Report: Browns trying to re-sign Jarvis Landry, Jadeveon Clowney

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
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The Browns released wide receiver Jarvis Landry after trading for Amari Cooper this month, but a tweak to Cooper’s contract may open the door for Landry’s return to Cleveland.

Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the team is working to re-sign Landry after creating $15 million in cap space by restructuring Cooper’s deal. Cabot adds that the team is also trying to bring defensive end Jadeveon Clowney back for another season.

The change to Cooper’s contract isn’t the only difference for the Browns since Landry was let go. They also traded for quarterback Deshaun Watson this week and bringing Landry back would provide him with another experienced target in the passing game.

Clowney had 37 tackles and nine sacks for the Browns in 2021. If he does re-sign, it will be the first time he’s been on the team for back-to-back seasons since spending 2017 and 2018 with Watson as teammates with the Texans.

32 responses to “Report: Browns trying to re-sign Jarvis Landry, Jadeveon Clowney

  1. They overspent with Watson they will not be able to keep both players. Plus is seems like Landry is all done with Cleveland. Especially after he watched OBJ leave and get a ring.

  2. They may have overspent for Watson, but his cap hit this year is $1,000,000 – both sneaky to get any suspension penalties down (league will probably block that loophole in future), and also to allow for more cap room. Not to mention saved $10,000,000 by restructuring Amari’s deal. Should have plenty for both.

  3. Looks like the Browns are loading up for 2022. The AFC is turning into a street brawl and serving notice to the NFC. All the big-time QB’s are in the AFC with teams like SD, BUFF, Denver, Cinci, Balt, maybe NE, Jags, Raiders, Chiefs, and now CLE…

  4. Browns are never done making moves. Team is LOADED and Jarvis/Clowney know it. All in and if it doesn’t work out, can’t say they didn’t try.

  5. Lots of shiny toys on this Browns’ team now, not a lot of quality upstanding leaders though. We’ll see how much character does matter.

  6. This dude really said that Baltimore, NE, Raiders, Cleveland, Denver, etc… has big time QBs, LOL.

  7. Browns were slowly getting better but now with the trade I’m afraid the Browns are like the titanic…..iceberg has hit we’ll see them sink to the bottom of the ocean for the next decade.

  8. I could picture a Rated R show that shows how NFL life as a player really is, and Watson is doing good at first, everythings going good. Then the episode ends with Watson knocking on a door and a masseuse answers the door in Cleveland.

  9. The Rams go all in for Stafford, OBJ, Weddle and Miller…genius. Raiders, Broncos and Chargers make power moves and its and arms race. The Browns shed their picks for Watson and try to make similar moves to the other teams and it’s foolhardy. lol. Fans. lol. If they manage at least a trip to the SB in the next 2 years, it’ll be worth it.

  10. Haslam raises ticket prices for 3rd straight year and now spends #230M on a guy that will be suspended.

  11. All those new players won’t do a darn thing to fix the scheme. The route concepts are just so bad at times. Baker took a beating waiting for the play to develop.

    They were out coached plenty last year no matter what you think of the players.

  12. “Browns are never done making moves”
    Must feel euphoric for Browns fan to say that for the first time ever in his entire life.

  13. MackCarrington, it was Dorsey who tried this like 4 years ago and everyone was all in on the Browns.

  14. Why would they re-sign? That’s like wanting to go back to prison after being paroled from a 20 year bid.

  15. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    March 19, 2022 at 6:41 pm

    They overspent with Watson they will not be able to keep both players.


    Watson will have one of the smallest cap hits among starting QB’s this year. If they can get someone to take all of Mayfield’s contract, they’ll have saved at the QB position.

  16. No first round pick, but still, plenty of ammunition (7 picks).
    Rd2:1, Rd3:2, Rd4:2, Rd6:1, Rd7:1.
    Even if they resign Landry, they should draft another WR. Watson has the talent to feed them all.

  17. Still have all the AFC West QBs to deal with and not nearly the arsenal of WRs even w/ Landry. 10 win team but definitely no SB on this teams horizon. Browns be Browns.

  18. Watson had talent. He hasn’t played in well over a year. Is he in shape? Will he have the same opportunities to get stats while the Browns are down 20? No picks. Horrid coaching. The factory is in full swing.

  19. Watson is 28-26 for his career. In his last full season, he went 4 and 12. Elite QBs don’t go 4-12. No amount of salary cap sleight of hand will fix that.

  20. Watsons cap hit this year is roughly 10 million, not 1 million. His base salary is 1 million but his signing bonus of 45 million is spread equally through the whole 5 year contract (9 million each year for the mathematically challenged.)

  21. I can see by the up and down votes that there are a lot of Cleveland homers on this site.

    So Bring on the downvotes!

    I personally think the Watson trade and guaranteed contract will go down as the worst trade in history. Worse than the Hershel Walker trade.

    Texans probably won’t win 3 SuperBowls with the draft haul (Like the Cowboys)- in that case the trade will be Lose/Neutral with the Browns eating a turd sandwich.

    Watson has a lot of bad karma out there AND……the Browns are the Browns.

  22. Clowney is one of those players that did amazing in college, but fizzed out in NFL

  23. No one wants to play for Cleveland unless they are willing to guarantee every contract.

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