Eagles announce signing of Fletcher Cox

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Fletcher Cox is back with the Eagles.

Cox, the defensive tackle who was released on Thursday, re-signed with the team today. The Eagles announced the widely expected move this morning.

Before the Eagles even cut Cox there was talk that he and the team would come to terms on a deal to bring him back. By cutting him the Eagles gave Cox a day to shop himself to other teams, but he quickly decided that Philadelphia remained the best place for him.

According to multiple reports, it’s a one-year, $14 million contract for the Eagles and Cox. If he had been on the Eagles’ roster yesterday, the team would have been required to pay him $18 million guaranteed.

The Eagles also officially announced that Boston Scott has re-signed.

5 responses to “Eagles announce signing of Fletcher Cox

  1. You don’t see the cut and re-sign a lot anymore. They’re basically all replaced by restructures. I guess Cox wanted to feel out the market a bit before agreeing to a new deal.

  2. Whoopideedoo Howie, what a nominal savings… this is still double his on-field value.

  3. Actually this was a smart move. The Eagles saved $4 million on the salary cap and got out of the albatross of his previous contract. They can move on after this season if Cox doesn’t step up his play.

  4. i think it’s a good move, in that we got him back & he got to see what was out there. plus, we just lost some depth at the position with Ridgeway leaving. you cannot underestimate his presence on the field or in the locker room just yet

  5. I’m happy to see Fletcb back with the team, as he has been a top 3 DT for about a decade prior to last season, when his role completely changed and he played a role that didn’t provide stays that we want to see, I think he will be back to remind fans and the league that he is still one of the top DTs in the league.

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