Terron Armstead agrees to five-year, $75 million deal with Dolphins

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The Dolphins are signing left tackle Terron Armstead to a five-year, $75 million deal plus incentives, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

Armstead visited Miami on Monday.

He was the highest-ranked available free agent left on PFT’s top 100, coming in at No. 4.

Armstead, 30, has spent his entire career in New Orleans, which made him a third-round choice in 2013.

He has played 97 games with 93 starts and has made three Pro Bowls.

Armstead missed nine games last season with elbow and knee injuries. He underwent offseason surgery on his knee on Jan. 18.

49 responses to “Terron Armstead agrees to five-year, $75 million deal with Dolphins

  1. Great player who can’t stay on the field. Hope the Dolphins have a decent backup because Armstead will miss at least 5-6 games.

  2. Dolphins are getting a good, smart, steady lineman in TA. Though he battles injuries, he is a good leader and a rock on the left side. WhoDat Nation will miss him! Hope he does well in Miami

  3. Dolphins scored here. He’s obviously an injury but the contract is team friendly.

    People don’t realize the kind of talent Miami has.

    God help all of you if they trade up in the draft and select one of those three former Ohio State WRs to paid with the uncoverable Jaylen Waddle.

  4. thatguywhoalwayssayschampionship says:

    March 22, 2022 at 8:00 pm

    Probably more like 2 years, 25 with team options. K tho

    The deal has 43 million in guarantees so your not even close. K tho 🤦‍♂️🤣

  5. I have no problem with the Dolphins and wish them well. I just wish that they could put a clause in his contract that would allow them to keep half of his game check when he misses time. The organization could save a lot of money that way. As someone said earlier, I hope the Fins have a good backup.

  6. Miami finally solidified the OL. With the high picks from recent drafts finally getting real support and coaching they will develop into starters also.
    Miami will be sneaky good and under the radar.
    Everyone wants to talk about the AFC West but those teams will all beat up on each other all year and split games and each get 4 losses alone in their own division. They may have solid teams but going 500 in the division hurts big time.

  7. This was a great signing but they still need to keep building this offensive line because that was the weakness of this team.

  8. Congrats to the Dolphins. Y’all picked up a fantastic player. Ignore the trolls. This Bengals fan is happy for your team…Cincinnati knows the importance of a solid Offensive Line.

  9. I like the way this off season is playing out.
    Re-sign steady contributors, and acquire talent that the new regime feels adds value.
    This is the only splashy signing to date but, if he can stay healthy, should go a long way to adding stability to the line.

  10. We Miami fans can only hope some of the remaining offensive line pieces, can develop. Because Austin Jackson and Jesse Davis were just unbelievably bad. As a life long Fin fan, I can’t remember another lineman in Miami being so bad.

  11. “ Miami will be sneaky good and under the radar.”

    If by under the radar you mean out of the playoffs between MVP candidates and Pro Bowlers like Mahomes, Wilson, Allen, Herbert, Jackson, Watson, Burrow, Carr, Ryan, and even Mac Jones and Ryan Tannehill then yeah, this 30 year old Offensive lineman makes them an under the radar contender.


  12. God help all of you if they trade up in the draft and select one of those three former Ohio State WRs to paid with the uncoverable Jaylen Waddle.
    I’m a Rams fan and we will smack you from LA to Miami with Olave AND Wilson.

  13. Seems like the Dolphins are making all the right moves all across the organization.

  14. So the same guy who drafted Tua and Austin Jackson (bust) in the first round is the same guy who went and signed Terron knowing that Terron is an often injured player. Miami is constantly wasting money and draft picks. Years after the Tunsil and Minkah trades Miami is still fighting for 2nd place in the division. Miami is still way behind Buffalo.

  15. I am glad Cincinnati didn’t go after him. The injury risks/price tag is too high. I have friends and family that are Fin fans. For their sake I hope he stays healthy.

