Chiefs trading Tyreek Hill to Dolphins

NFL: JAN 30 AFC Conference Championship - Bengals at Chiefs
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Tyreek Hill‘s talents are headed to South Beach.

The Chiefs are trading Hill to the Dolphins in exchange for five draft selections.

Kansas City will receive a 2022 first-round pick, 2022 second-round pick, 2022 fourth-round pick, 2023 fourth-round pick, and 2023 sixth-round pick in exchange for Hill.

The Dolphins are also expected to give Hill a contract that guarantees him $70 million over the next three seasons.

The Jets were also a potential destination for Hill, but he’s headed to a different team in their division.

Hill leaves Kansas City as one of the best receivers in franchise history. He is fourth on the team’s all-time list with 479 receptions, fifth with 6,630 yards, and fourth with 56 receiving touchdowns.

A fifth-round pick in the 2016 draft, Hill made the Pro Bowl in each of his six seasons and was a first-team All-Pro three times — twice as a receiver and once as a returner.

Hill caught 111 passes for 1,239 yards with nine touchdowns in 2021.

Now he’ll pair with Jaylen Waddle to form a strong receiver tandem in the AFC East.

122 responses to “Chiefs trading Tyreek Hill to Dolphins

  1. Hill will learn real quick what a true quarterback is. I give this a year & he demands a trade.

  2. Chiefs fans be like, “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, damn you Raiders, damn you Davante Adams, damn you Packers”…. LMFAO

  3. Unreal price to pay and incredibly stupid. Who is going to throw him the ball? Their current joke of a QB?

    The Bills will chew them up and spit them out.

  4. Based on the trade KC came out better than Green Bay and Hill is not the true WR Adams is. And Tyreek Hill in the Miami party area…. Get your popcorn ready…

  5. Wow! Hill, Waddle and Gesicki will be a matchup nightmare for defenses. Chris Grier is all in. Let the haters start posting!

  6. Look for even more 10-15 yard crossing patterns to compliment Waddle, Tua
    still can’t throw deep.

  7. Hill about to find out the same thing that Adams is going to find out. It’s easier to be a great WR when you have a HOF QB throwing you the ball

  8. How to defend the Dolphins:

    Take your fastest CB (Jon Jones in NE) and put him underneath with your fastest Safety over the top (McCourty), and don’t move from that much, if at all, on every snap. Hill is removed and/or minimized from big impact on the game.

    Put your best CB on Waddle and ask that CB to jam and take out Waddle. Even if Waddle collects 8 grabs for 100 yards, it won’t be enough elsewhere.

    All easier said than done, and you have to have the horses, but this is it. It works.

    A lot of what football is, is being able to KNOW what you have and KNOW what you can do.

    This will make Miami worse as Stephen Ross very quickly, as he tries to deflect from his cheating and other attempted cover up shenanigans as they yet again hit the glitz and glam reset button for billionth time on Miami Beach.

    The Jets dodged a bullet.

  9. Shocker! Hill is maybe the most dangerous player in the league with the ball in his hands. KC is really going to miss him and I really think they will be just a little above average this year.

  10. ‘CCR’s’ nailed it: this move is a direct result of LV acquiring/paying DA17. Another good news day for the S&B.

  11. It’s all based on ego. Once Davante Adams signed with the Raiders Tyreek realized he is no longer the best receive in the AFC West and he can’t handle that.

  12. That’s way too much draft capital for a WR. Yeah, dude is good, great even. But 5 picks great in a draft loaded with wide receivers? Nope. Stupid.

  13. Once again, a team (over)paid the quarterback and watched the rest of the roster fall apart.

  14. T Hill is the most explosive and talented WR in the league. Real foolish by KC to trade him. Mahomes fantasy draft value just went down!!

  15. This is a loss for everybody. Hill will be half the player in Miami with their QB’s, and the Chiefs will really miss him. Still, I understand why they traded him instead of paying that rate.

  16. Troy Rew says:
    March 23, 2022 at 12:52 pm
    Broncos 3rd in AFC West

    Agree. It is pretty funny that people think getting Wilson pushes the Broncos over the top. Dude is good, but he peaked several years ago.

  17. Troy Rew says:
    March 23, 2022 at 12:52 pm
    Broncos 3rd in AFC West


    Chiefs trade their best Offensive weapon to the Dolphins, and your reaction is to hate on the Broncos? Weird cope.

    Broncos 3rd? Must mean Chiefs come in last 🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. With Tua throwing and not Mahomes there’s no way he can put up the same numbers as in KC. Tua gets hurt too much and can’t throw downfield.

  19. Is this the greatest offseason ever??!! I’ve never seen so many significant players moved in one offseason…cannot wait for the season to start!!

  20. It’s a good thing Hill is so fast because he’s going to have to run his rout then 20-30 yards backward to wherever Tua’s pass is landing.

  21. Keep hating on Tua people. Just remember to come back and say you were wrong when he is in the top 5 AFC QB this year

  22. Um to people saying who’s going to throw him the ball,he fits perfect for Tua’s accuracy because he can get open all over the field and if not Miami still has both of its first round picks in 2023. We could aquire a Qb with them, I mean who wouldn’t want to throw to Hill and Waddle or move up to get one.

