2 WR. I expect to see a big dropoff for the Packers now that Rodgers doesn’t have a guy that he can throw to even when he’s double-covered.

  66. I’m beginning to dislike AARon very much. He’s becoming the Barry Bonds of football. One of those guys who almost makes you hate him.

  67. Tony Awesome says:
    March 18, 2022 at 11:55 am

    He went to San Jose St just outside the Oakland S.F. metro.


    No, he went to Fresno State.

  68. If Rodgers’ had been just a tad bit more interested in the team & his WR#1, he could have persuaded the GB brass to make it a two-fer — give me a tad under $50 million & give Devante more than the $ they first put on the table under the franchise tag.

    Cannot imagine that Adams took it well after GB gave Rodgers the richest contract in NFL history, they turned around & told Adams they needed to tag him because the coffers were thin. Think Adams’ franchise tag would have paid him $24 million with no future guarantees if he’d gotten hurt.

  69. I believe Rodgers is 10-1 without Adams in the lineup. Most of those wins the running game was average at best. They have Jones and Dillon and who can make defenses at least respect the run. I may be in the minority and time will tell, but the Rodgers will be just fine and the Packers will win the North as well as load up on this years draft.

  70. After years of Rodgers complaining the Packers won’t give him any good receivers. Adams was simply done with the diva.

  71. Can a WR group be ANY worse? And don’t expect anything from the draft. Not every team can draft a justin jefferson

  72. Being “all-in” means being all in with a common purpose and single unified focus.

    Adams apparently did not want to be in Green Bay anymore. He was not all-in. So it was time to move on.

    In the end, a good move for both team and player.

  73. If rogers knew Brady was back in nfc he would have begged to go along to Vegas or ANY afc team

  74. cheeseisfattening says:
    March 18, 2022 at 2:57 pm
    Can a WR group be ANY worse? And don’t expect anything from the draft. Not every team can draft a justin jefferson

    The next three WR’s and one TE after Adams, caught 1,590 yards in receptions for Green Bay in 2021. The next three WR’s and one TE after Jefferson, caught 1,563 yards in receptions for Minnesota in 2021. You are the absolutely the easiest poster to refute on this site. Bar none.

  75. I can only imagine how many late night conversations Rodgers and Davante had about how bad Packers management was. Rodgers leading the charge about how they were wronged, creating a toxic bond and making their last dance promises. Then Rodgers pulls a 180, kisses and makes up with management, but the Packers can only coddle one of their malcontents, so Davante is forced to take his ball and go to the Raiders. Maybe on day they will get passed their middle school mentalities.

  76. Hmmmmm, do I stay in the frozen tundra in a town in the middle of nowhere with an egotistical, narcissistic choker on a team in turmoil and possibly on the wane or do I go to Las Vegas and play with one of my best friends in a gorgeous stadium with a team on the rise and a new coach who understands high powered offense?

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