David Ojabo tore his Achilles at Michigan Pro Day

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Michigan pass rusher David Ojabo suffered a serious injury when he went down during a pass rush drill at Michigan’s Pro Day.

Ojabo suffered a torn Achilles tendon, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

That’s an injury that usually takes several months to heal. Last year, former Vanderbilt pass rusher Dayo Odeyingbo tore his Achilles during a pre-draft workout in January. The good news is that Odeyingbo was still drafted in the second round, by the Colts. The bad news is that Odeyingbo wasn’t able to get on the field for the Colts until nine months after the injury.

Ojabo will have to hope he doesn’t fall too far in the draft, and hope he’s able to recover in time to get on the field during his rookie year.

22 responses to “David Ojabo tore his Achilles at Michigan Pro Day

  1. I hate that for this kid. And we all wonder why these projected 1st round picks choose to skip bowl games and the NFL scouting combine.

  2. Terrible and senseless. Shouldn’t have happened because he shouldn’t have been working out. There was no need for it.

  3. Ojabo is a B1G time player. One lucky team is going to get a monster pass rusher if he falls.

  4. Artificial turf sucks! I saw the video and the turf just grabbed his foot and he pummeled to the ground. Feel bad for the kid.

  5. Yet another reason why any post season work out/combine is useless for player with a first round grade. Speedy recovery!

  6. Dallas and Philly both have taken on situations like this in the draft. Tho neither Smith o Jones is with their original teams, both were good players for them and the gamble paid off. Someone gonna get a steal on second day.

  7. Feel bad for the kid and wish him a first round draft selection and a full, speedy recovery.

  8. If I were an agent I wouldn’t allow my guys to participate in any post season physical activities. Smart teams already know from watching tape how good the guys are. Even dumb teams should know. Interviews are fine. Most medical exams are fine. And if I were a player I wouldn’t sign with any agent who felt otherwise. Why would you need to watch a workout when you’ve already seen the kid play football? It doesn’t make any sense, and it certainly doesn’t help the kids. Do you think a thoroughbred racehorse trainer is going to put Secretariat through unnecessary workouts to appease a gambler that doesn’t know how to handicap? That’s exactly what this is like.

  9. I disagree with the underlying suggestion that these guys shouldn’t be participating in the combine and these pro days. That would be like telling somebody with a car to only drive to work, and that any other driving is unnecessary, so don’t do it. Further, athletes work out every day. This is just another way they do it. Once in a while somebody gets hurt, just like once in a while there are car wrecks.

  10. He might slip out of the first round, but that’s about it. He’ll likely go in the second round, unless a late first round team falls in love.

  11. That’s some really bad luck…

    He obviously loves football and easy to root for…

    He shows why you should never skip bowl games…cuz you could get hurt any time, any where…and God forbid the slim chance this injury prevents him from ever playing football again…he won’t regret not playing in the biggest game of his college career…!!!

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  13. That’s rough. Unfortunately for us Eagles fans Howie will probably still draft him just like he did Sidney Jones and he will do nothing for the Eagles just like Jones.

  14. Another comp would be Jeffery Simmons of the Titans. He tore his ACL in February before the draft but they still picked him 19th overall. He was able to play by October of his rookie year and now he’s one of the best DTs in the league. I think a torn Achilles has a longer rehab, though, so whoever picks Ojabo would probably have to wait until 2023 for any real contribution. Probably a second-round pick to a team that isn’t desperate to win now.

  15. Relax not everything that happens in life is great he needed to do what he did and something bad happened he didn’t die he’ll still be a multi millionaire some fans over react so much its down right
    ridiculous .

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