  23. Count on the Dolphins for one of the dumbest moves this off season. Mortgage the future on a WR when you are many pieces away. Sorry Dolphin fans. Should have went for Watson instead.

  24. Who’s going to throw him the ball? Noodle-armed Tua? Get ready for a lot of 5-yard dump-offs.

  25. Garrett Wilson can replace this guy very easily they now have the ammunition to move up into the top 7 to get him. At a rookie contract while the Fins will be paying this temperamental diva in the 30m range very smart move by KC.

  26. No doubt Hill is a great and impactful player. But if the reported numbers are right he’s getting nearly 15% of salary cap. ($30M / $208M) I just have trouble seeing a WR as being worth 1/7th of team cap.

  27. Hill is going to find out quickly the value of having a MVP QB throwing him the ball and having an offense designed around his skill set.

    Get ready for this to go south quickly. He’ll have his money….and that’s about it.

  28. “Kansas City will receive a 2022 first-round pick, “…..I thought the Dolphins traded that to the Eagles last year for Waddle?

  29. So let me get this straight, the Dolphins are going to pay 30 million per year for what will be 7 yard catches and a cloud of dust if they are lucky? Tua has one of the weakest arms of all starting QBs, this is not going to turn out well.

  30. Guy averages 11 YPC. Not very good. Sure, he can break one at any time, but most of his catches are 2-3 yards with 7-8 after the catch. Guess that’s what Tua’s made for.

  31. Chiefs can use their first rounder to replace Hill with a burner — on a rookie contract.

  32. Tua should take that next step now and Miami should split with the Bills. No more excuses.

  33. Pats fans watching their chances of getting 2nd place in AFC East go up in smoke.

  34. Huge day for Bengals and Bills. The gap between those two teams and the rest of AFC is the same as TB and LA in the NFC.

  35. mfgdog says:
    March 23, 2022 at 12:50 pm
    This makes no sense for Kansas City. What am I missing here?

    Mahomes’ big-$$$ contract numbers kicking in? Are you missing that

  36. Funny, I think that makes JuJu the #1 in KC and we all know how JuJu does as a #1.

  37. How did Hill do with Smith and Henne throwing him the ball?? Expect the same or worse with Tua?

  38. GoodellMustGo says:
    March 23, 2022 at 12:52 pm

    $30M a year for a WR.

    Ok then.


    Keep in mind this is Drew Rosenhaus accounting. I’d bet that the biggest numbers are on the back end and the effective number will be lower.

  39. Cue the Tua haters. And all of the people who don’t realize Miami had the worst offensive line in the history of the sport last year.

  40. Hill vs Adams trades: there was a bidding war for Hill. Adams wanted to go to Oakland and Green Bay accommodated him without going to the open market. Green Bay also moved Adams out of the conference. To me, shows class by Green Bay who still got a great haul and escaped cap-hell.

  41. The Chiefs end up with 2 picks in the first round (29,30). Let’s hope they get a top 5 WR and/or a high quality WR with Miami’s pick in the 2nd round (50).

  42. Patriots creeping ever closer to the bottom of the AFC East. Jets, it’s your move.

  43. People who keep saying that Tua can only throw 7 yards are forgetting that Hill can run for another 40 after the catch.

  44. Chiefs window as they were configured had closed anyway. If anything, this opens it back up, hee won’t be that difficult to replace. Great move by KC.

  45. I guess this is the new model in the NFL. Team has success and pays QB insane money. Key players then have to be cut or traded. Team stops being a serious contender for duration of QB contract.

  46. Some of these post are funny… truth be told, all the haters would be ecstatic if this was your team that got Hill. Next years going to be fun! Can’t wait for all the “thumbs down”… makes this all the sweeter. #FinsUp

  47. Chiefs get almost as much for Hill as Texans got for Waston. This clinches it, the McNairs are the dumbest owners in sports, period.

  48. Who would have thought that the game against the Bengals would be his last one as a chief. He’s going to see what life is like in the NFL as a receiver without a top-tier QB. The ultimate dependent position.

  49. ” And all of the people who don’t realize Miami had the worst offensive line in the history of the sport last year.”

    Joe Burrow would disagree with you. He got sacked 51 times last year.

  50. Chiefs come away smelling like a rose in this one. Dolphins come away just smelling. Implosion in 1……2…..3…….

  51. Yeah, he’ll probably get short passes but isn’t he the perfect receiver for a QB only throws short passes? He can turn them into 70 yd TDs. Hill is probably the only receiver Miami should even consider paying that contract to, and they went out and got him.

  52. I hope these guys can win a game singlehandedly because that’s what the money they’re getting says they should be able to do!

  53. hinglemccringleberry says:
    March 23, 2022 at 12:58 pm
    Keep hating on Tua people. Just remember to come back and say you were wrong when he is in the top 5 AFC QB this year
    I think you meant top 5 AFC East QB…

  54. Terrific news for Raider fans. It’s never been fearing Mahomes it was always about Hill.

  55. And that, kids, is why parking at an NFL stadium costs $50, hot dogs cost $12, and a beer will set you back $15.

  56. This helps the Bills. Even with Hill, the Dolphins still don’t have the horsepower to challenge for the AFC East, and this significantly weakens Kansas City.

