Falcons agree to trade Matt Ryan to the Colts

Atlanta Falcons v Indianapolis Colts
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The Falcons wanted four extra days in the event they traded for Deshaun Watson. They didn’t. And they still traded away Matt Ryan.

Per multiple reports, the Falcons have sent long-time quarterback Matt Ryan to the Colts for a third-round pick.

The Falcons will take a $40.525 million cap charge for trading Ryan. That’s less than the $48.66 million cap charge that would have applied to him, if he’d stayed.

Just 10 days ago, NFL Media reported that the Falcons and Ryan had agreed to a restructuring that would have lowered his cap charge by $12 million. However, the cap charge for trading him before June 1 would have shot above $55 million. That deal was never done, as the Falcons pivoted first to the idea of getting Watson and then to the reality of getting rid of Ryan.

Ryan agreed on Thursday to defer his roster bonus by four days. We wondered whether the quid pro quo was to trade him even if they don’t get Watson. After 14 loyal years from Ryan, the Falcons showed disloyalty to Ryan. Ryan had every right — after never showing any inclination to leave Atlanta — to ask for a one-way ticket out of town.

In Indianapolis, Ryan will earn $23.75 million in 2022 and $28 million in 2023, barring a new deal. He’s due to be a free agent in 2024.

67 responses to “Falcons agree to trade Matt Ryan to the Colts

  1. Teams will need to watch out for the Colts! I’m a Bills fan and I sure don’t want to see them!

  2. Great trade now florio and all the media insiders can stop wishing baker and jimmmy g on us by constantly putting out these reports

  3. NFC South is looking completely different now. Newton, Brees, and Ryan was the faces of that division for a long time, times are certainly changing

  4. Both the Falcons and the Washington Whatevers look really dumb right now. Shocking

  5. Goes to show you that a team doesn’t need to burn multiple ones to land a good quarterback.

  6. So, Trubisky at $12M…Mayfield at $19M… Ryan at $22M…Watson at $220M…hmmm???

  7. This is a great move for Both The Colts and Matt Ryan and should make them contenders or at least play-off bound.

    Clear upgrade on Wentz

  8. Gotta hand it to the horseshoe, they keep doubling down on over rated QB’s…. Who will they sign next year?

  9. “ The Falcons will take a $40.525 million cap charge for trading Ryan”

    The Colts absolutely fleeced the Falcons

  10. Good for him, he’s given Atlanta all he had and hopefully he gets what he wants from the Colts.

  11. So after the dust settles, the Colts received Washington’s 2022 3rd round pick, and some extra picks for Wentz. The Colts used the 2022 3rd round pick for Ryan. So the Colts ended with with a better QB than Wentz plus a couple of extra picks. Washington is looking even sillier today.

  12. All ATL needs now is to pick up Sam Darnold and Baker effectively capturing 60% of the 1st round QB draft class in 2018

  13. The NFL draft just got a lot more interesting. The newly acquired 3rd round pick gives Atlanta additional draft capital to move up and take the first QB selected in the 2022 draft if they feel a franchise QB is available at the top of the draft.

  14. Sorry, but I don’t trust Atlanta, remember how they did TN with Jones. I think they know Matt is done. If I am right in the future it will be really hard for any team to believe them going forward.

  15. The Colts get their best QB since Luck and Ryan gets his best team arguably ever, or at least since their SB run.

    The AFC is so crowded right now; he’d probably have a more open path to the playoffs with the Falcons. But from Blank to Pitts, that team showed how ready they were to throw him overboard, so this move looks like a good one.

    I would say instant favorites to win the division, and that alone puts you within a few games of a ring. Best of luck to him.

  16. So,we know already that the Bucs,Packers,and Cowboys will be division winners next year.The next best teams in those divisions aren’t even close.

  17. Good for Matt. Hope he gets another crack at a ring after what happened five years ago.

  18. Good move by the Colts, Ryan has plenty left and with that running game and defense tyhe south should be theirs

  19. Wondering what the Falcons will be doing for a quarterback this season. Jimmy G? Maybe they could send the Colts 3rd round pick and a 2nd to the 49ers for him. If not, they’re really going to stink on offense this season, which is absolutely fine by me.

  20. Ryan is a class act and still an above average NFL QB. I’m surprised he was only worth a 3rd rounder. This will improve the Colts significantly. The Falcons must be in tank mode.

  21. Atlanta is taking a $40 million plus cap charge hit this year and only got a 3rd round pick in the trade? Is Atlanta the quiet version of Cleveland?

  22. Do any of you thrilled Colts fans know when the last time Matt Ryan scared a defense was?
    He’s been washed up for 10 years.

  23. No one watching Ryan over the last two years can say the colts got better. Shot player.

  24. This tells me that Indy thinks they can compete now. Ryan’s not a long-term solution. But he can manage games while Taylor carries the load.

  25. Let’s see how Ryan performs against Watson for the next two years. Colts and Browns are in similar win now situations.

  26. So,we know already that the Bucs,Packers,and Cowboys will be division winners next year.The next best teams in those divisions aren’t even close.


    You don’t know this to be true at all. One hit on Rodgers, Dak, or Brady and its all over for those teams.

  27. If they continue with a run first offense, and a strong defense then this is a killer trade for the Colts. Yes Matt Ryan can’t sling it like he used to. But as a pocket passer with designed running back passes, crossing passes, short to mid range thrown in. This offense will shine.

  28. Jazzeppi says:
    March 21, 2022 at 2:26 pm

    What a bush move by the Falcons to withhold his roster bonus.


    He’s still going to get his roster bonus, it will be paid by Colts instead of Falcons.

  29. Bottom line. Matt Ryan makes the Colts a better team. Good for them. Good for him.

  30. tnpacker says:
    March 21, 2022 at 2:48 pm
    So,we know already that the Bucs,Packers,and Cowboys will be division winners next year.The next best teams in those divisions aren’t even close.

    Which means the NFC west teams will have to win on the road again this year if they want to see a Super Bowl.

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