Bills cut Star Lotulelei

Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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After four years in Buffalo, defensive lineman Star Lotulelei is out.

The Bills cut Lotulelei today.

The move comes after the Bills signed defensive lineman Tim Settle, and it’s not a big surprise, given that Lotulelei was set to make a $6.15 million base salary this season.

A first-round pick of the Panthers in 2013, Lotulelei played five years in Carolina before joining the Bills. He’s now an unrestricted free agent at the age of 32.

23 responses to “Bills cut Star Lotulelei

  1. And like clockwork, here comes the cap hell. lol!

    Bye bye Buffy! I wonder who is next?

  2. inozwetrust says:
    March 18, 2022 at 1:03 pm
    Best days are far behind him


    Umm, did he actually have one of those? lmao

    He was a top 10 bust that Bean rented as a JAG for 4 seasons and overpaid, strangely so. When you get drafted in the top you should be an All Pro or maybe a future HoFer. This guy has never been near those levels.

    Beane can’t draft.

  3. glad he’s finally gone. He opted out in 2020, then refused to get vaccinated in 2021, missed a quarter of the season with covid, and wasn’t any good when he came back from being sick.

  4. Love the guy, good teammate, but never seemed like his heart was in it. Too many plays lacking effort or having team chemistry

  5. Big cap hit, but it was clear we were moving on – spend the money elsewhere. Better than keeping the body just for cost reasons – we’ve massively upgraded our DL – Oliver graded out very high end of year, Rousseau hit the proverbial rookie wall but still played well. Add in Von plus the rotational guys and teams have their bends full. Even older Von is a playmaker and leader at reasonable cap hit. Beane the best Gm in the league

  6. “Beane can’t draft.”

    And the Bills are in cap hell, and Josh Allen is a bust, and the Patriots already have the best QB in the division, and…well, you get the picture.

  7. Doesn’t seem like his heart was into playing football anyone

  8. He certainly can still play and is needed to stop the run, but you could tell there was something up since 2020. Just not on the field enough and some of it was a result of his own choices

  9. I think most Bills fans welcome this move, on the field and financially.

    Beane is just wheeling and dealing like a mad man. Didn’t think they’d be making moves to the degree that they have this off-season but he’s made good moves with contracts and cuts to make the cap doable and make the team better

  10. Should have cut him when he decided to quit on the team for “Covid” reasons. Lacks the heart to be a real difference maker.

  11. Beane can’t draft???? This can very well be the dumbest thing I have ever read up here. Don’t ever reply but I feel this needs to be addressed.

    Fellow mafia – isn’t this the guy that was literally saying wrong Josh at the draft? Isn’t his HOF QB winning championships somewhere else? Patriots had the GOAT; dude nobody denies that but if you think for a minute a coach that was less than .500 record before Brady is going to magically make the Patriots anything other than a mirror of the Steve Grogan years – I have a Peace Bridge here to sell you. Here’s the dirty little secret the rest of the league knows… It was NEVER Belichick and nobody kisses his ring anymore.

  12. And the Bills are in cap hell, and Josh Allen is a bust, and the Patriots already have the best QB in the division, and…well, you get the picture.
    You can smell the fear.

  13. Beane can’t draft.

    Say hello to NKeal Harry… remember him ….right? LOL

    The guy wasn’t a bust …NKeal Harry is a bust.

  14. Look at the Pats fan Cap hell, right where little Billy has put his team. Pats continue to lose starters after Kraft took away the checkbook. LOL!

  15. dbluv says:
    March 18, 2022 at 1:51 pm
    Bean didn’t draft Star…The Panthers GM did.

    170Rate This

    Why did he sign him in Buffalo then? That means he liked him. Get it?

    My goodness. He was a top 10 draft BUST and did nothing in Buffalo. Facts.

    How do you whiff that badly in the top 10? It’s near impossible to do.

  16. How this coming season is going to pain some…I can see the angst building already, and the Bills
    still haven’t punted yet.

  17. Touchback6 is about as delusional as the entire Patriots fan base. You’re picking on Beane for Star?? Billy boy is the reason that average receivers are getting $10 mil per. I’m looking at that Nelson Agholor deal. What a mess New England is, and I hope the garbage pile never ends.

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