Report: Baker Mayfield informs Browns he wants trade to Colts

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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Baker Mayfield has gone from requesting a trade from the Browns to making a specific preference of destination. Only minutes after Deshaun Watson chose the Browns came word from Jeff Howe of that Mayfield has informed the Browns he wants to play for the Colts.

Watson’s decision now clears the way for the quarterback carousel to begin spinning again. Watson was the most accomplished quarterback left available, so teams in need of a quarterback were waiting for word of his trade.

The Colts, Saints, Seahawks and Panthers remain quarterback needy.

Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo are available via trade, with Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota and Andy Dalton among the available free agents at the position.

The Browns surely would prefer trading Mayfield out of the AFC, but like Watson, he might end up staying in the conference.

The Colts rejoined the quarterback market after trading Carson Wentz to the Commanders.

Mayfield, 26, is under contract for 2022 at his fifth-year option of $18.86 million. He underwent surgery on his non-throwing shoulder in January.

95 responses to “Report: Baker Mayfield informs Browns he wants trade to Colts

  1. I’d like the Colts to pay me $18 million too. But I doubt they’d be into that.

  2. But…but….Browns fans still believe he is the franchise QB, already posting pre-HOF numbers. How could it be?

  3. Rivers, Wentz, Mayfield. It’s like a joke about 3 people who couldn’t be more different walk into a bar.

  4. A guy like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson you worry about trading out of the conference. Baker Mayfield? Nah.

  5. The last few days have shown us that Browns leadership has no moral compass, professionalism, or dignity, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for them to do the right thing for anyone at this point.

  6. The Browns better do exactly what Baker says or he is going to throw a temper tantrum that would make a two-year-old proud!

  7. Aren’t the Colts looking for maturity, leadership and stability in their next QB? Sorry, Baker, that ain’t you.

  8. I hope Baker gets his wish, but Seattle is out there, loaded to the gills with draft picks. This could get mildly interesting. A healthy Baker with a chip on his shoulder could be intriguing, especially considering the lack of QB talent in the draft class this year.

  9. Good for Baker. And the guy deserves the Cokts and their solid roster. Hope it works for him!

  10. Good for Baker! I hope the Mayfield led Colts play and whip Deshaun “Massage Boy” Watson and the Browns.

  11. Wow. What’s evident in the NFL today is there aren’t enough good quarterbacks for every team. They should remove the slide rule for qbs if they run past the scrimmage line.

  12. Mayfield blows. Anyone choosing him, chooses mediocrity. Indianapolis might be the right place

  13. Why would the Browns trade Baker in the conference? The Saints would make much more sense.

  14. If I’m the Colts I’m going after Jimmy G. Don’t think any team in the NFL would ever be yearning to get Baker. He’s more of a welp, this is what we got. Maybe worth a 3rd rounder.

  15. Without a no trade clause he has no leverage other than holding out and paying the heavier fines that can’t be waived with the 2020 CBA. The Browns should take the best offer available.

  16. Browns are keeping Baker until Watson’s suspension is over then they will toss him out the door.

  17. I actually hope this happens. Although I’d be happy with Matt Ryan too, at least Mayfield is only 26. Huge upside possibilities in play here.

  18. 4-12 isn’t an accomplishment and Watson most definitely was NOT the most accomplished Quarterback available. That would be Jimmy G, Matt Ryan, Baker Mayfield and even Andy Dalton has accomplished far more than Watson(and is a class act, as well)

  19. To all you Colts fans saying no to Baker: your starter right now is someone named Sam Ehrlinger, so …

  20. I’m all for someone betting on themselves however, Baker’s play does not afford him the luxury to demand anything . Hurt feelings aside, he does need to grow up and conduct himself in a more professional manner. Posting on social media the way he does doesn’t do him any favors. With that said, the Colts have to get their QB situation right.

  21. How funny would it be if the Browns said we’re still keeping you?

  22. This is the entitled arrogance of Mayfield in full bloom.
    He doesn’t have a no-trade clause, but yet he’s making demands on where he goes.

  23. “I’d like the Colts to pay me $18 million too. But I doubt they’d be into that.”

    They had no problem paying Wentz 20.

  24. A team like Seattle might send a 2nd or 3rd to kick the tires and they have cap space. Don’t think he is what the Colts are looking for in a actual starting caliber QB in the NFL and they just dealt with another headcase, though their owner isn’t anywhere near the sharpest tool in the shed (just look at a certain Bama RB) and would waste some high picks on what they are not actually looking for. Saints would probably be better with Winston. Carolina is the only truly desperate team but they already have another bust from that draft class.

  25. Sooo, they may WANT to keep Baker if the NFL hammers Watson with an 8-17 game suspension. But I could see him pouting at the end of the bench out of spite.

  26. Let’s get this straight. Mayfield plays for whom the Browns say he has to play for. When an owner wants to fly into your town to talk to you and you (Baker) refuse to meet with him, this is what happens. Haslam made Watson and offer he couldn’t refuse AFTER you played tough guy. You are not going to the Colts… your going to where Jimmy Haslam sends you. After YOU demanded a trade he went and got one and now your out. I will always be a fan of Baker’s but he either got some really bad advice or just didn’t think this through.

  27. Colts just got rid of an immature leader, they don’t want to go down that road again. Matt Ryan was/is the better fit

  28. Everyone calling him entitled and saying he has a no trade clause seem to be missing a big piece of the picture+

    He’s on his last year of his rookie contract. Without a new contract, he would have to be franchised next year at $40 million plus.

