Drew Lock switching to No. 2 with the Seahawks

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Drew Lock wore No. 3 in Lee’s Summit (Missouri) High School. He wore No. 3 at the University of Missouri. He wore No. 3 with the Broncos.

The quarterback will wear No. 2 with the Seahawks.

That’s because Russell Wilson wore No. 3 during 10 seasons in Seattle when he became the greatest quarterback in team history.

“You wouldn’t go wear 18 in Indianapolis. You wouldn’t go wear 12 in Green Bay,” Lock said Monday, via Brady Henderson of ESPN. “It’s a sign of respect for him from me, but also at the same time, I want to write my own story here.”

Lock, 25, gets to start over with the Seahawks, who received Lock as part of the package for Wilson.

12 responses to “Drew Lock switching to No. 2 with the Seahawks

  1. That’s a lot of respect for the organization and the QB whom he is taking over for. Classy dude.

  2. I think he’ll do great here ..John Flash was awful his first 2 years too, Give the guy a chance he’ll be awesome !!! Go Drew..Go Hawks !!!!😁😁

  3. I don’t like this. Lock should take #3 and make it his own. Make them forget all about Wilson. He must have supreme confidence in himself.

  4. John Elway was terrible his first two years too. Give the guy a chance he’ll be awesome..

  5. I think that they should give him a chance. He doesn’t have to “replace” Wilson, he just has to play well in the new system.

    Go Hawks!

  6. If they don’t figure out how to get their O-line to protect the QB, it won’t matter who’s calling the signals.

  7. I agree with the mindset on the surface, but I think it would have been pretty funny to wear #3. You were brought in to replace Wilson, so take what was his number. Go all in.

  8. As a Bronco fan I truly hope and think this move will be great for him. He was never really given a chance to succeed in Denver. They brought in a O.C. in Rich Scangarello when they drafted Lock to help him succeed in the next level. The next year Rich was gone and Shurmur was brought in and combined with Fangio they completely ruined him. Locks 2nd year (1st with Shurmur)the Broncos had so many injuries and a terrible O-Line that he had no chance of success. Locks missed probably 4 games himself due to injuries. Last year Vic was scrambling to save his job and instead of continuing to build a young QB they gave up and tried to save their jobs with Terrible Teddy. They gave up on a young QB who literally played one full season. I truly hope he does succeed as the kid deserves a legit chance

  9. Fix the o-line…or no QB will succeed in Seattle. You have the picks now…so fixing it is a possibility. Just don’t give up the draft picks for Mayfield…please.

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