Has Deshaun Watson definitely avoided criminal prosecution?

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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It has been widely assumed that the March 11 decision of a Houston grand jury to not indict Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson means he’ll never face criminal prosecution for any of the events related to a habit of pursuing massage therapists via social media and having some of the encounters turn sexual. That may not be the case.

First, the complaints can be presented to a grand jury again, as long as the statute of limitations has not expired. Jeopardy doesn’t attach until the jury is empaneled at the trial. At the grand jury stage, charges can be pursued on multiple occasions.

Second, the federal government could get involved, if it believes that Watson specifically paid to bring someone across state lines for the purposes of sexual encounters. Attorney Tony Buzbee has tried to instigate such an investigation in the past. By all appearances, it has gotten no traction.

However, the Department of Justice usually doesn’t take out a billboard regarding its investigations. It’s still possible that the feds could pursue the matter. It’s possible that they secretly are.

Watson’s legal team is confident that he’s in the clear. Otherwise, attorney Rusty Hardin wouldn’t have allowed Watson to testify in depositions related to the 22 civil cases after the grand jury decided nine days ago to not charge him.

None of this means that anything else will happen. But the door hasn’t been conclusively closed on a potential prosecution, state or federal.

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  1. Unless some women come forward with additional complaints along with proof of criminal actions,… I’d say YES he’s not in jeopardy of criminal prosecution.
    But that doesn’t mean he’s off the hook for civil lawsuits.

  2. I would hope that the Browns had done their own due diligence and has some kind of clause in the contract to account for this

  3. Appears the NFL has instructed the Curt’s that they are not to attempt prosecution.

  4. Just wanted to write a story based on nothing but your own speculation… nothing to see here

  5. Those hoping he avoids something like this simply because it effects your favorite fall hobby might want to reconsider your priorities. I know there is a little bit, but the lack of outrage over this is kind of disgusting.

  6. Paying a guy greatly who demean and degrade women and post about him getting away with it but Baker is a victim… So much for ‘the shield’ of the NFL

  7. Yes. He’s rich and famous. Of course he won’t be prosecuted. This is America with liberty and justice for the wealthy.

  8. Ummmm,… Rusty Hardin is 80 years old and still getting after it. I wonder what you’ll look like at 80 ??

  9. The Feds catch-all charges, when States fail to indict/prosecute and or convict, is the Civil Rights violation. High profile cases, in particular.

    Every lawyer in America knows this.

    Until the statute of limitations runs out, there will always be a chance of a State or the Feds going after him.

  10. We’ll in a way he was convicted and sentenced to the Cleveland Browns.

  11. “Watson’s legal team is confident that he’s in the clear.” That’s what all lawyers do. They are never going to say he’s guilty even if they know it.

  12. Could he also not be prosecuted in other states? Like if he had been in Tennessee, playing the Titans and an alleged incident occurred there. Could that complainant not go to the Tennessee authorities? And/or should she not have gone to the Tennessee authorities to begin with?

  13. When you’re talking about crossing state lines for a run and tug conviction,, things have probably gone of the rails.

  14. How quickly this story changed, it’s like nothing happened. I guess the civil suits mean nothing. It appears that all the NFL cares about is how quickly Watson is back on the field.

  15. There is speculation that Browns Management wanted to move to a QB who “acted more like an adult”. Give what Watson is accused of, that’s pretty much what a male adult might do.

  16. Watson, and now the Browns, are not out of the woods yet. Watson will be suspended from the NFL, and IMHO, it will be a full year. Other players have been suspended for (1) incident anywhere from 1 to 6 games and Watson has 22 incidents, which should get him a full year, IMHO!

    On the legal side, only about half of the victims filed police reports, which still leaves about half the victims who could still file police reports. The Feds take sex trafficking very seriously, so they still have to worry about the possibility of those charges.

    Thanks God, Watson is someone else’s problem and the Texans got (3) first round pick to unload Watson and his issues!

