Will the Seahawks make a run at Baker Mayfield?

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns
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Browns (for now) quarterback Baker Mayfield wants to be traded to the Colts. Whether he gets what he wants remains to be seen.

As explained by Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns may have to pay some of Mayfield’s salary in order to facilitate a trade to Indianapolis, given that the Colts know that Mayfield wants to play for the Colts and that the Browns have no other options.

Enter Seattle. Some believe the Seahawks will make a play for Mayfield. That he fits with the newfound “us against the world” vibe that Seattle is embracing, in the aftermath of the Russell Wilson trade. G.M. John Schneider was once part of the Green Bay mafia, and they all benefited from the presence of a quarterback named Brett Favre, who had many of the same personality traits now exhibited by Mayfield.

Indeed, former Browns G.M. John Dorsey’s football DNA traces back to Green Bay, and Dorsey made Mayfield the first pick in the 2018 draft.

Cleveland’s best play would be to spark a bidding war between a pair of teams, like the Colts and the Seahawks. If the Colts stay out of the fray, Cleveland needs another team.

I continue to be fascinated by the possibility that Dorsey’s current employer, the Lions, will get involved. Mayfield seems to be exactly what Detroit currently needs, and he’d be the team’s first quarterback with true swagger, perhaps since Bobby Layne.

Wherever he goes, there’s a future for Mayfield. He’s better than plenty of guys currently in the league. As teams continue to process what was a week ago not on the radar screen, someone will make a play for him.

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  1. Is he better than Goff though? I think it’s close at best, so why should the Lions go that route? Watch film on him last year and tell me Mayfield is a clear upgrade. Sure he had injury problems, but the issue was bad decisions for the most part. I would also argue that Wentz and Mayfield are about the same too, but as a Texans fan I really hope the Colts pull that trigger.

  2. I still don’t see Mayfield going to the Lions. I don’t think he’s a big enough skill upgrade from Jared Goff to make it worth while. I also don’t think he’s a fit in the Lions culture.

    The Lions mantra seems to be punch them in the mouth, but stay humble about it. Mayfield doesn’t stay humble about anything and his ability to throw a knockout punch is questionable.

  3. If I were Seattle’s Head Coach I would definitely try to acquire Baker Mayfield. It he were in the right system with the right franchise he would be on Mahomes and Josh Allen’s level. He’s the type of QB that you have to build the system around, you can’t ask him to fit in a system like Stefanski did.
    Pete Carroll needs to acquire Baker Mayfield and utilize his USC lineage and send Shane Waldron down to Lincoln Riley and let Lincoln Riley put Shane Waldron through a workshop to learn his system and then go back to Seattle and sit with Baker Mayfield and morph that system into an NFL offense and then watch the wins pile up.

  4. There are 3 obvious places for Mayfield to extend his services. INDY, Houston and Seattle. If I’m Mayfield, Seattle is the most attractive of the teams.

  5. Maybe the Lions should find a QB with swagger AND can play QB? Baker has had the keys to a real NFL offense and proceeded to drastically under-perform.

  6. I am sure Mayfield would rather play for the Seahawks than the Colts. Any sane person would.

  7. Jimmy G, Goff and Mayfield are all about the same. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense for the Lions to dump Goff for Mayfield.

  8. Lions would need to move Goffs contract, and that isn’t happening. Lions have Goff for at least another year. They are focusing on building a team around the QB first before trying to upgrade (and they have a lot of roster holes to fill, especially on defense).

  9. So the Browns will have to pay to send Mayfield to the Colts because someone in the Browns organization couldn’t keep from leaking that Mayfield wants to go to Indy. That pretty much sums up the Browns ineptitude.

  10. Seahawks should offer a bottle of pop in trade as long as browns pay nearly all of his current contract. Cheap competition at the qb position for no cost. Anything more than that (ok maybe a 7th rounder would be ok) and they should run away.

  11. Seattle needs to make that run/gesture. Sure; it will help drive up Mayfield’s price & Leverage. However, I’m still thinking a QB competition between Drew Lock & Mayfield would result in a better product than going into the season with Lock as the designated Starting QB.

  12. Mayfield had fantastic receivers and probably the best running game in the league last season and laid an egg. Granted he had injuries but what makes you think he will perform on an offense that has less?

  13. Make a run? You mean agree to take him off of Cleveland’s hands. There’s not going to be a bidding war. The Browns just have to decide how little they’re willing to receive in return.

  14. Who else do the Colts think they’re gonna get? Jimmy G? He’ll cost just as much in picks and is even more injury prone than Baker. Jameis Winston? He’s a turnover machine. Matt Ryan will cost significantly more and his production has been declining the last couple years. Baker isn’t a perfect solution by any stretch but he’s probably the best option left for them and Carolina still needs a QB too. The Colts are nuts if they try to lowball the Browns – they will wind up overpaying for whoever is left over.

