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Wednesday’s stunning news in the NFL arose from the Chiefs trading receiver Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins. Miami promptly gave Hill the kind of contract the Chiefs wouldn’t.

Initial reports regarding the new agreement included some discrepancies as to length and amount. We knew the truth eventually would become available. It has. Here are the actual details regarding the deal.

1. Signing bonus: $25.5 million.

2. 2022 base salary: $1.035 million, fully guaranteed.

3. 2023 offseason roster bonus: $10 million, fully guaranteed.

4. 2023 base salary: $16 million, fully guaranteed.

5. 2024 base salary: $19.665 million, fully guaranteed by March 2023.

6. 2025 offseason roster bonus: $1 million.

7. 2025 base salary: $21.835 million.

8. 2026 offseason roster bonus: $1 million.

9. 2026 base salary: $43.9 million.

10. 2022-26 workout bonuses: $100,000 per year.

11. 2022-26 Pro Bowl incentive: $250,000 per year.

The deal pays out $52.535 million fully guaranteed at signing, with another $19.665 million fully guaranteed by March 2023.

Described by some as a four-year, $120 million extension, the inflated compensation package of $45 million for the final year of the deal helps get the contract to a new-money average of $30 million. Remove that season (it undoubtedly will be removed), and it’s a three-year, $75 million extension. That equates to a new-money average of $25 million.

In all, it’s a five-year, $140.435 million deal but, as a practical matter, a four-year, $95.435 million contract. The first three years are essentially guaranteed; the only way to avoid paying him $72.2 million through 2024 would be to cut him after one season, at a total expenditure of $52.535 million.

It’s a deal the Dolphins were willing to do, along with giving up five draft picks to do it. The Chiefs were more willing to take the picks and keep the cash and cap space, even if it meant giving up one of the most dangerous non-quarterbacks in the entire league.

52 responses to “Inside the Tyreek Hill deal

  1. Mahomes and Hill had a special kind of magic together. The Chiefs are going to regret this for a long time.

  2. Chiefs would trade Mahomes for a teams next decade of all their picks. It comes down to a business decision, plain and simple.

    KC made out like a bandit today.

  3. The Raiders gave up less compensation for a player with proven chemistry with a proven QB

    The Dolphins likely won’t get as much bang for their Buck

  4. I don’t care how good Hill is, you gotta have a QB to throw to him, & the compensation to the Chiefs is ridiculous.

    The Chiefs will be the ones laughing in the long run. They fleeced the Fish…

  5. Paying a speedy WR 25 mil per for 3 years, means the Dolphins are going to regret this for a long time.

  6. That is one boatload of money. Teams are overspending like crazy. Some of these mega contracts will undoubtedly be on the IR list by week 3. Happens every year.

  7. Hill got greedy! Good luck with Tua No’ Throwa and that abysmal offensive line that cant block anybody

  8. This is a good deal for Miami. Give up draft capital this year. Give Tia no organizational reason to fail. Use next years pick on a QB when he does – or keep him for 7 years like Tannehill. Whichever

  9. Grier fleeced once again!! Hill will need to master two yard routes because with the pathetic Miami line that’s is as far as he can run before Tua is sacked!

  10. If that was what it was going to cost the Chiefs to keep him I think they made the right move. You almost certainly won’t get another Hill in the draft at pick 29 but you’re paying that guy 12 million fewer dollars over 4 years than one year of this contract. They need that kind of cheap talent.

  11. I really don’t think he’s worth the contact. He’s not the type of player that can take the game over. Buffalo bills fan here I think I’m more excited seeing him gone from the chiefs. I really have no worry about him being in our division.

  12. configurator says:
    March 23, 2022 at 7:49 pm
    Stefon Diggs in Buffalo is not happy…

    206Rate This


    Cap hell rages.

  13. Without Hill Mahomes will have to stop playing around and put more effort into his game.

  14. It’s funny how everyone is bagging on the Dolphins for doing this but what made KC so dangerous these last few years? Mahomes had Kielce underneath and in the seam and Hill was the game breaker that kept the defense from putting more guys in the box. Look at how many yards the KC backs put out these last few years. Yes Mahomes is very talented but you gotta have someone who can get separation and make the defense keep everything in front. This not only weakens the Chiefs but also makes the Fins better. Double Hill sure. What about Waddle? What about the newly signed Wilson or the 2 dynamic backs they just signed? Defenses will have trouble accounting for everyone on the Fins offense. Hill may not put up the numbers he did with KC but if he can reach 75% of that production then it will be money we’ll spent. Tua connects with Hill on a couple of long throws and it’s going to change the way people gameplan for Miami. It’s a splash signing yes, but it changes the Dolphins offense entirely.

  15. Wow. Do they get a tax credit for overpaying for WRs in Florida? First the Jags, now this. Compared to this, Raiders got a steal on Adams contract. And unlike Hill, his game is still good if he loses a step. Smacks of desperation.

  16. While it feels like Hill has been around forever, he just turned 28 this month. All the guaranteed money falls in his age 28, age 29, and age 30 seasons while both Tua and Waddle are still on rookie scale deals. This isn’t some albatross deal that’s going to handicap the team for years to come.