  57. While this isn’t as bad as the Herschel Walker trade, it’s not far off. Way too much draft capital for a WR. AND as others have noted: Tyreek Hill in Miami…what could possibly go wrong

  58. If Tua has time to throw Waddle and Hill will be open every play. Don’t forget about Mostert with screen passes as well

  59. Chiefs are very likely now 4th place in their division. The dolphins now became watchable. Good trade for them. Yes, no draft.. but they got Armstead, Mostert, Edmonds, and Hill w/o giving up any players.. that’s worth it

  60. Chiefs won’t be that good and Pats are screwed! Pats will either be 3rd or 4th in their division.

  61. realfootballfan says:
    March 23, 2022 at 12:56 pm

    Dolphins still going to go 6-11.
    How’s that work exactly when they were 9-8 with much less talent?

  62. Doubt he’s going to be happy. The Dolphins are utterly dysfunctional. The Chiefs fleeced them.

  63. This weakens the Chiefs in the short term and the other 3 AFC West teams have made big moves to improve. It’s going to be a dog fight in the AFC West this year.

  64. flash1224 says:
    March 23, 2022 at 12:48 pm

    Now they just need a QB


    Mayfield is still available.

  65. Tyreek is the perfect WR for a QB that can’t throw 15 yards past the LOS. He just may make Tua look like a competent QB.

  66. One wonders if things between Hill and the police/legal authorities in KC were forcing him to push for a deal out of town.

  67. The Dolphins have been well and truly turned over. How the hell is Hill worth MORE than Adams??

  68. In a draft where WR is king, the Dolphins made a bad move. 5 draft picks including a first and second. He’s 28 the first thing to go is speed…

  69. Let’s see how Rodger and Mahomes do without the two best receivers in the game.

  70. All the Tua haters saying he can’t throw, here is a stat for you that he still owns:

    1st in FBS history in average gain per play in a career (min. 7,500 yards): 9.84 yards

    People saying he can’t throw the long ball, forget that he has less than 2 seconds per pass play to throw it or get sacked last year. Show me all the QB’s that throw the ball 50 yards downfield in less than 2 seconds, AND show me the WR that can get 50 yards downfield in less than 2 seconds. Face it, haters gonna hate, because they are living pathetic little lives.

  71. After hearing about the haul of picks the Dolphins gave up, you would think Watson would be there quarterback, with a bunch of return on Tua. Not a 28 year old WR that depends on speed. This set Miami back at least 3 years before they can start over.

  72. The Dolphins didn’t touch their 2 1st round picks in 2023. Basically they gave up a late 1 and a late 2 this year. Not good….GREAT move!

  73. All the comments here about Tua having a weak arm etc are from people that have not actually watched him play and are not fans of Miami. All you are basing these remarks on are what the media and others say. Do yourself a favor and watch some tape from his college career and some of his deep throws with Miami. When this kid has time he can throw it plenty good enough and more accurate then 95 percent of the other QBs in the league.
    Wait and see, you will be proven wrong!

  74. No one learned from Cleveland two years ago that you can stack teams all you want, if your QB is a system QB and the coaching is awful you’re still going 6-10. Way too many people getting excited about bringing in star players with coaching staffs that haven’t proven they would even know what to do with the talent. Imagine if Brian Flores had this talent when he was there considering what he did with way less. Miami, Denver and Las Vegas can very well be a repeat of when Cleveland Fired Greg Williams who won with nobodies and hired Freddie Kitchens who barely won with all stars.

  75. Dolphins got a hell of a player in Hill for loads of draft picks, just like Mack got traded to Da Bears. KC has 5 draft picks for 1 player. KC better hope JuJu is the answer

  76. I see a lot of negative comments about Tua, Hill, and the Dolphins organization in these posts but context truly matters. Why is everyone so quick to throw in the towel with Tua? He came off a major hip surgery out of college and was drafted to a lackluster team. Last season Tua had (on average) 2.5 seconds to get rid of the ball before his offensive line was compromised. 2.5 seconds was the least amount of time any QB had in the NFL. Throw in the fact that Miami had one of the worst rushing offensives last year its a wonder how Miami finished above .500 Last time I checked it takes the top 1% of WR’s in the NFL 4.28 seconds to run 40 yards, how is a QB suppose to hit an open WR downfield when he’s being sacked at 2.5 seconds? There’s no arguing that Hill is one of the best WR’s in the entire league, he’s someone who can score anywhere on the field when the ball is in his hands. If Miami can fix their Oline issues, generate a running game, and give Tua more than a few seconds to get rid of the ball, I think Tua has an outstanding chance to succeed.

  77. Great move by the Chiefs you can’t be giving a WR top money when you have to pay Mahomes. PLenty of speed in this years draft class at WR. The Chiefs got the beat years of Hill and a haul in return. Hill is still a great weapon no doubt though.

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