  16. O-Line was the only weakness on the Dolphins last year… this will improve everything they do offensively and I hope people keep hating. Phins Up

  17. Wish people would quit with the “if he stays healthy” caveat.
    Isn’t that a given?

  18. This is a good signing. It wasn’t a record setting contract that was handed out but it was a hefty one. Here’s to hoping he hasn’t hit the wall and is a constant fixture on IR. Even if we only get 3 decent years out of him it’s a good signing. We’ve addressed the line and run game in FA. Curious to see how we handle the draft. I’m guessing WR or maybe pass rusher. The team has already gotten better with just a few signings and an overhaul of the coaching staff. I think we’ll find out soon enough if Tua is an answer at QB. If not then we use next years draft capital and start it all again…. again.

  19. Reminds me of the Solder signing by the Giants. 30, Giants desperate, Solder breaking down.

  20. Solid move by Dolphins that potentially fixes three positions. Locks down left tackle moves Eichenbergh to Right tackle and leaves hunt at guard where he’s been very successful.

  21. He will probably miss 5 games this year, but those other 12 games he will be gold. He’s a great player when on the field, just have a plan for when he’s hurt.

  22. Take a look at the QBs across the AFC. If you think the Dolphins are contenders with Tua, you’re not being honest with yourself.

  23. “Not BuyingIt says:
    March 22, 2022 at 8:30 pm
    We Miami fans can only hope some of the remaining offensive line pieces, can develop. Because Austin Jackson and Jesse Davis were just unbelievably bad. As a life long Fin fan, I can’t remember another lineman in Miami being so bad.”

    You’re probably too young to remember Billy Milner, a first round mistake if ever there was one. Not one of Shula’s finer moments.

  24. Will he play on the right side since Tua is a lefty? Even so, nice pickup by the Guns

  25. The OL now has 2 really good players with experience. That with the new coaches can only help make those other very young OL players like Jackson become better. I’m not so sure those young guys were completely at fault. This year should see improvement now in a big way. I’d like to see better play at the center position even if that means a player upgrade there.

  26. Buffalo: Here is a 6 year deal to 33 year old Von Miller.
    Dolphins: Here is a 5 year deal for 30 year old, often injured Terron Armstead.
    Your move Jets.

  27. Is Armstead going to play right tackle? Tua is a lefty so he needs a RT to protect his blindside not a LT. The reason offensive tackles get paid like they do is they protect the QB’s blindside. If Armstead plays his natural position he won’t be protecting Tua’s blindside. Armstead has also never played a full season in the NFL & he is 31 years old. I thought they should’ve gone all in for La’el Collins when he became available because he’s a RT, which is really what Tua needs.

  28. Injuries matter.
    Old, injured guys geting overpaid is a strange action across the league.

  29. I love the offseason moves. But with the fire power the AFC has now it just doesn’t matter. We will field a better team and come away with about the same amount of wins.

  30. I expected him to get a lot more than that, so I guess the injury issues played a big role there…

  31. Armstead excels in the screen game with his speed and agility. Hopefully the offense will use him to his strengths and not intend for him to do a ton of run blocking.

  32. At the end of the day Miami had no choice but to make this move. The Downfall of the 2021 Dolphins season was the offensive line. Tua averaged 2.5 seconds before he had to get rid of the ball that was second to last in the entire NFL. The lack of having an effective offensive line led to the Dolphins having one of the worst running attacks in the league and not being able to throw the deep ball. The contract is team friendly, which given the incentives infused into the contract, it gives Miami flexibility in case Armstead is out due to injury. With a base salary of $75 million for 5 years for a probowl left tackle averaging $15 million per year is outstanding. Trent WIlliams who had injury concerns himself signed with the 49ers for $120 million making almost $30 million a year also 3 years older than Armstead was viewed as a great FA signing.

  33. Obviously phin fans are delusional. Some of the above posts are really good comedy.

  34. Worst O line pretenders. Remember Gase cutting Billy Tirner and another turnstile on a Monday or Tuesday following weekend loss. I was definitely surprised to Turner was still playing in league.

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