Inside the Matthew Stafford deal

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Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford has made plenty of money during his 13-year NFL career. He’ll make plenty more in the coming seasons.

PFT has obtained his contract details from a source with knowledge of the numbers. Here’s a full breakdown of the four-year extension.

1. Signing bonus: $60 million.

2. 2022 base salary: $1.5 million, fully guaranteed.

3. 2023 option bonus: $26 million, fully guaranteed as of 2023.

4. 2023 base salary: $1.5 million, fully guaranteed at signing.

5. 2024 base salary: $31 million, fully guaranteed as of 2023.

6. 2025 roster bonus: $5 million, due on the third day of 2025 league year.

7. 2025 base salary: $27 million, $10 million of which becomes fully guaranteed in 2024.

8. 2026 roster bonus: $5 million, due on the third day of 2026 league year.

9. 2026 base salary: $26 million.

It’s a four-year, $160 million extension. At signing, it’s a five-year, $183 million deal.

So the new-money average if $40 million. The total value at signing is $36.6 million annually. The deal pays out $63 million fully guaranteed at signing.

Given the market, it’s a good deal for the Rams. And it almost makes up for giving Jared Goff $33.5 million per year in 2019.


7 responses to “Inside the Matthew Stafford deal

  1. Reporting this as $63 Mill guaranteed at signing is silly. That is unless you think there is a snowballs chance in hell that the Rams will cut Stafford b1efore 1/1/23 and eat a $48 million dollar dead cap hit for the 2023 season. This deal is a 3 year $130 Million guaranteed at signing with the Rams first possible escape being 2025 and een that is a stretch as they would still have to eat $34 Million in dead cap space in 2025 to do it.

  2. All those years in Detroit pay off. Stafford has broken bones in his back — signing him to a long term deal with guarantees has some pretty significant financial risk for the Rams.

  3. Green Bay is paying Rodgers how much again for the same amount of Superbowls?

  4. This strikes me as a bit of an overpay.
    I guess it’s because they won the super bowl.
    i think he will be a disappointment to the Rams after a few years, and the money they pay will be an overpay.

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