What’s next for Matt Ryan?

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Matty Ice played nice with the Falcons, agreeing to delay a roster bonus in order to make it easier to trade him, if Deshaun Watson had picked Atlanta. Now that Watson is heading to Cleveland, what should Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan do?

It’s possible that the quid pro quo for Ryan’s four-day delay in his $7.5 million payment was an agreement to trade him, even if the Falcons don’t land Watson. After all those years in Atlanta and after never once hinting about the possibility of leaving, the Falcons were ready to throw him overboard. Surely, he was pissed. How could he not be?

He had leverage. He simply had to say no. Maybe he said yes without getting anything in return. Or maybe he squeezed the Falcons for a commitment to let him move on, whatever Watson did.

It’s unclear where he’d go, but there are teams that are currently doing a lot worse at quarterback than Matt Ryan. Seattle could use him, as could Indianapolis. The Texans need a better quarterback. The Panthers are begging for a franchise player at the position. He’d be an upgrade for the Lions, too. And he grew up in Philadelphia.

Whatever the case, Ryan was about to find out the hard way that football is a cold, calculating, ruthless business. They love you until the minute they’re done with you. And the Falcons were trying very hard to be done with Matt Ryan. He has every right to now want to be done with them.

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  1. I like Ryan for Seattle, he’ll play more their style of offense instead of Russ who like to chuck it deep no matter what.

  2. Arthur Blank treated him well for 14 years, and Ryan knows it’s a business. He makes more in one week than many fans will make in a decade. I’m sure he will be fine.

  3. currently doing a lot worse at quarterback than Matt Ryan. Seattle could use him, as could Indianapolis. The Texans need a better quarterback. The Panthers are begging for a franchise player at the position. He’d be an upgrade for the Lions, too. And he grew up in Philadelphia
    What good would he do for the Texans who are soooooooo far away from contending? It’s better to see what Mills has for 1 more season unless theres someone they prefer in the draft. Same with the Lions. Goff is horrible theres no doubt but Matt Ryan doesnt elevate them to playoffs or contender status.

  4. Ryan has more class in his little finger that Mayfield, Rodgers, Wilson, Watson and Wentz combined.

  5. Stay put in Atlanta. Nice warm weather games in that division for an aging QB.

  6. I’ve always thought Ryan was a top QB in the league, just a notch below elite but still quite capable, as a Cowboy’s fan I have a newfound respect and high regard for Ryan as a person, how many QB’s around the league would have afforded his team (employer) the opportunity to pursue his replacement without animosity and delay a sizable roster bonus?
    I am now a fan of his for life

  7. Seattle or Indy are the only decent teams that have the need and cap space. Carolina are nowhere near being a competitive team anytime soon, and that is a major step down for Ryan. Texans now with all those drafts picks are for the future and don’t need to waste picks on a 36 year old QB to maybe be 500. Niners don’t exactly have the draft capital, they went all in last year on Lance who should be the starter this year or Shanahan and Lynch should be fired. Detroit, another major step down is just moving from one losing team to another perianal losing franchise, why would he do go through that misery. Eagles would be better waiting until next years draft they just don’t have the team to support Ryan. Don’t see the Falcons trading him to Saints unless there are several ones involved.

  8. I like Ryan to the Colts. Last season it looked like Wentz was the weakest link.

  9. No one knows what is going through his mind. All this speculation and projection is silly.

  10. Colts would be his best chance, but the Eagles wouldn’t be a bad choice, at least as far as the team goes. I mean, they made the playoffs with someone a lot less talented taking the snaps.

  11. Why does everyone believe everyone is so petty? Matt Ryan’s place is solidified in the history of that franchise as the greatest player they’ve had. He won’t see the rebuild to the end anyway. They’ve paid him a lot of money. He’s 37. They had a chance to geta top five QB ten years younger than him. Not that complicated. Some of the he’s being disrespected crowd would think Mark Price would be being disrespected if the Cavaliers had a chance to trade him out for Michael Jordan back in the day.

  12. No doubt in my mind Matt is tired of the Falcons letting the other league defenses try and kill him 16-17 weeks a year. This trade debacle is just another case of the Falcons letting him down again. He deserves better than this incompetent franchise. I hope he can find a way to Indy or Seattle.

  13. What is it with certain aging QBs? Is it a rule they must get a lifetime achievement award? They must be dealt to see them do what they rarely, if ever did during their long careers. I sense a pattern with Rivers, Stafford, now Ryan. Even Wentz, Baker & Trubisky get consideration. Jimmy G will land softly.

  14. realfootballfan,Deion Sanders might disagree with your assessment of the “greatest” Falcon ever.Just maybe.

  15. Matt Ryan knows that business is business. He made well over a $100 million in Atlanta and was playing nice as he has been treated like royalty by ownership and management. Now that Watson is out of the picture, he 100% stays in Atlanta.

  16. tnpacker,

    Deion played there for five years and didn’t win anything. They only went to the playoffs once when he played for the Falcons. I love Deion, but no, Matt Ryan is the franchise GOAT. It’s not even debatable. If he didn’t have an idiot for an OC, a since repeated pattern with Kyle Shanahan, he would have won their first Super Bowl going away against the greatest coach/QB duo in history.

  17. He may not be upset at all. If they approached him upfront and told him they were pursuing Watson, and made some kind of agreement with him, things may be totally fine. It may be as simple as them saying “Look, we have to go after a guy like Watson. If you will delay your payout until we know, we’ll do X, Y, Z.” Either that’s a trade or even a commitment to a new deal. Who knows. At least Matt’s got the class not to act like a toddler about it.

  18. As a Lions fan Matt if you’re so inclined and you don’t demand 40 million a year at this point in your career then come on down and let’s have a talk if you’re done with Atlanta.

  19. If the falcons trade Matt Ryan, what is their alternative, now that Deshaun Watson has rejected his hometown..

  20. Seattle is rebuilding everything…but it is possible for Ryan to succeed in Seattle IF he likes the direction they are going….

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