Derek Carr, Davante Adams pre-trade discussions most likely weren’t tampering

Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers
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The comments made by Raiders receiver Davante Adams regarding his communications with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr before the trade that sent Adams to Las Vegas from Green Bay caused some to wonder whether Carr may have engaged in tampering. He didn’t.

Players can’t tamper, with one specific exception. If Carr engaged in the communications at the direction or behest of the Raiders, he would have become their representative, as that term is used in the tampering policy. Even if that happened (and there’s no reason to think it did in this case), good luck proving it.

Still, it’s clear that Adams and Carr worked together to get together.

“It’s something we didn’t entertain during the season,” Adams told reporters on Tuesday. “Once we wrapped up the season, started communicating a little bit. . . . As things progressed a little bit more, obviously we communicate multiple times a week as it is, aside from even trying to team up. So once we got to a point where it was something that could be realistic now, it’s not just a thought, we started trying to put a little bit of a plan together. And obviously I was still back going back with Green Bay at that point and still weighing my options.”

Even if there was never any effort by the Raiders to commission Carr to lure Adams to Las Vegas (again, good luck proving if there was), Adams’s former quarterback possibly is feeling a little miffed that Adams was working so closely with Carr to leave, instead of working with Aaron Rodgers to stay.

But Adams may have wanted to get away from the year-to-year uncertainty that has invaded Rodgers’s tenure with the Packers. Also, it’s fair to wonder whether Adams has seen enough from Jordan Love in two seasons together to conclude that, whenever Rodgers goes, the passing game in Green Bay won’t be what it’s been.

15 responses to “Derek Carr, Davante Adams pre-trade discussions most likely weren’t tampering

  1. The guy wanted to live in Vegas not the trailer park in Green Bay – pretty simple choice.

  2. I for one am happy for Davante AND for the Packers who got what they could in this situation. But, man. He is a GREAT one.

  3. Year to year uncertainty? If the Raiders had half a brain an upgrade from Carr should be on the table every minute of the day

  4. People that are saying Carr having Adams won’t make a difference need to go look at their time together in College..

    These two are going to be a problem for a few years to come in this league.

  5. Yes, year to year uncertainty. For the last two off seasons Rodgers has been “uncertain” whether he wants to remain a Packer. And while Carr isnt Rodgers, he’s clearly better than Love and he’s clearly not the diva or needy for attention like Rodgers, so unless the Raiders choose not to pay him for some reason, Adams and Carr are duo for a long time. Rodgers and the Pack management blew it with their best WR ever.

  6. The guy wanted to live in Vegas not the trailer park in Green Bay – pretty simple choice.
    I guess when your team hasn’t had a winning record in two years (and has lived in our shadow it’s entire existence) you gotta lash out, but try to stick to football.

  7. Maybe he was tired of having a QB that was all about himself and always blamed the players around him whenever a play didn’t work.

  8. Or..he already has more money than he could ever need,and his childhood dream was to be a Raider.His college buddy being there sweetens the pot.Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  9. Yeah, he grew up a Raiders fan and dreamed of playing for them. He didn’t need talking into and even Tom Brady in his prime wouldn’t have stopped him from going once a trade was possible.

  10. every now practicing this line…
    “so I’m not telling you to go and promote our team to (insert players name here) but if you do, the organization wouldn’t hold that against you”

  11. Adams got what he wanted: big money, play with his best friend, be by family .. that’s fine. What he won’t get: wins, playoffs, superbowl .. that was his call. He wanted out and Packers got salary cap relief and a 1st and 2nd round pick. Lemonade out of lemons.

  12. Having to live in Green Bay. Playing with a jerk QB. That is why wr1 is Cobb and wr2 is Bob from Applebees

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