Taysom Hill does not appear to be part of the quarterback conversation in New Orleans

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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After trying and failing to trade for Deshaun Watson, the Saints are no closer to identifying their starting quarterback than they were in February, when new coach Dennis Allen called the quarterback position “something we’ve got to figure out.” But whoever the Saints’ starting quarterback will be in Week One, Taysom Hill appears to have been ruled out.

Hill, who is currently recovering from surgery to repair a Lisfranc injury in his left foot, is not part of the quarterback conversation in New Orleans, Saints beat writer Larry Holder said on SiriusXM Radio.

That’s no surprise, given that turning Hill from an all-around athlete/playmaker into a quarterback was primarily an experiment that Sean Payton wanted to try, and Payton is no longer in New Orleans. Hill will continue to contribute as a runner, receiver and special teams player, but Allen will look for a more traditional quarterback.

The only other quarterbacks on the Saints’ roster right now are Ian Book and Blake Bortles, and it’s hard to believe either of them would get the starting job. So the Saints are still in the quarterback market.

Jameis Winston, who began last season as the Saints’ starting quarterback and led them to a 5-2 record before suffering a torn ACL, would be the obvious choice. But it’s unclear whether Winston will be healthy enough to start in Week One.

If it’s not Winston, trading for Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo may be the best options. In the game of quarterback musical chairs that this NFL offseason has been, the Saints don’t want to be left standing when the music stops.

10 responses to “Taysom Hill does not appear to be part of the quarterback conversation in New Orleans

  1. As I said at the time Payton insisted on Loomis giving Hill that stupid contract. Hahahahaha!

    Payton only cared about rewarding “his guy” and then left the steaming pile of crap left behind after Brees retired.

    Yes, the saints cleared cap this year but by doing that it’s even worse next year. Saints are 15 mill over the 2023 cap with only 36 players signed.

  2. Sign Jameis for 3 years and move forward. He was having a good season prior to the injury. This also allows the Saints to keep their roster intact, not give up draft picks, and not pay a quarter of a billion dollars. Will Jameis feel slighted by the pursuit of Watson, maybe, but it’s all about the business.

  3. You have to hand it Taysom Hill and his agent….the New Orleans Saints paid this guy way more than he was ever worth. After Drew Brees retired it left a massive leadership,accountability and production void at the QB position.

  4. As a saints fan I want hill playing plenty snaps. Special teams and plenty of offensive snaps but not as a qb. I always got me mad they would pull a hof guy to put him in that much.

    I only want to see him throw on trick plays

  5. Unless ian book is the next drew Brees, the Saints do not have a qb that will win them the division, much less nfc title.. on a loaded team like the Bucs, Winston fail 5 years but sure, he can suddenly do it under a much lesser coach!…

    Baker would make the team interesting again if nothing else!

  6. Considering Mayfield’s relationship with the Browns right now, the Saints could probably trade a bag of used athletic supporters for him.

  7. Some of you thought he could be a full time QB. He can’t even throw the ball. $10+ mil a year for a guy that’s not top 30 at any position.

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