    Yesterday, was a GREAT DAY FOR THE TEXANS!

  17. The Facts are if the Falcons or Panthers got him everyone would be applauding it such a great move, give him a 2nd chance…Ray Lewis, Big Ben, etc…

    However he chooses the Browns and he’s worse than Putin…SMH

  18. It’s possible that Deshaun Watson still gets charged and it’s also possible new allegations come up. If I was Deshaun I would follow Big Ben’s path after his issues. He started a family and from all indications stayed out of trouble. Family life tends to ground young people.

  19. It took Tony Buzbee a month to find 22 accusers. He will find another 22 before training camp starts. The man wants to get paid.

  20. After giving up 3 #1s and $230 mil, Deshaun getting prosecuted would be the most Browns thing ever!

  21. If the NFL suspends him, it better be for at least a year or else people are going to compare Calvin Ridley’s suspension against it.

  22. If they want him, they will get him. Ask OJ. Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz was not, is not and will not be charged for child trafficking and statutory rape.(watch) It kinda just vanished. Poof, like Epstein’s life.

  23. Yes, the NFL is WWE says:
    March 19, 2022 at 2:52 pm
    Appears the NFL has instructed the Curt’s that they are not to attempt prosecution.

    Who are the Curt’s?

  24. So, in other words, women were “forced” to cross state lines to take money from a rich athlete, hmmmm

  25. The team’s sponsors need to take a stand and end their relationship with the team.. Companies are the new moral compass for these greedy leagues and owners.

  26. He is entitled to every benefit of the doubt, but if it is proved that he actually raped any woman I say hang him.

  27. They could also prosecute him for his alleged Ponzi Scheme, alleged fraudulent NFT and cryptocurrency ring, alleged shoplifting at CVS, alleged arms deal with Saudi Arabia, and alleged foul body odor. All of which is currently not proven. Just alleged. By me.

  28. heymister24 says:
    March 19, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    …and noe case keenum goes 6-0 during the new guy’s 6 game suspension.


    This one didn’t age well.

  29. Mike, you’ve gotta raise more hell about this travesty. it’s infuriating to this 54 year long Browns fan!!

    IHaslam offered to pay Watson the equivalent of his 2021 salary, distributed over 2023-2026 to sign with a team he didn’t even want to be on. His suspension game checks, if the NFL even suspends him, will affect only his $1M 2022 salary – so 8 games will amount to $500K in forfeited income

    The extra $30M is for this civil suits. Watson will come out of this ‘punishment’ with a year and a half off with hardly any financial impact. And what looks like almost no remorse.

    It takes a dude as shady as Haslam to craft a deal like this and to provide Watson a corrupt, yet legal way to beat the system and get out of wrongdoing dollar-free. They’re both underhanded weasels.

  30. I strongly doubt any charges will come of it. The Feds would need serious evidence. Given that a grand jury heard evidence abs declined to indict, that seems very unlikely. The evidence would presumably have to be new. And unless it’s extremely compelling that he engaged in interstate sex trafficking, the Feds would likely not go after him. DOJ has limited resources…the likelihood of them going after a star athlete who loves massages and had consensual relations with some of the women seems very low to me. I mean, he didn’t even get pinched for misdemeanor solicitation. That speaks volumes about the evidence authorities *didn’t* have.

  31. Rumor has it that Haslam has sent several of the women that hang around his truck stops to massage classes, so that should be covered up in the future

  32. Sad country when an entitled sexual pervert can make out with 230mil, and a dude betting on games-which the league encourages-gets a harsh suspension that will no doubt far exceed any suspension the perv will get.
    Color me surprised.

  33. Just a few days ago the Browns had been eliminated from the Watson sweepstakes. All of a sudden the Browns acquire him … what happened?

  34. I don’t want to say I told you so, but if you go way back to the beginning of all of this you’ll see that I told you so.

  35. I think Watson will find he no longer will have to pay for a “massage” in Cleveland. Quality may take a hit, tho.

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