Matthew Stafford signs new contract with Rams

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After their first year together ended perfectly, Matthew Stafford and the Rams have agreed to stay together for many more years.

The Rams announced today that Stafford’s contract has been extended. According to multiple reports, it’s a four-year, $160 million extension that includes $135 million guaranteed. Stafford is now under contract through the 2026 season.

The 34-year-old Stafford, who spent his first 12 NFL seasons with the Lions, is now poised to play out the rest of his career with the Rams.

The full structure of the contract hasn’t been revealed, but it surely lowers Stafford’s $23 million cap hit and instead pushes cap charges to future years. The Rams currently don’t have much cap space, but they have worked hard this offseason to keep the team competitive, and this move should help.

In an offseason in which several well-known quarterbacks have changed teams, Stafford and the Rams are staying in business together.

36 responses to “Matthew Stafford signs new contract with Rams

  1. $135 million. I cannot find fault with Stafford taking this. But think about it, folks. If you make $100K/yr, it would take you 1,350 years to make this amount of money. And the owners then want the taxpayers to fund their stadiums?

  2. That’s less than what Watson got both in APY and guarantees and Stafford had Flacco-esque leverage coming off a Super Bowl win. Seems reasonable both for him and the team. Working a regular job you’re likely to have sticker shock at these deals but that’s what the market pays if you hit the genetic lottery and have that kind of athletic ability.

  3. How many teams have set themselves up to have 30%+ of their Cap Space as dead money in the near future? Knowing that if there is a recession or pandemic or both, they’ll get a bail out when cap goes down or doesn’t go up by 10% like this year. The problem is if 9 teams go all in 8 will be very disappointed ! Just make a hard salary cap. X is the amount you’re allowed to spend this season. Y is what you can spend next year.

  4. Matt Stafford has made $239M so far….with this contract $379M plus commercials. Crazy!!!!

  5. Say what you will about the dough, but Stat is not a “great” guy. Some of you fans are delusional, and the thing is, it’s totally unnecessary. Some of the worst “character” players in the history of Sport have been awful humans. Get your minds right.

  6. How can the Rams afford all these contracts? Some fuzzy math in the Rams cap space.

  7. Lions fans who root for this guy are something else. Prob buy their exes wedding gifts too.

  8. Good for him!! It’s nice to see one of the good guys get paid. He’s not into the whole me me thing, and he’s not under indictment for anything, and he proved that he’s a winner

  9. Rams are paying Stafford 40m while The Packers are paying Rodgers 60m

    The Packers are dumb.

  10. Go face 22 misconduct allegations and could have made hundred million more in guarenteed money.

  11. But this owner paid for Sofi Stadium out of his own pocket.
    bondlake says:
    March 19, 2022 at 4:29 pm
    $135 million. I cannot find fault with Stafford taking this. But think about it, folks. If you make $100K/yr, it would take you 1,350 years to make this amount of money. And the owners then want the taxpayers to fund their stadiums?

  12. 135 guaranteed? Chump change. Next time he should assault a bunch of women, then throw a tantrum and refuse to play for a year. Then a desperate, stupid team will give you about 100 million more guaranteed. Be smart.

  13. It is amazing to me the difference one play can make. If Jacquiskie Tartt (I hope I spelled that right),the Niners safety, held on to the Stafford pass that hit his numbers late in the playoff game, the Niners likely win and the whole conversation about Stafford changes drastically.

  14. Woo hoo! Now they have to pay off the refs that made sure they won the Super Bowl. Does that count against the salary cap?

  15. This in addition to being in a new national AT&T commercial.
    I never saw Stafford in a national ad until now.

  16. Same QB he was in Detroit. Just a better team around him. Still turns it over a lot.

  17. Agreed, it IS amazing the difference one play can make. Like the non-existent holding call against the Bengals on 3rd & Goal with 1:44 left in the Super Bowl? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Stafford, he deserves it. I just… you know?

  18. As of the 2022 offseason, Kirk Cousins’ career earnings of $161,699,486 make him the 17th-highest-paid player in NFL history. With the $70 million he’ll earn in the next two seasons, Cousins will be at $231.6 million, top ten territory…all time.

  19. I get it..he is great QB and deserves the cash I guess…but when is enough enough….I mean one of these days I want one of them to stand up and say…you know this year I have enough…I made 60 million last year…just pay me $15 / hour!!

  20. Great for Stafford. Excellent QB who played hard but long suffered on the Lions. Wish him the best of luck.

  21. Lions did Stafford solid trading him to the Rams. He has his Superbowl and another huge contract. Karma should reward the Lions with a high draft pick in 2023. Sorry Rams fans no walking it back.

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