    Without a new contract, he has about trade value as a Snickers bar. Just a one year rental, which for QBS is a waste of a season.

    Hence, it would be best for Cleveland to send him where he wants (and will sign a new contract).

  29. the big qb wheel keeps on spinning. Every one is getting afraid they aren’t going to have a dance partner when the music stops. Next, they panic and over pay for Jamis, Marcus or Jimmy

  30. I love the idea of Matt Ryan going to the Colts. That would make a big difference.

  31. Um … well thats nice but hey back to the kiddie table with youse while the teams involved talk to your parents before you get sent back to your room !!

  32. Indy should have grabbed Trubisky when the chance was there. Maybe they tried. Seriously. Best stop-gap out that was there. I wouldn’t trade a fart for any trade-able QB that’s left.

  33. Meanwhile I’d like to trade for Gisele Bundchen, but I’m not sure Tom Brady will go for that.

  34. Seattle and New Orleans would be the best place for Baker. Saying he wants to go to the Colts is basically saying he wants to be doing college football commentary in two years. They don’t really have any offensive weapons other than Jonathon Taylor and their O-line hasn’t found a QB they could get injured in 6 games or less. Wentz didn’t even make it out of training camp before the Colts line injured him (literally, his own man stepped on him which is almost a running joke in Indianapolis since it happens a lot).

    On the other end the AFC South is a MUCH easier division than the AFC North so he would probably be a superstar compared to what’s currently out there. His record as a starter vs that division I believe is spotless.

  35. They probably don’t want you Baker. You’re the bum who couldn’t get the ball to OBJ.

  36. “Report: Colts informs Browns they do not want to trade for Baker Mayfield”

    There…fixed that headline for you…

  37. Browns should trade him to the Steelers, then they’d be guaranteed two wins a year.

  38. @kevpft
    so the browns are suppose to roll with baker when they don’t believe in him this could have been done better but the browns front office wants to win and they went after a top QB who makes the team a lot better Watson had his due process he wasn’t indited

  39. I agree with the Seattle talk. Good bridge to a potential future QB with immediate upside over anyone currently on roster. That said, I wouldn’t wanna pay him what he probably wants for a three year lease.

  40. Uhmm…don’t Chris Ballard, Frank Reich and Jim Irsay collectively have to actually WANT you in Indy first, Buddy Boy ?

  41. “I’d like the Colts to pay me $18 million too. But I doubt they’d be into that.”

    The Browns just gave $46 million per year and 3 1st round picks for a predator, crazier things have happened. I’d throw your hat in the ring.

  42. I can just hear Andrew Barry saying in the voice of the Rock “It doesn’t matter what you want!”

  43. Not alot of analytics when you just guarantee 230 Mil to a guy still in legal flux.

  44. The quality of qbs in the AFC now is absolutely insane! Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, DeShaun Watson, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Derek Carr etc.!

  45. dbfan4ever says:
    March 18, 2022 at 7:24 pm
    The quality of qbs in the AFC now is absolutely insane! Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, DeShaun Watson, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Derek Carr etc.!

    Don’t forget about Mason Rudolph too!

  46. onewarriornation says:
    March 18, 2022 at 4:57 pm

    4-12 isn’t an accomplishment and Watson most definitely was NOT the most accomplished Quarterback available. That would be Jimmy G, Matt Ryan, Baker Mayfield and even Andy Dalton has accomplished far more than Watson


    If anyone making decisions in the NFL agreed with that, Andy Dalton would have already been signed.

  47. I am not sure the “Commanders” realize how many life long fans they’ve lost with that name change.

  48. Look for the 22 civil cases to be settled with terms sealed — as they say in the OR — Stat!

  49. chue says:
    March 18, 2022 at 4:32 pm
    Good for Baker! I hope the Mayfield led Colts play and whip Deshaun “Massage Boy” Watson and the Browns.
    Did you mean Baker “ public intoxication, disorderly conduct and fleeing” Mayfield?

  50. Not convinced Baker is better than Wentz. Indy should try for Garoppolo or Ryan if they hope to win immediately

  51. Would be really interesting if Mayfield told the Colts he would sign for three years at $18 million/year, all guaranteed. That gets him $50 million and a long audition on a decent club. And the Colts can pay up for some other positions with a below-market QB.

  52. Listen baby baker. We will trade you to the lions for a 7th round pick and you will like it. You will then alienate all the lions FO and fans when you act like a diva even though you play like crap.

  53. Anyone get the feeling he may wind up in Pittsburgh just out of spite at some point?

  54. Smart teams need to sit this out for a minute. After losing a bunch of picks, the Browns are definitely looking for a 1st rounder in return. Give it time and they’ll get desperate not wanting to sit on both contracts.

  55. Lol. Okay Baker. Well I’m pretty sure the Colts aren’t interested in folding chairs for QB anymore. He should stay in Cleveland and win his job back. Watson may not play much and is fairly streaky.

  56. For anyone that thinks that Mayfield has no leverage: His leverage is simple, he tells teams that he’s going to go the Kurt Cousins way of approaching free agent contacts. With QB salaries skyrocketing thanks to Watson and Rodgers, the Franchise price for QBs is going to take a huge leap forward too.

    Next year, the QB Franchise tag should be just shy of $30 million, so if a team is going to give up anything to get Mayfield, the best be prepared to give him $30m or lose him in 2023. If they don’t sign Mayfield to a long term deal, the franchoise tag prices would escalate to $36m in 2024 and then $52m in 2025.

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