    On the field….I’ll be curious what McDaniel has cooked up for Hill. We’ve all seen the various unconventional ways he has utilized Samuel, Jusczyk, and Kittle over the years.

  17. That’s what happens when the qb takes up all the money. The greatest 1 year dynasty ever

  18. Im I the only one thinking State Farm QBs Mahomes and Rodgers BOTH should’ve taken out insurance to keep the #1 WR? Can’t wait to see their next commercial together…

  19. If they trade him instead of cutting before march 2023 deadline, does that mean the new team takes care of his 16 millions fully guaranteed in 2023, and they are off the hook for his 2024 19 millions base salary, in which case Miami payout would be 36 millions for 1 year (2022), instead of 52.5 millions if they cut him.

  20. jfmod says:
    March 23, 2022 at 6:43 pm
    Ridiculous, and on top of the crazy contract for the lineman earlier this week.


    Lol that deal is well below market value and certainly less than Armstead was expecting.

  21. This is a win for the Chiefs, a win for Hill. And 2 wins each for the Bills, Pats and Jets. And that’s just next season.

  22. Seems like a big cost to Miami except the Fins basically got Waddle and Hill for Laremy Tunsil. All the picks accumulated from Houston for Tunsil were used used here. Go back and look at how Miami got Waddle and what was left. Cash was steep but here we are Waddle and Hill on the field at the same time with a new o-line and a new backfield. This trade is a huge win for Miami and allows them to compete again and win.

  23. The Dolphins needed a big splash for their fans, and this is it. Too bad for the Chiefs.

  24. 1st off Miami paid too much $$$ to Hill, but as to how each side fares you can’t make that decision based on what picks were traded until KC makes the picks and you see if they are any good. If they pick another guy like Hellaire with the #1 then how much did they gain? He is just another guy and plays like a 4-5 rd pick. So lets see who they pick before calling a winner on the trade.

  25. gotta love anti Miami bias in the comments… Dolphins do nothing the first few days of FA “what are they thinking, they are gonna be bad unless they sign some people”…. Dolphins sign the best OL available and trade for the best WR in the league… “what are they doing spending so much money and trading draft picks”….. never ends lol

  26. Miami is hoping the “wheels “ last for 2-3 years….they won’t and then it will be what the cap hit is versus a straight cut….KC saw it coming

  27. Chiefs will not be bottom dwellers – that is wishful thinking by opponents. They will be able to now get a rea$onable really good 1st Rd receiver, w/ a Top 3 QB in the league. They also have JuJu, who is an upgrade over Pringle. Chiefs still an 11-12 win team. Dolphins arent even sure if Tua is the answer.

  28. Both teams are going to regret this deal… The Chiefs because, that Mahomes to Hill outlet is gone and not easily replaced. The Dolphins because that is a lot of cap space over the next 3-4 years…. And will Hill stay happy with Tua as QB??

  29. What if the Chiefs use their draft picks and cap room to build a top 5 defense and dominating run game? It Would play to their rebuilt offensive line’s strengths and would make them extremely difficult to beat.

  30. Mahomes is a special talent but one thing I’ve always wondered is how he would fare without Hill or Kelce. Kudos to both who have stayed healthy for Mahomes career to date, but now we will see how the KC offense flows without a WR#1 commanding a lot of double teams. I’d take my chances Doubling Kelce 50%+ of the time and go from there.

    In the end, Mahomes is a special talent and forcing him to read the field more and take the 5yd passes may benefit their team success. We shall see.

  31. chebornek says:
    March 23, 2022 at 6:44 pm
    Chiefs would trade Mahomes for a teams next decade of all their picks. It comes down to a business decision, plain and simple.

    KC made out like a bandit today.

    No they wouldn’t, you’re only allowed to trade picks from the next three drafts

  32. In the near term, this deal seems to benefit the Bills and the Patriots the most. Miami has invested way too much of their capital in a small speedster who is susceptible to injury, and as stated previously does not have Mahomes throwing to him. Kansas City will be weaker in the near term as their deep threat superstar is gone. Bills and Patriots see a division rival hamstrung and conference powerhouse weakened.

    In the long run I see the Chiefs benefiting the most. When the boatload of draft picks develop into contributing players and with the savings from dealing Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs will emerge stronger. Shades of the Herschel Walker deal anyone?

  33. touchback6 says:
    March 23, 2022 at 6:49 pm
    Paying a speedy WR 25 mil per for 3 years, means the Dolphins are going to regret this for a long time.


    Perhaps. But after watching our defense’s inability to stop the Bills even once with JC Jackson, expect Miami to carve up the Pats woeful secondary at will

  34. How long before Waddle holds out? He’ll probably put up better numbers than Hill.

  35. “KC made out like a bandit today.”

    As long as their draft picks can play. Hill is one of a kind.

  36. The chargers are loving this….they could never cover Hill and now they don’t have to….AFC shootout….Herbert vs Mahomes should be fun to watch ….Hill chased the money and won’t be part of the post season for awhile

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