Rasul Douglas re-signing with Packers on three-year deal

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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Cornerback Rasul Douglas didn’t initially join the Packers until Oct. 6, when injuries in the team’s secondary induced the club to bring him in off of the Cardinals’ practice squad.

But Douglas performed much better than anyone expected. And now he’s been rewarded with a lucrative new deal.

According to multiple reports, the Packers are re-signing Douglas to a three-year, $21 million contract that can escalate to $25.5 million.

In 12 games with nine starts in 2021, Douglas intercepted five passes, returning two of them for touchdowns. He also had 13 passes defensed and a forced fumble.

Douglas was an Eagles third-round pick in 2017 and played three seasons for the franchise. He also spent the 2020 season with the Panthers.

Douglas has 10 career interceptions with 47 passes defensed.

17 responses to “Rasul Douglas re-signing with Packers on three-year deal

  1. Excellent! Having three terrific CBs is rare and will really help this year, when the Pack will need to lean more on their defense.

  2. This is only the first dividend paid from the Adams trade, made possible from the cap space created. The secondary of Douglas,Stokes, Savage and a healthy Alexander will be formidable.

    If the Packers can sign a solid veteran receiver and shore up a few spots with their 11 draft picks (WR, OL & DE).. they’re gonna be a mighty tough out this year.

  3. Nice signing for Green Bay. Now sign Valdez-Scandling and trade for Landry. Use one/two of our first/second round picks to get one/two wide receiver and defense line. Excited to see how draft goes. Got 4 prime picks in first 2 rounds.

  4. Nicely down Gute! The young man wants to stay with the 13-time world champion Packers.

    But let’s put this “sign (past his prime/can’t stay on the field/worth less than he thinks” WR talk to bed. Gute wil build through the draft with plenty of capital and a great WR class for a position that college football produces in way more abundance than any other. Ignore the so-called experts who tell you GB’s WR depth will be the death of them.

    This team is shaping up nicely, and with fortifications in the middle of the D and on the edge, some backup O-line depth and at least 2 day 1/2 WRs taken in the draft, am excited to see where this goes.

  5. The week keeps getting worse for Packer haters. I think I’ll get a steak tonight and a few gin & tonics to celebrate 11 picks in the draft, 5 in the top 100, and the fact that Rodgers will no longer stupidly throw to a double-covered Adams at the end of playoff games. Horrible week for Packer haters. 👍

  6. How in the world was this guy languishing on Arizona’s practice squad last season?

    This is just more proof that the Packers can take other teams cast offs and turn them into wealthy superstars.

    What a terrific find, and what a tremendous job of figuring out how to keep him after his breakout season.

  7. Ps player that got the benefit of Packer refs looking to other way. E.g. the end of the Cleveland game

  8. Thanks Davante! Having 3 cornerbacks as talented as Jaire, Stokes and Douglass… Priceless.

  9. cheeseisfattening says:
    March 19, 2022 at 6:19 pm
    Ps player that got the benefit of Packer refs looking to other way. E.g. the end of the Cleveland game

    That was my money that made them look the other way, thank you very much.

  10. I just hope that he takes advantage of this new contract and doesnt rest on his laurels. He has a lot of room for improvement to work in converage without taking PI penalties – and he sure has a nose for the ball and he doesnt drop sure interceptions like King does – now if Big Bob can get his legs working and get into shape – maybe he can have a big year.

  11. The Pack will have a very strong secondary next year, health permitting. If Gutey is gonna be trashed for the Love draft, he should be praised for unearthing this guy.

  12. Love how the cheeseheads are thanking Davante for cap space when the reason they have very little is because of #12.

    The real GOAT never took the cheddar like #12 reached for.
    How many teams with the highest paid player ever won a SB?
    These next few years will surely provide more regular season success and playoff ineptitude.

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