  15. Nobody is going to pay Baker 18 million and nobody is going to pay Jimmy Jack 25 million, there will need to be a sacrifice by the 49er’s and Browns to pay at least 1/2 of both of their salaries for a deal to get done with any other team.

  16. There is a very real possibility no one trades for Baker and the Browns are left to release him

  17. How about Goff to the Seahawks and Mayfield to the Lions?

    Goff is a better fit for Seattle

  18. Can we stop this Baker to Detroit stuff please. Dorsey has no authority in Detroit and Baker is the farthest thing from a Dan Campbell you could possibly find in the NFL

  19. Johnny Manziel had swagger too. The Lions will go with Goff this year, and draft serious competition for him in the draft. No need to screw up the cap for 1 year of Mayfield.

  20. The Panthers will want to get a franchise QB, not a retread, which they have tried. They will draft Willis if he drops into their lap at the #6 pick. I expect the Seahawk to also be interested in Willis, as well as the Falcons, if they trade Ryan. If the Seahawks and /or the Falcons want to trade up to get Willis, just call 1-800-GoTexans, and we will trade back a few spots, for (2) 1st’s and a 2nd!

  21. Browns are already committed to moving on from Mayfield. They have no leverage . They need to take what they can get in trade , cut him , or pay someone to take him.

  22. I hope not. Why give up the draft picks for a QB that is likely no better than Matt Corral? Use the picks to replenish the positions that had to be ignored due to lack of money. Take a chance on Corral, and let him and Lock (I guess Smith too….but c’mon) battle it out in camp. I’ve seen a lot of tape on Corral. He throws a better crossing route pass than Jimmy G AND Mayfield…has a really quick release…and is highly competitive. I’d be more excited about that future than giving picks for a mediocre Mayfield.

  23. Msyfield is way better than Wentz or Goff at this point in time. With some coaching stability I think he ends up having a good career.

  24. Swagger does not win football games. Detroit would be wise to use one of their early second rd picks on a QB instead of trading for Mayfield.

  25. Backer is a fringe starter at BEST. Seattle is better off trading players for draft picks and starting from scratch.

  26. That Baker Mayfield is a substantial commodity shows just how pathetic the QB average is in the NFL.

  27. I hope no team accepts a trade and they are forced to cut him..and then cut other starters to get their cap situation squared away. Best possible outcome in my opinion.

  28. I’m not so sure the Seahawks want a veteran QB that will be due for a new (expensive) contract soon. As much as we are hearing “rumors” they want a veteran QB I wonder if the Hawks aren’t the source of those rumors in order to hide the fact they want to start fresh with a rookie.

  29. Lockett and Metacalf better be ready to take pay cuts. With Mayfield their stats instantly will be cut in half.

  30. If the Browns can get a couple of second round picks for Mayfield it would help offset the Watson trade.

  31. “If the Browns can get a couple of second round picks for Mayfield it would help offset the Watson trade”

    HAH! HA! HA! Look at Wentz for the class of deal. Not much. He is expensive and has forced his way out of town.

  32. Even if they don’t acquire Mayfield, Seattle will squander the picks acquired from Wilson trade………

  33. The posters with the negative comments must not have seen Mayfield play when healthy. Sure, he had a tough year in 2021…he was severely injured and should not even been playing for most of the year, his “best receivers in the league”, as someone put it, were either injured or recovering from injury for most of the year, his tackles were playing injured and/or on IR all year.
    Mayfield will bounce back somewhere.

  34. pftpro says:
    March 20, 2022 at 9:05 pm

    The Steelers probably wish they would have waited before signing Trubisky…


    It’s free agency a lot of roster moves are done & undone. I doubt the Browns would allow a trade to the Steelers though.

  35. Seahawks might give a 3rd or 4th rounder to kick the tires as the remaining available free agents are all garbage and proven non-winners. Not-to-mention this years draft has nothing worth using a 1st or 2nd or even a third round pick on on the pundits “top QB’s.”

    They can easily afford his salary.

  36. I must be the rare Seattle fan who actually thinks Baker would be a good fit here. Pete is taking this team back to the days of solid D and ball control offense. When you look at when this team did the best with Lynch/Wilson, Wilson was throwing for 175-225 yards per game. Baker can do that just fine.

  37. So where will Baker go to now that the Colts traded for Ryan. I doubt Seattle is in play.

  38. I don’t want Baker Mayfield in Seattle. If I were the Seahawks, I would be calling the Lions to acquire Jared Goff. Plus Pete Carroll lacks the discipline of a head coach period.

  39. Based on the market they don’t need to make a run. They can walk pretty slowly as a matter of a fact, he clearly is not going anywhere.

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