JuJu Smith-Schuster deal is worth far less than reported

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Some contracts get exaggerated this time of year. Then there’s the contract signed by new Chiefs receiver JuJu Smith Schuster.

It was spoon fed both to ESPN and NFL Media as a one-year, $10.75 million deal. The truth is lower than that.

A lot lower.

The deal has a base value of only $3.25 million, per a source with knowledge of the deal. Of that amount, only $2.49 million is fully guaranteed at signing.

He gets a signing bonus of $1.455 million and a fully-guaranteed base salary of $1.035 million. The rest of the base package comes from a workout bonus ($250,000) and per-game roster bonuses ($30,000 per game, or up to $510,000).

The deal includes $7.5 million in incentives, at least $2 million of which hinge on the Chiefs at least getting to the AFC Championship. We’ll post the full details of the incentive package when we have them.

For now, here’s the truth. The reports of $10.75 million on a one-year deal are the opposite of truth, with the fluff representing more than twice the true base amount of the deal.

27 responses to “JuJu Smith-Schuster deal is worth far less than reported

  1. Still a good business move. Your not the #1 anymore which he obviously isn’t suppose to be. But as a #2 he thrives. In that offense, signing himself into another contract year! It will pay off at the end of the season and a team will overpay for him like the Jags did for that one guy.

  2. Being with Andy “Teid” will straighten it all out, yeah!

  3. Hasn’t improved a lick since AB left. Never was in a winning playoff game. Fumbled at least 3 times in big gms. Complained about Steelers having “wooden” lockers, Danced on other teams logo. Hey, he’s only having fun. Etc etc etc. Yeah, I’d say they were sick of his act. And BTW how many FA WRs signed before him & only got 1 yr deals? Fir the Steelers: “Next…”

  4. Obviously JuJu wanted to be part of a winning team that has a chance to take down another super bowl

  5. Why do people believe that Juju Smith-Schuster is a # 2 receiver? Besides his first two years in the league when he was the Steelers’ # 2 receiver under A.B. (when he put up his best numbers – by far), he’s been the # 3 receiver in the slot. Juju is nothing more than a # 3 possession / slot-receiver, who dropped catches and consistently fumbled in clutch situations, that’s it!

    I’m glad that the Steelers didn’t re-sign him. However, the Steelers screwed-up when they didn’t re-sign James Washington. He has substantially more talent than Juju!

  6. Wanted out? Uhhh this maybe his last stop. There are oodles of teams looking for WRs. Nobody wanted his sideshow. Can’t run routes, can’t block, not a team player. No where near a #2 guy. Will he even make the roster? I’d rather take a flyer on 3 young guys than one JuJu.

  7. Other posters beat me to it and I dont have anything against the guy but meh, hes ok, not a bad signing or anything but hes not that great, a bottom half of the league #2 maybe so I wouldnt act like this is some great deal by the Chiefs. They needed a #3 though as they didnt have anyone beyond Kelce and Hill.

  8. Guy is 26 but he plays like he’s 36. He will probably be out of the league before 30.

  9. c’mon giys with the rest of the AFC west on steroids, KC had to do something to look like they are trying to improve…

  10. Low risk high reward type of deal for KC. Even if he doesn’t give them much, the Chiefs proved last season (outside of Buffalo and, we’ll, Cincy for all intents and purposes) they can practically sleepwalk to the AFC championship game so he’ll at least be reasonably within reach of that bonus.

  11. Never thought Kansas City would get those type of play discounts for ring chasing… their franchise value should be rising on news like this IMO

  12. Chiefs are loaded at WR/TE and Mahomes will be able to deliver the ball to him. The last few year Ben just couldn’t make passes over 10 yards.

  13. Ju ju > Pringle…. And cheaper… chiefs ownership has always done this stuff. Whatever… 4 afc championship in a row. 2 Super Bowls. I challenge any die hard chiefs fan from the 90s and 00s teams complaining it…

  14. “Sleepwalk” to the AFC championship? Have you even been watching KC? Ever since their SB, they’ve been draining a little every year. Yes they’re a very talented team but, all the games that used to be gimmies for them, not so much anymore. They look ordinary now, compared to before looked like a “titan” of a team. Plus Reid isn’t going to be coaching much longer.

  15. steelersfan2022 says:
    March 19, 2022 at 9:46 pm
    Why do people believe that Juju Smith-Schuster is a # 2 receiver? Besides his first two years in the league when he was the Steelers’ # 2 receiver under A.B. (when he put up his best numbers – by far)


    Because he could very well regain that status playing behind Tyreek Hill. JuJu excels when he plays behind an elite receiver. It’s not a bad deal for the Chiefs as far as risk to reward goes. Wish the Steelers could’ve held on to him but we had bigger needs.

  16. JUJU knew that the Steelers are going to be a run oriented team next season and that he wouldn’t put up big numbers to give himself a shot a a big contract. However, the Steelers paid him $8 million this past season and with Washington and McCloud both leaving in FA they probably should have tried harder to keep JuJu. They now need to get a veteran free agent to help keep the receivers’ room level-headed.
    And JuJu is a willing and very capable blocker despite what neverdieeasy claimed. Just ask
    Vontaze Burfict.

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