Saints, Jameis Winston agree to two-year contract

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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Jameis Winston will remain in New Orleans.

Winston and the Saints have agreed to a two-year contract, according to NFL Network. The deal is reportedly worth $28 million, with $21 million of it guaranteed.

The Saints attempted to upgrade at quarterback this offseason, including by trying to trade for Deshaun Watson, but in the end they’ve decided to go back to Winston, who led them to a 5-2 start last season before suffering a torn ACL.

If Winston is healthy and ready to go, all expectations are that he’ll be the Week One starter in New Orleans. If it takes Winston longer than 10 months to be ready to go, backup quarterbacks Ian Book and Blake Bortles would likely compete to start until Winston is healthy.

39 responses to “Saints, Jameis Winston agree to two-year contract

  1. He was great before he got hurt last year. With the insane money being thrown around for QB’s, this is a steal.

  2. Rumor has it when Jamie’s signed the contract and gave it back to the Saints, that was intercepted as well

  3. Jameis showed last year he can manage a game and not make mistakes. If he had not gotten hurt it’s likely the Saints would’ve been 12-5 or better. They were 9-3 with either Winston or Taysom Hill at QB.

  4. I agree that Taysom Hill is not a starting quarterback in the NFL, but I still think he’s better than Book or Bortles. Then again, perhaps all Book needs to succeed is an O-line not composed of guys signed off the street the day before the game.

  5. Baker is running out of options…Seahawks?

    I can’t see it myself, but who knows…

  6. At this point, Baker Mayfield should just ask for release & back up Tua in Miami. Might be a good competition for both of them. Then trade one in late August.

  7. Considering the Saints will run 90+% of the old offence, (if he’s healthy) there will be no learning curve. I was curious about the Saints kicking the tires on Mayfield but think this is a solid signing at a reasonable price.

  8. Jameis is a different, and more likable person, since he joined the Saints. Not a fan of the team, but hope it works out for both.

  9. Where does Taysom Hill fit in at 10 million a year? The article says they’re considering Bortles and Book as starters if Winston isn’t healthy at the start of the season.

  10. They got him for basically backup money. Seems the going rate for a starter is 40 mil plus

  11. Winston is brutal . With that being said when Blake Bortles is your backup brutal is worth 12 million a year in the big easy.

  12. Winston aint even bad. He played good last season and the Saints looked to be going to the playoffs. He’s 10x better than Hill and two years at only 28 mil, thats pretty damn good for the Saints.

  13. They used Winston as a game manager, and didn’t let him throw deep and throw picks.
    If he can improve, they can always extend him.

  14. I’m happy that Jameis return because In the WEAK NFC Conference the Saints with that top 10 Defense should make the playoffs, before getting injured Jameis was dealing.

  15. Is Watson that much better than Winston?

    On the field yes, off the field they have similar track records.

  16. Tua is already the backup with the signing of Bridgewater. They just haven’t told him yet. Certainly no room for Baker.

  17. Jameis Winston in New Orleans? Marcus Mariotta in Atalanta? No wonder Sean McVay is feeling reenergized

  18. As a Saints fan, this is disappointing to me. I know what his record was, but he was only throwing an average of 180s-some yards per game. Payton didn’t trust him enough to turn him loose, and I can’t help but think there was a reason for that. I didn’t want Watson, but I was hoping for Garoppolo.

  19. The reason Payton didn’t turn him loose was because there were no receivers good enough to allow it, when play after play no one is open it’s pretty hard to turn your QB loose…

  20. Winston at 14M (plus keeping your 5 draft picks) is better than Watson at 46M (guaranteed AND give up 5 draft picks)

  21. Jameis is a different quarterback after his LASIK surgery. He can see downfield now. The Saints made a smart move.

  22. The reason Payton didn’t turn him loose was because there were no receivers good enough to allow it, when play after play no one is open it’s pretty hard to turn your QB loose…

    Also because of his tendency to throw to the other team at the worst times. Last year Payton did what good coaches do. They turn mistake prone QBs into game managers. Rarely have we seen turnover machine QBs correct that and become great especially 7 years in. Maybe if the Saints are lucky. Winston’s ceiling is being a Brett Favre type QB, gunslinger that still makes mistakes but does more good than bad. History so far has shown otherwise. He’s more likely to be a Trent Dilfer type QB, a solid game manager that you just can’t turn loose but can win with a good enough team around him and great defense.

  23. Running out of seats for Baker. I don’t know what I will do without the commercials.

  24. Garoppolo is probably a better QB than Winston. The question is whether or not he’d be a better QB for the Saints. For one he’s going to make 27 million this year instead of 28 over two years for Winston. Additionally the Saints would have to trade for Garoppolo and that would entail giving up 2 second round picks. Winston is likely to improve this year as for the first time in New Orleans he will have an elite receiver to throw the ball to. He didn’t have that last year. His passing yardage will likely improve this season, but if the Saints are smart they will continue to manage his propensity for making risky throws.

  25. Very happy Saints re-signed Jameis at a team-friendly rate, with no loss of draft picks. He showed he can improve, albeit under Payton’s tutelage, and if he can continue to make good QB decisions as a game manager, and show flashes of his talent, the Saints can continue prosper.

  26. Winston is fine…problem is the rest of the offense is bleh unless Michael Thomas returns.

  27. Wondering how Winston feels about not being the Aints first or probably not their second choice. Poor guy, should have held out for the Seahawks or Panthers

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